What Parents Need to Know About TikTok

Last Updated on July 22, 2024

what parents need to know about tiktok

What pops into your head when you think about video-sharing media sites? The only social media platform that comes to your mind is TikTok. If you have children, you must think more and know every corner of this app. Undoubtedly, social media is creeping into everyone’s life, and it’s not just limited to chat.

Therefore, parents are worried about putting and sharing explicit images and videos on TikTok on smartphones, and It’s a nightmare for them. So, with its widespread popularity, it is a host problem that needs to be resolved, primarily to protect kids from the harm it causes.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform that generates short videos with 30-60 seconds on popular and trending songs. This app is famous for viral dance, acting, creating fun, and celebrity cameos for users’ entertainment. These videos are posted by hashtags corresponding to a challenge, memes, and any current situation or event like #kidsoftiktok. Although people of all ages use TikTok, especially our teens, it attracts and exposes adult content that negatively impacts it.

Before TikTok, Chinese company ByteDance launched Douyin app in 2016. It gets 100 million users and over 1 billion video views per day in a year. After the success of Douyin, the company took over the international market by launching the TikTok app in 2017. It has gained popularity worldwide and is available in 75 languages across one billion active users. Then, the company decided to emerge with another Chinese social media app musically in 2018.

Take Action Now To Prevent Them From TikTok Dangers

Why Do Teens Like TikTok?

Kids like fun and entertainment, and TikTok fulfill their needs. This application helps children to expose and follow any video content. And even it allows the creation of short-video clips to gain popularity in the TikTok community.

On TikTok, kids create short-video to showcase their talent. Its effects and templates make the videos more attractive and unique before every post.

Further, it allows you to cross your video by sharing on Instagram through TikTok to gain more likes and views. Kids attract to its style of acting and dance to trending songs and music.

What Is the Parents' Concern About TikTok?

Parents have some significant concerns about the use of TikTok by their children. Because parents always want to protect their children from the negative side of social media. But when we talk about TikTok, this social platform allows users to interact with each other and expose and share inappropriate content.

They engage in conversations with strangers, which leads to a severe problem. Parents worry about their kids online safety and want to prevent any dangerous side.

TikTok is designed to keep users engaged for unlimited hours. It increases the kids’ excessive screen time, which is a significant concern for parents. They worried their kids overly use this app, affecting their productivity and diverting their intention.

The content on TikTok is not always suitable for kids. Sometimes it contains explicit content with an adult theme. But parents want their kids didn’t expose the inappropriate content like sexual content, bold language, violence, and dangerous challenges that directly affect their mental and physical health.

What Do Parents Need to Know About TikTok?

With the fun element, TikTok is overloaded with hidden dangers that parents didn’t know. So, don’t worry and read it to protect your children from online harm.

It’s Easy to Access Inappropriate Content

The TikTok app generates two sections of viewing video content. One is “For you,” which shows anyone’s viral videos. And with the right swipe, you’ll watch the videos of your following people created. No matter if you have a public or private account.

You can encounter any content, including sexual, violent, and abusive. So, it is problematic for your child. And the physically dangerous stunt encourages your child to re-create the video, which can cause serious injury.

A wide range of racist and discriminatory content is also available on this platform. Being a parent, you should understand the content and stay informed about the latest TikTok viral video, trends, and challenges.

By getting awareness, you can protect your children from inappropriate content.

Predators Can Target Kids

Like the other social media platform, TikTok allows users to contact anyone worldwide. It will enable sending direct messages and commenting on any video. Your child can quickly reach and chat with anyone, including the unknown.

This can make it easy for TikTok predators to get involved in kids’ life with flattery and complimentary messages on their videos.

And its duet features, which allow users to make a remix video with another’s content and create a new clip, has exploited by online predators. Therefore, parents must be aware of their kids’ messages and prevent sexual predators.

Effect On Kids’ Health

TikTok has different content that directly affects children and poses several risks. They pass through the videos that encourage them to create a video that is sensitive content and causes serious physical harm.

Not only this, it causes depression and negative downstream impacts. So, TikTok leads children to physical and mental health issues, possibly pushing suicide attempts.

Kids Can Be Victims of Cyberbullying

Like other social media platforms, TikTok leads to cyberbullying and trolling. It provides bullies to make fun of and create hate against the targeted person by creating fake accounts. On the other hand, trolling is one of the most common by its re-act feature.

According to recent research, social media is more likely to be cyberbullied. Kids have been bullied on Snapchat by nearly 69%, on YouTube is, 64%, and 49% on Facebook. And kids face bullying on TikTok 64%.

Privacy Concerns and Data Collection

It is no secret that TikTok saves your data. And even distributes to different companies for interested advertising in your recommendation feed.

If you read the privacy, you’ll know its data collection; it collects your password, videos, and other personal information. So, parents should keep an eye on kids’ social media accounts before getting into trouble.

How To Secure Kids from The Danger of TikTok?

Aside from fun, safety and kids’ digital well-being are more important. So, to secure your children from digital dangers, you should set rules to use digital devices and put privacy on your kids’ TikTok accounts. And you are waiting for TikTok to launch a parental control setting for kids.

What should to do if TikTok has no built-in parental control settings? Don’t worry! We’ve come up with a solution for kids’ online protection, which is only possible by monitoring technology. Using the monitoring application OgyMogy, you can keep updated about your kids’ TikTok activities.

Use Parental Control Apps All-In-One for Kids’ Digital Well-Being

Many parents have secured their kids using the parental control app OgyMogy. With the installation of kids’ smartphones, you can view the photos and videos they posted on TikTok. And even you’ll know if your child is talking with strangers and being a victim of online bullies.

It has many feature lists that enable you to protect your child and allow them to enjoy a healthy online environment. It can restrict your child from exposing mature content and post-sensitive content.

Even OgyMogy helps you to control your excessive screen time. The best part of OgyMogy, your kids couldn’t know you’re using a monitoring tool to keep them safe on social media.

How Does OgyMogy Help to Keep Kids Safe on TikTok?

OgyMogy offers a wide range of monitoring and tracking features that help you to prevent your kids from online dangers. Let’s look at it!

Monitor Activities: you can read your child’s TikTok messages they sent or received, comments, likes, and TikTok video feed, and swipe down to watch their most interesting videos to know their interest.

Block Inappropriate Content: you can remotely block mature content videos and suspicious accounts from your child’s profile. And even can block strangers who they are chatting with on TikTok.

Set a Screen Time Limit: OgyMogy help you to set screen time on your kids’ TikTok account. You can stop their access at study, dining, and bedtime. And they couldn’t open the account before the restricted time.

Share Multimedia: you’ll get notified when your child posts and shares content on TikTok. And it protects from sharing explicit content with their friend and unknown.

Record Screen Activities: you can view and record the live TikTok screen. This helps you to detect if anything is going on in their TikTok account, like cyberbullying and being a victim of sexual predators. So you can take steps to keep them safe.


TikTok is an incredibly entertaining place for kids, but at the same time, it can danger for them. Being a parent, you should know about the opposing sides of TikTok and take steps to provide a safe digital environment for your children. For this, you must install the monitoring application OgyMogy, which helps you to prohibit your children from accessing explicit content and identify dangers. Installing OgyMogy will be your best choice to balance kids’ online and offline lives.

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