Is Reddit Safe for Kids? What Parents Should Know

is reddit safe for kids

Kids can find anything on the Internet and approach everyone in a second. Currently, we must remember the dangerous effect on children. With the other social media, Reddit is the 8th most popular site that your child has approached. And also known as the front page of the Internet, Reddit is a popular platform with many content users who share with others. And on the other hand, it is potentially danger for kids to explore more about the world. So, parents need to keep checking their kids and ensure their safety. Therefore, in this article, you’ll learn about Reddit, how it works, its dangerous side for kids, how to set parental control on Reddit, and the most authentic way to protect your kids from Reddit dangers by monitoring apps such as OgyMogy.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news site on the internet where people create and share content through text posts or direct links. And it’s the people’s vote that decides to up and down the position of the front page. It also has a community called a subreddit that carries different interests and hobbies. Kids find a community to discuss their favorite games or interests. With that, thousands of subreddit are available to cover everything and every current event.

What is Reddit Mostly Used For?

After knowing the Reddit app, the most famous subreddit is focused on entertainment, news, and general topics. See everything, find almost every kind of niche, and search the particular content. Many of us use Reddit for knowledge to ask questions and get authentic answers related to any query. The subreddit is most famous for answering the question about science and history.

It is not only about the general knowledge questions; users can find entertainment, fun, and story content and watch viral videos worldwide. And people can easily share a vast range. So, we can say! Reddit is a massive platform for learning a lot and exploring new things. But it’s not only benefits and advantages; now it’s necessary to know the risky side of using Reddit for kids.

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How Does Reddit Work?

Do you know how Reddit works? If not, so- read the specific terms which are used by this website. Here is the detail of the most essential terms of Reddit.


This contains a huge number of message boards with imaginary subjects. There are a lot of specific topics that discuss, and the text board that comes under these topics is known as subreddits. Every subreddit starts with “r”/; suppose your content is about science subreddit is “r”/science. Here are the most popular subreddit.









r/world news


And the subreddit contains inappropriate material with specific marks like NSFW, not safe for work, and NSF means is unsafe for life. When you are signing up on Reddit for free, it never requires any email address that is easy to use. Once a person joins Reddit, they can become a Redditor, a Reddit member, using a username. Redditors allow posting different types of content like post pics, articles, links, videos, and photos.


  • Post content they want
  • Create a separate subreddit on any particular topic.
  • Comment on anyone’s post.
  • Give the award to anyone Redditors.
  • Upvote and downvote any post.

Content Posting

Every single subreddit has its rules, which general guidelines must be course by Reddit. They can post content on subreddits and comment on any Redditor’s post. So, you can post and comment with the line of guidelines.

Reddit Mods

Keep subreddits with the rules; it uses help from the moderators. Reddit moderators can create a subreddit and are promoted to the subject by another moderator. It generally helps to maintain their communities by putting specific rules. Their guidelines and policies place a way to discuss topics and remove posts or comments that can violate the community rules.

The Reddit moderators come with more than 400 hours, and they can take the amount to delete a significant portion of content. So, most believe modes are only sometimes fair in removing specific content.

Coins, Points, And Awards

Reddit allows its users points when they post content and comment on others’ posts. These points are known as karma and show your credibility and knowledge. So, users can send and take karma from other Redditors by upvoting and downvoting their posts and comments. It allows users to award everyone’s post. Even they can send another Redditor an award if you find interesting and amazing content. These awards are not come for free; you can obtain them by means of Reddit coins which turn, you need to buy with your real currency. Some awards can give you recipient certain privileges, and some cannot. The most expensive Reddit is Ternion. The Reddit award includes:

Silver: This silver costs 100 coins and never gives anything special.

Gold: this single cost 500 coins and sends the recipient one week of Reddit premium.

Platinum: these cost 1800 coins and give for one month of premium Reddit with 700 currencies.

There is a community award that subreddit moderators customize. The community award includes Hugz, helpful for everyone. Therefore, the user must know the award and cannot change with your real currency once you buy or gift. Keep

Remember, if your child uses these awards use to expend more hours on Reddit. It also offers a premium version.

Voting System

Reddit has the opportunity to vote; users can down vote & upvote any member on a specific post, resulting in a famous content rise to the top. This can create issues, as the most popular didn’t necessarily. So, the voting system works for sure, but it is ineffective. It cannot overlook that many users vote based on facts and their taste. Most say the perfectly innocent download or an offensive and damaging post gets upvoted.

What Are Reddit Dangers?

Now, you’ll know the most dangerous part of Reddit. Here we’ll expose the Reddit threat for kids you should know.


Doxing or Doxxing (originally spelled d0xing) means sharing someone’s personal information. It happened on different social media platforms. So, Reddit is allowed to share content, but it is against its rules. Because Reddit was banned in 2013 when someone wrongly accused committed suicide. And as same Reddit user posted information about the Boston marathon attackers, which turned the accusation wrong

Spreading Hate

Subreddit post contains what can cause hate speech. For example, they publish misogynistic, homophobic, and racist content. But there is no rule for banning and avoiding deleting and controlling this content.


Cyberbullying is one of the most highlighted issues that kids and adults face. So, Reddit is also the cause of physical and mental bullying, which you should notice and control.

Dangerous Challenges

Some online challenges for fun are caused by physical and mental harm. Some of them prove to be severe and risky for kids. Most dangerous when some challenges lead kids to do something like crime.


Reddit is considering a platform for spreading violated content, which includes pictures and text that badly affect kids.

Porn Content

The people on Reddit Share porn content. The user must search directly if they don’t appear on the front page. Some share porn content and child molestation pictures which cause controversy on Reddit.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment going on Reddit is common. And the admins are like puppets and doing nothing to see the offers of prostitution and online harassment.

Spreading and Exposure of Misinformation

Reddit provides much information to its users online. So, we consider that a place where your kid accesses the information and exposes the things they don’t allow.

Online Scams

Kids can be victims of online scams on Reddit. Mostly scammers offer users to win a prize and ask them to spend more amount by entering the contest.

What Is Reddit's Age Requirement?

It requires to be at least 13 years old person registered on this site. But the age restriction is not strict, and it prohibited joining before thirteen because it didn’t require age verification at the time of joining.

The person who joins can cause serious problems. You can see your child is harassed online. It is filled with inappropriate content for your immature kids. So, you’ve done a lot to prevent your child from the harm of this site.

Reddit Security Settings

Reddit didn’t provide any privacy settings to their user. But have an option for parental control. This parental control setting is equally required for websites and apps, so this is appropriate for adults but not kids.

What Are the Reddit Benefits?

Reddit offers a wide range of benefits for its users. With over 138,000 active communities, users can engage with others who share similar interests and passions. Whether it’s discussing the latest news, sharing hobbies, or seeking advice, there’s always something new to discover on Reddit. The platform also fosters a strong sense of community, allowing users to connect with others who understand and appreciate their unique perspectives. Additionally, Reddit’s user-driven moderation system helps maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all users. Overall, Reddit offers an inclusive and diverse space for people to come together and share their voices.

Is Reddit Safe from Hackers?

Reddit allows an internal structure that cuts all the risks of data breaching and hacking. And it never experiences any serious data loss. This platform is for all ages and makes it vulnerable to take advantage of anyone to share their sensitive information like personal number, address, and card number. Additionally, it gives on user-created content with limited modes in subreddits. Reddit can be harmful for those who don’t know the mindful while posting on this site. But one of the risky factors with no age verification. That your child become a part of this site.

Tips for Parents to Keep Their Kids Safe on Reddit

As we discuss, Reddit is an online community platform. And it considers an authentic and excellent source of learning and getting information. Like the other platforms, it also has some serious problems and dangers that need to highlight and stay safe for your child. So, here are some tips that help you to save your kids online.

  • Talk to your kids about their online behaviors.
  • Mutually search for fun and entertaining content to avoid violated content.
  • Restrict your child’s access to inappropriate content.
  • Subscribe subreddit to see your kids’ activities on this site.
  • Guide your child about the use of the internet
  • Use parental control on Reddit

What are the Parental Controls for Reddit?

Reddit offers several parental control features to help users manage their online experience and protect themselves from potentially harmful or inappropriate content. These features can be accessed through the site’s settings menu, where users can adjust their preferences according to their needs. For example, parents can set up a password-protected account to limit access to certain features or content, such as explicit language or mature themes. Additionally, Reddit provides a feature called “SafeSearch” which filters out explicit content from search results, ensuring a more family-friendly browsing experience. Furthermore, Reddit has a strict policy against posting child pornography or other forms of exploitative material, and violators may have their accounts suspended or banned. By using these parental controls, Reddit users can customize their experience and ensure they are protected from potentially harmful content.

How to Keep Your Child Safe with Reddit Parental Controls

Here are methods that enable you to set parental control on your kids’ Reddit to keep them safe online. Let’s discuss it in detail.

How To Create an Account

When your child is creating an account on Reddit, sign up for their account with your email. This helps you to view your kids and look at their accounts. Not only this, you can change their settings and block if necessary. Moreover, your child can only change their password with your email access. To make your Reddit child-friendly, keep notice of parental control settings.

How To Secure Your Kids' Reddit Account with Parental Controls

The following steps enable you to secure your child’s Reddit account.

  • Press on your kids’ account username at the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Choose the user settings from the dropdown menu
  • Click the profile menu
  • Scroll down; you will see the advanced section. Now mark uncheck bothcontent visibility that will help your kid. Press the save at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now scroll back up and press the select privacy and security button.
  • In the selection label user privacy, now mark uncheck search engine. This help to prevent search engine from displaying your kids’ profile in searches.
  • Down until you see the message privacy section. Now click on the dropdown to who can message you setting and change from anyone. Now you can easily customize the users who can text on your kid account. But remember that subreddit and moderators that your child follows will always text them privately. So, remember that the subreddits and moderators your child follows should be a good decision.
  • Now scroll back up and press on the feed setting menu.
  • At the very top of the list is the content preferences section.
  • Now verified the mature content is disabled. Turning off autoplay media in the below content setting is also good, which helps to stop play videos from playing automatically. Now press to save the screen.

After doing this, your child’s Reddit account is under parental control. And you can monitor their activities and them secure.

Report Hateful Speech or Bullying

If you notice, your child faces hateful speech or bullying. So, you can keep them saved by the report.

For offensive post

Press on the three-dot sign at the bottom of the post and press the report from the dropdown after choosing one reason to report the post and submit it.

For comments

Press on the report button below of comment. And choose the reason to report, and finally submit with a reason.

Start Chatting: Reddit’s Group Chat Room Feature

The addition of a new feature allows users to join random chat rooms with specific subreddit. When you start, find a match with another Redditor with a similar interest, and want to communicate. But these chat rooms come with dangers for kids. When the user turns on the chat room, they cannot directly chat with someone’s. They must require to add and follow. But in case of start chatting and face any harassing issues. You can follow the steps to protect them.

Report message: It’s easy to report the message in chat for long. Click on the message that you’re using the Reddit app on your device. Select the flag icon on your phone. This will open a report where you can add information and submit it to action.

Block the user: Blocking is a convenient option. If your block someone, they can not approach your child and never match with them. And you were never chatting with your kid.

Leave the chat: Leaving chat is another option to stop receiving unwanted messages from anyone.

Enhance Your Child’s Online Safety on Reddit with OgyMogy

OgyMogy is the ultimate solution to reduce stress in digital time. It helps people to keep their loved ones safe and secure from online dangers. It helps to protect your loved ones from danger.

OgyMogy works on targeted devices in secret and checks all their activities. It is easy to use after installation. Then it monitors your targeted device and finds everything without interruption. You can check what your child is doing on Reddit and protect them from mature content and misinformation. Even you can minimize the Reddit danger by seeing their activities.

With this, you can read messages, location, browsing history, and record screen activities. You can keep tabs by capturing screenshots and viewing them from the OgyMogy online dashboard. So, without any doubt, OgyMogy is excellent for controlling kids’ inappropriate activities and keeping children safe.


Reddit is fantastic for your child to learn and gain information. But don’t leave your immature child alone with the internet because it contains many dangers that harm your child. So, this information helps to secure your child by setting parental control on Reddit. Additionally, we mention an advanced way to help you by using monitoring tools to protect your kids from online threats. Therefore, use OgyMogy to enhance your kids’ safety, giving you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Reddit is an attractive source of finding information. So, it also has inappropriate content for immature age groups. But Reddit is not suitable for immature kids. They can access the stuff of information that can be dangerous for them.

Yes, a child at the age of 12 can use Reddit. But this site set a rule that a person can not use before 13 but also has no age verification. So, a kid of twelve can be part of this site. And find like-minded people to chat with.

Undoubtedly, it is a great platform to learn and expose the world. But it contains content that is not suitable for kids. So, if your child uses Reddit, keep them supervised and notice their activities.

The Reddit age rating is a minimum of 13. But age verification is not necessary to join this site. So, this app has parental control setting to secure kids.

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