How To Block Shows on Amazon Prime

how to block shows on amazon prime videos

Now kids are not limited to social media chatting. They are interested in video streaming shows on Netflix, Hulu, and amazon prime. Do you know it plays inappropriate and mature content? If not, so this information will tell you and give a solution to a growing problem.

In this post, you’ll learn how to block shows on Amazon Prime and shield your child from this danger. Therefore, parents must know an authentic and reliable way to restrict Amazon Prime videos.

Do Amazon Prime Videos Need to Restrict for Kids?

Amazon prime video offers a vast library of TV shows, films, documentaries, and originals. It provides mature and inappropriate content like violence, drug use, strong language, and sexual scenes. Viewing this kind of content is not suitable for kids.

This kind of program negatively affects kids and their mental health. And even it can involve them in violent activities. And the most dangerous thing is when they are addicted to porn videos, it can destroy their future life. Therefore, as parents, you should restrict kids’ exposure to amazon prime videos and set for kids-friendly content and give them the freedom to watch it.

Monitor that they don’t watch inappropriate content on Prime Video!

What Is Amazon's Parental Controls and View Restriction Feature?

Amazon provides video content without a filter. Therefore, it offers parental control features to restrict access to kids on specific shows. But remember, amazon delivers services for Android, iPhone, and desktops. So, you’ve to understand how to block programs on amazon prime.

Parental Control

Parental control on amazon prime grant the ability to restrict specific videos from the home page of your targeted person. In simple, it always ensures you by enabling parental controls. By doing this, your kids can not access any inappropriate content that can lead them to an awful experience.

View Restrictions

As parental controls, view restrictions are essential. It is designed to block programs on Amazon with age restrictions. It means you’re restricting content for your immature kids by putting the password.

Most Effective Ways to Block Shows on Amazon Prime

Blocking certain content on amazon prime is a need of time and essential for kids’ safety. But most of us need to learn how to do it. Therefore, we put this information that helps you. There are effective ways to block shows on amazon prime. It’s effortless.

As we know, amazon provides services for mobile and computer. However, we’ll discuss the method for both mobiles and computers.

How to Block Amazon Prime Shows on Android Phones?

If you want to block Amazon shows on Android phones. It’s simple. Here are a few steps to help you stop Amazon shows on Android phones. Consider these steps.

  • Open the amazon prime app from the targeted phone
  • Click on sign in and fill in the required information
  • Now go to settings, and on the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Now select parental control from the app list
  • And choose and set the viewing restrictions
  • It’s time to put your Amazon password
  • Enter your amazon prime password and save all setting

You’ve successfully restricted certain shows. And if anyone opens it, they access adult content by entering an excellent pin to unlock and watch it. With this method, you’ll ensure your child can’t access inappropriate programs on amazon prime.

How to Block Amazon Prime Shows on iPhone?

As an Android phone, amazon prime services are equally available for iPhone. Here is the setting that helps you to restrict shows on Prime.

  • First, open the amazon prime app from your device
  • Sign into your Amazon account
  • Take a step to go to settings and click on parental controls
  • Click on the viewing restrictions
  • Now enter your amazon prime password
  • Then, create an excellent video pin

This method helps you to stop certain shows in iPhone amazon prime by setting the strong pin with an age restriction.

How to Block Amazon Prime Shows on A Desktop?

It’s essential to know to block amazon prime shows on desktops. Therefore, follow the steps and set restrictions for your loved ones.

  • Open the internet and go to the amazon prime official website
  • Click for settings on the top
  • Search and tap on parental controls
  • Now enable parental control mode

You’ve successfully enabled parental control settings on amazon prime for your kids. It ensures your children do not have access to mature content.

Use Amazon Kids+

It provides the easiest solution to block any show. This fantastic feature is designed for a young audience and lets your kids watch shows suitable for their age.

Kids Profile

Users can create children’s profiles by setting them on amazon prime. Here are the profile settings

  • Click on amazon prime app
  • Go to profile and family library
  • Press to add the kid’s profile
  • Enter information and click to add kids’ profile

Use Strong Password

Protect your kid’s Amazon account by putting strong pin. It helps you to restrict unsuitable age content.

Among the different methods, you still need an authentic source to block shows on amazon prime like OgyMogy.

Get A OgyMogy Parental Control App

if you want to know everything about your targeted person’s Amazon. What kind of content they watch, and how much time they spend. Amazon has built-in parental control settings, but it is not fully recommended and can’t restrict their access. In this situation, we suggest you use a monitoring tool like OgyMogy.

It is one of the best apps that guarantees you the safety of your loved ones. It works for online safety and protects your targeted person from potential danger. With the use of this, you can block shows on amazon prime.

It is a simple solution to learn about your loved ones. Have a look and check how OgyMogy helps to restrict unwanted Amazon access.

Block Access to Amazon Prime Videos: This feature lets you directly access your targeted Prime videos through the OgyMogy web control panel. So, you’ll be able to prevent your kids from viewing inappropriate content.

Search Browsing History: Login to the web control panel and view their web searches on the browser. Through this, you’re able to see everything they watch online.

Block Websites/Apps: Controlling kid access to inappropriate content is no longer challenging. With OgyMogy, you can remotely block any website and unwanted application from a targeted device.


In conclusion, you learn how to block shows on amazon prime. But these methods must adequately limit mature content from the targeted amazon prime app. Hence, we recommend you choose the best solution as OgyMogy, which secretly works and show what content your kids are watching and what they need to block for their safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You can use Amazon’s built-in parental control and age restriction feature. But the effective way is to use the OgyMogy monitoring tool that secretly helps you to stop watching your children from mature content.

By setting it on your Prime profile, you can put parental control on Amazon shows.

You must log into your Amazon account, set parental controls, and enter the password to enable the restriction.

There is a different method to block content on amazon prime. But you’ve to access one of the best approaches like OgyMogy. It helps you remotely block unsuitable Prime content from your targeted device.

Protect Your Loved One’s with OgyMogy Parental Control App