Can You Track a Cell Phone Without a SIM Card Best Methods

Can You Track a Phone Without a SIM Card

Remember the days when unable to use a cell phone without a SIM-Card. It was impossible to send texts messages, make phone calls, and connect the device to cyberspace without a SIM. Today, we have smartphone technology, and we can perform multiple activities without using SIM Card. The modern internet technology in terms of Wi-Fi has changed the course of using phones, and we can connect them to the internet. You may wonder, can you track a phone without a SIM Card? Today we discuss the methods and best solutions to track a cell phone without using SIM Card. Before we discuss the debatable topic, get to know about phone tracking.

What Is Cell Phone Tracking?

Phone tracking is an activity in which a person tries to chase down the geographical location of another person and trace their movements by using his mobile device. Mobile tracking consists of a few elements that everyone needs to know. The first element of phone monitoring is GPS, phone data, and syncing ability with other smartphones, apps, and devices. The GPS of a cell phone can easily track the phone’s location by having a stable internet connection.

Difference b/w Tracking A Phone With Or Without SIM Card

Do you want to track a SIM Cardholder phone? You can monitor your device connected to cell phone towers or Wi-Fi connections. SIM Card holder phone does not require an internet connection, and it is easy to find out the device location without using the phone data or internet connection. However, tracking a phone without a SIM Card is a serious issue because it will not connect with the cellular towers, and you remain helpless to GPS coordinates. Today, we discuss ways to trace a phone without a SIM Card.

The internet-connected phone sends location signals through GPS. You could use apps and settings to send your location. It means you can easily track a cell phone without using SIM Card. However, your target should have internet access necessarily.

Top Methods To Track A Smartphone Without A SIM Card

Here are following methods you can adopt to trace any cell phone device without using SIM. Let’s discuss them in the following:

Method No.1: Use best cell phone tracker app to trace any phone

You can track any cell phone location, location history, pinpoint location, and you can mark safe and restricted places using a cell phone tracking software -OgyMogy. It is one of the best cell phone tracker software that empowers you to trace the target device location. You need to install it on the target device one-time physical access on the phone, and you can use its GPS tracking features no matter your target device has SIM Card in the phone or not.

  • Subscribe to OgyMogy tracking software
  • Get one-time access on the cell phone
  • Use online dashboard & activate features

Best OgyMogy Cell Phone Monitoring Tool You Need To Know

  • Real-time tracking
  • Live GPS location tracker
  • Location history tracker
  • Pin-point location
  • Route Maps
  • Geo-fencing
  • Mark restricted places
  • Mark safe areas on Map

You can use the OgyMogy tracker app for cell phones and get real-time location, live GPS location, and location history with exact route Maps. Further, you can create an electronic fence around the target phone and track the pinpoint location of a cell phone without using SIM Card.

How To Track A Sim Card Without It Being In The Phone

Method No.2: Track Android Without A (SIM Card) Cellular Network Connection

You can use an android tracker app on any cell phone device running with the Android OS version up to 11.0. You can subscribe to a well-reputed and most advanced android tracking app like OgyMogy that empowers you surveillance on target device GPS location. We already have discussed the installation process in our first method about phone monitoring without a SIM Card.

You can follow the step-by-step process to install the android monitoring application OgyMogy. It has plenty of features that work without rooting the target device. Users can get instant results, like GPS location, location history, and route mapping. Android tracking is a hidden and undetectable application. It empowers you to monitor the location of the target device and show it on Google Maps.

Method No.3: Track Cell Phone Using Snapchat Maps

You can use so-called free GPS tracking applications on your target phone to monitor the phone location without a network. Nothing is free, and free apps use your cell phone data to target ads on your social networks. You can use apps like Geo-tagging which are camera applications. The app can track your location when you capture a photo and post it on social networking apps. Snapchat is a popular social messaging app that catches your phone location without a SIM Card. You can use the Snapchat location sharing feature and log in using credentials to trace the target cell phone.

Method No.4: Use Gmail To Trace Your Cell Phone Device Without Network

Do you know? Google continuously monitors your phone and gets location when you log in to Gmail from any other device. Suppose you have used Gmail on your target phone. You can get the GPS location by using your Gmail account on another phone. Further, get the instant and current location of your target device. You can use follow the instructions given below.

Further, scroll a little down and tap on “your devices”, and you will get the instant and live location of your target phone when you log in to your Gmail.  You can also see the last GPS location of your mobile.

Method No.5: Track a Phone Without SIM Card Using IMEI Number

You can trace any mobile device without using its Cellular Network using the IMEI number of the device. IMEI number is known as (International Mobile Equipment Identity). It is a number that chases down the cell phone network. It is 15 digits number that is handy to find out your lost or theft mobile device. So, you can use it to track a smartphone without a SIM Card. However, you need to remember the IMEI number of your phone to find out your lost phone without tracking your SIM Card.

We have discussed the top 5 methods to monitor a phone without using SIM Card. You can use the best method of your choice to trace your lost, theft, and target phone of your kids and employees.


Free methods are hectic and time taking.  However, best cell phone tracker apps without permission like OgyMogy are the legitimate option. You can use the best cell phone tracker software on any cell phone to know about the GPS location of your kids and employees to the fullest.