How to Block Shows on Netflix: Keep Your Kids Safe

Last Updated on July 23, 2024

how to block shows on netflilx

Parents always want to ensure their kids watch age-appropriate content on social media. Netflix has many shows that they offer, especially for kids. But it also has many Tv shows and movies unsuitable for kids. And And these shows and movies on Netflix can harm children’s mindset.

It can have a profound impact on the kid’s development and behavior. Fortunately, Netflix provides tools for parents to block shows on Netflix and restrict what their kids can view. Using the parental controls built-in or a third-party parental control app, you can filter out and block TV shows or movies you deem inappropriate for your children.

What Is Netflix and Why You Should Monitor Your Kid's Netflix Viewing?

Netflix is a streaming service offering subscription plans for its movies and TV shows. It has special shows for kids, but while using Netflix, kids can get exposed to content that is not age appropriate for them. Netflix, most of the movies consist of adult content. Parents need to keep a watchful eye on their kid’s viewing and setting parental control on Netflix.

Exposure to explicit content, violence, and other mature themes at a young age can negatively impact a child’s development. By restricting access to adult content on Netflix, you can support your child’s healthy development. Moreover, you can also set appropriate limits around screen time.

You can feel more at ease by actively monitoring what your kids watch on Netflix and utilizing parental controls. By doing this, you can allow them to enjoy the streaming service while protecting them from inappropriate content. OgyMogy parental control app allows parents to easily restrict and filter content for their kid’s online safety.

Make Sure They Are Not Watching Inappropriate Shows

How to Set Up Netflix Profile Locks and Content Restrictions?

On Netflix, users can enjoy many movies, TV shows, and documentaries that people can watch and refresh their minds. This content is available for people of all ages and can be addictive. Netflix has produced much content for mature audiences; kids should not watch such content. Netflix contains harmful content for kids. Setting restrictions on Netflix can be more helpful in blocking adult content.

On Netflix, you can set separate profiles for each family member with content maturity rating restrictions. For example, you can only specify a kids profile to allow content rated G, PG, and TV-Y. This prevents them from even seeing content meant for older audiences.

  • Go to in a web browser.
  • Enter your Netflix account user and password
  • Below individual user profiles click Manage Profiles
  • Click the user profile you want to restrict.
  • Click “Edit: below Maturity Settings To restrict individual shows and to set maturity levels.
  • Enter Netflix user password to change the maturity level settings
  • Select a maturity level for the profile. The maturity ratings are based on Tv show and movie ratings. Options include TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G/G, TV-PG/PG. PG-13, TV-14, R, TV-MA, and NC-17.
  • For kid’s profile Click the checkbox below “kids profile” to enable the kid’s experience
  • To block individual Tv show, enter the show name in the bar below “Title restrictions for ”
  • Click Save.

You can also use a parental control app like OgyMogy to manage Netflix restrictions. It lets you filter out content based on ratings, keywords, and more. You can block entire shows and movies or restrict specific episodes. OgyMogy works on all devices where Netflix is available.

Constant exposure to adult content at a young age can negatively impact a child’s development and behavior. It’s crucial to monitor media consumption and set parental controls. Netflix profile locks and third-party content restriction tools make blocking inappropriate shows. So you can rest knowing your kids are protected.

Take action today to create a safe streaming experience for your family. Your kids will benefit from your guidance in developing healthy media habits. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that what they watch meets your standards. With the right approach, Netflix can remain an enjoyable source of entertainment for all.

Use a Parental Control App like OgyMogy to Block Shows on Netflix

Parental control apps like OgyMogy are designed to restrict inappropriate content on streaming services. With OgyMogy, you can block entire shows or specific episodes by title, rating, genre, and more. You can block content for different profiles and tailor restrictions for each child’s needs and maturity levels.

The Need for Parental Controls

Without restrictions, kids can access content meant for mature audiences on Netflix. Exposure to inappropriate media at a young age can negatively impact development and behaviors. Parents should enable parental controls on Netflix to filter out and block objectionable content. It will protect their well-being and maintain their online safety.

Features of OgyMogy, the Best Parental Control App

Parental control apps offer the most robust way to manage Netflix viewing for your kids. These third-party services provide content filtering and blocking features tailored to different age groups and maturity levels. They give parents complete control over what types of TV shows, movies, and ratings are accessible for each child’s profile.

OgyMogy Parental control app allows you to:

  • Block shows based on title, rating, genre, etc.
  • Set daily time limits for streaming to encourage outdoor activities and social interaction.
  • Lock specific profiles so your kids can’t make unauthorized changes.
  • Content filtering by age, rating, genre, and keywords.
  • Block categories like horror, crime, and romance or specify specific titles.
  • Monitoring reports to see details on what your kids have been watching.
  • Works on all major streaming devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

OgyMogy parental control app give you practical features that you can use for your children’s online safety. It can help you to restrict adult content from their Netflix account and notify you if your children are involved in any activity that is not appropriate for them.

OgyMogy monitoring app helps ensure your kid is watching safe content while streaming. It provides options for every profile so you can block content you think is inappropriate for your family. Monitoring what your kids consume at a young age can help prevent behavioral problems and poor school performance.


As a concerned parent, now you have the tools and knowledge to block shows on your Netflix account. You can monitor your kids by enabling parental controls and using third-party apps like OgyMogy. While Netflix offers engaging content for all ages, it provides easy access to mature content unsuitable for children. By actively participating in what media your kids consume daily, you empower them to make better choices. The extra effort to oversee their Netflix viewing habits today will give them peace of mind. And it will help support their healthy development into adulthood.

Frequently Asked Questions (fAQ's)

Yes, Netflix offers basic parental controls to restrict content based on ratings like TV-MA, R, and NC-17. You can also lock profiles to prevent switching to other profiles.

However, Netflix also provides you with parental control. You can find all controls in settings. Go to manage profile. There, you will find an option for maturity settings, and by entering your account password, you can set restrictions accordingly. Still, a more effective way to block inappropriate shows is to use a parental control app like OgyMogy to block specific shows and movies by title. It allows you to filter content based on keywords, ratings, and other factors.

Netflix also provides parental control features, but these built-in controls may not restrict everything. The most effective approach is using parental control app like OgyMogy to block shows on Netflix. It is an advanced way to keep kids safe from all the adult content and regularly monitor what they are viewing.

Yes, apps like OgyMogy allow you to view reports on the shows and movies your child has watched on Netflix. You can ensure they’re not accessing blocked or inappropriate content.

Protect Your Loved One’s with OgyMogy Parental Control App