Is Crunchyroll Safe for Kids? A Guide For Parents

is crunchyroll safe for kids

Digital streaming services have become prevalent among people of all ages, including kids. Crunchyroll is one of them, which is a well-known anime streaming service that gained immense popularity for all who prefer anime content. At the same time, it provides entertainment for anime fans. Parents have concerns about its appropriateness for juveniles.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the Crunchyroll, its adverse effects and safety aspects of Crunchyroll for kids, and what parents can use to ensure a safe and delightful watching experience on the streaming platform for their little ones. Let’s read the further information without any delay.

What Is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is one of the enormous online video streaming platforms focusing on animated movies and shows directed in Japan. This app offers an extended library of over 1300 anime titles, including classic series and the latest releases of animated films and shows. Users can access Crunchyroll through its website or mobile app, allowing for convenient online streaming on various devices. Users can view on multiple streaming devices like Amazon, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, play stations, and gaming sites. It is similar to Hulu or Netflix. Its shows make enjoyable viewing for all fans. Crunchyroll has both paid and free subscription plans.

History Of Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll began in 2006 as an online streaming platform that hosted East Asian content. It has grown from a niche website to fan subbing as the world’s power in the animated industry, providing millions of lovers with their favorite animated shows.

In 2008, it started collaborating with anime licensors with legal streaming services. This makes Crunchyroll the first legitimate platform supplying animated content worldwide.

In 2009, this platform started streaming newly aired anime episodes after they were broadcast in Japan.

In 2010, this platform offered its first DVD right to centimeters. After this year, Crunchyroll started distributing twelve manga titles from Kodansha via Crunchyroll manga in 2013.

In 2016, it announced plans to dub and release other series on home video. After many changes and successful decisions, in 2017, Crunchyroll announced that they had reached one million paid subscribers. In 2019, it became the investor with Viz Media to distribute its license.

In 2022, this platform collaborated with the social media messaging app Discord. This collaboration links the user’s account to play shows and watch movies via their discord profile.

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Content on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll’s content caters to a broad audience. The range of content is available from kids to adults. This platform provides a dedicated “Kids” section with age-appropriate content. Parents should know that not all anime content is available on this streaming platform and is unsuitable for children. Some anime series might contain violence, mature themes, suggestive content, harsh language, and bold scenes.

What Is Anime?

Anime refers to animated content developed in Japan. This anime includes cartoons with the modern style of Western animations.  This Japanese anime is famous around the world for all age groups. And they also produce content based on adult themes like fear or horror, violence, and swearing. So, as parents, you should know that not all the content and programs on Crunchyroll are appropriate for your kids.

What Do Kids Like About Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll contains different kinds of anime stories with attractive and unforgettable characters that kids like to watch. And the unique content and characters are appealing to them. It has various ranges with adult themes like romance, dramas, action, and fantasy, and all enjoyable content. So, kids are not only who love Crunchyroll, but adults also view and fan its programs.

Is Crunchyroll Safe for Kids?

Without any doubt, Crunchyroll is a legitimate platform for watching anime programs. Plus, this site is free from any malware attacks and viruses. As we discuss, this platform has various content, even for adults. So, it is not appropriate for your kids. but it has a built-in parental control feature that can control your kids to expose mature content. Moreover, creating an account without age verification requires more than 16 years. So, it can increase the chance for your kids to watch adult content unsuitable for them. Parents need to check what their kids watch online and their interests in Crunchyroll, besides the Crunchyroll policy, to ensure the kid’s safety. Crunchyroll protects a few aspects for its users to make satisfying viewing.

Child Lock

Crunchyroll provides a secure option for parents to control kids’ access to adult content. Child look is essential because kids can’t access explicit content on this site. But if kids know the block content, they can quickly get access. You will notify if your child uses the lock option and tries to remove and change the lock to access the adult content.


Various online streaming websites contain ads, redirects, and links that may contain harmful viruses. But Crunchyroll is a site that ensures safety from any virus and malware. It ensures that the users are safe while watching on an app or browser.

Personal Information

This platform ensures the user’s personal information and data. It never sells your data to any other app or streaming service.

Age Restrictions

Crunchyroll allows you to sign up for kids above the age of 16. But it didn’t require any age verification while starting it. But it required an email and password. Kids of all ages can easily access this platform and see the content without restrictions. But parents should keep an eye on and monitor them.

Parental Controls

The built-in parental control couldn’t cover all the aspects. So, parents need to be aware of more safety precautions to safeguard kids. For this, parents need advanced safety as a parental control monitoring tool. It gives you more protection while your kids watch Crunchyroll. It can track kids’ activities and protects them from watching adult content when you are not physically around them. It gives your kids a safe side of the internet by remotely blocking unwanted content and safe kids. And even control their excessive screening by secret techniques.

How Can Parents Make Crunchyroll Safe for Their Kids?

Parents think that Crunchyroll is safe and secure for their kids, but it’s not like that. We cannot assume that animated movies, dramas, and cartoons contain kids’ friendly content. It has various content with different storylines and themes that may contain violated content. But don’t worry about it. You can protect your kids by watching adult and explicit content. Here are a few tips and tricks that help you to safeguard your children. So, follow these tips for parents.

Talk About the Inappropriate Content

Hiding and blocking content is safe, but it’s worth it. To handle the situation, you should talk with your children about the adult content and its deep-down effects on kids’ health. Try to keep dialogues and convey to your children to avoid such content.

Watching Anime Together

Being a parent, try to sit with your kids when they are watching shows. It’s not okay to leave your kids with streaming platforms. You can plan family time to sit with kids to watch animated programs and their favorite shows. This allows parents to avoid unwanted content and make safe, enjoyable, vibrant programs.

Screen Time

Using online platforms before sleep can interrupt their sleep routine. That’s why you should keep an eye on your children before they watch Crunchyroll before 2 or 4 hours of sleep. And try to convert their before-sleep time into storytelling and other healthy and beneficial activities.

Monitoring Usage

Thanks to technology helped to sort out this issue. Now parents can use the monitoring tool to secretly watch their kids’ activities even when they are up on their devices. The secret monitoring and tracking tool helps manage kids’ screen time, roll over their searches, and learn about their interests. So, keep a remote eye on kids’ Crunchyroll with OgyMogy parental control app.

Rely On the Most Reliable Parental Control App OgyMogy

Now kids have access to digital devices and the internet. Thus, it’s equally important for parents to keep an eye on them to control their unnecessary activities. Using the OgyMogy Parental Control App, parents can stay connected with their kids’ activities for their cybersecurity. OgyMogy secretly monitors and provides you with complete activity updates about your children. To know more, read about its unique features.

Monitor And Control Screen Time

OgyMogy allows you to create healthy screen time for your kids. This feature lets you decide when your kids access their devices and spend time on any particular app. You can set time on Crunchyroll on kids’ devices, and they cannot watch the programs during restricted hours.

Web Filter

If you are not around your kids, you can set a satisfying digital environment by blocking explicit content like violence, drug-related, sexual abuse, and harsh language. With the help of OgyMogy, you can make enjoyable animated streaming for your kids on Crunchyroll.

Safe Searches

OgyMogy helps you detect offensive and explicit words they type on search engines. If they do any suspicious searches, this app alerts you about them.

Get Activity Report

If your child has Crunchyroll on their mobile, OgyMogy can monitor all their activity. It helps you to check what kids are watching and how much time they spend. With the help of this feature, you can know everything about your kids’ Crunchyroll usage.

Remember, OgyMogy does not only help you to manage and control your kids’ screen activities and restrict them from watching explicit content. It helps protect your children from cyberbullying, sexual predators, and other online dangers.


Undoubtedly, Crunchyroll is a fantastic platform for watching animated programs. But there is a vast library of content, that’s why! It’s important to monitor kids and restrict their access to adult content. Therefore, ensure your kids’ safety by installing OgyMogy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Crunchyroll has all kinds of content, including mature content like violence, sexual scenes, and drug-related content. So, we cannot say it contains kids’ friendly content. Therefore, parents should monitor their kids’ Crunchyroll activities and watch lists.

The age for sign-up on Crunchyroll is required above 16 years. But there is no age verification while joining. So, all age groups of kids can quickly join it. Parents should Look for series with lower age ratings and positive themes that align with their child’s interests.

Crunchyroll is a legitimate animated platform. So, the mobile app and website are virus and malware free.

Its condition, if you choose a premium account, there will be no ads to show you. But if you use the free version, you will see ads that are generally not harmful. However, parents should be cautious about ads that may lead to external websites or inappropriate content, which is why parental supervision is crucial.

While Crunchyroll has measures in place to ensure a safe viewing experience, it’s advisable for parents to supervise their kids’ usage, especially for younger children. Utilize parental controls and engage in open communication about online safety.

Crunchyroll offers parental controls that allow you to filter content based on age ratings. Parents can restrict access to certain titles, genres, or age-inappropriate content through these settings.

To set up parental controls on Crunchyroll, log in to your account, go to “Settings,” choose “Parental Controls,” and follow the instructions to customize the viewing experience for your child.

Yes, you can use parental controls to block specific anime titles or entire series to ensure your kids don’t access content that may not be suitable for their age.

Yes, there are other streaming platforms with curated kid-friendly anime content. Some alternatives include Funimation, Disney+, and Netflix’s anime section, which often have age-specific filtering options.

Along with setting up parental controls, engage in regular conversations about the content they watch with your kids. Encourage them to ask questions or seek your guidance if they come across something that makes them uncomfortable.

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