How to Block Shows on Hulu: 3 Easy Methods

how to block shows on hulu

Every year! Parents face challenges in raising their children with new opportunities. Unfortunately, some dangers come with video streaming services such as Hulu. It exposes mature and inappropriate content and portrays sexual and rape scenes, which develops the urge for parental control to prevent their kids from unintentional exposure. Without proper supervision and control of kids’ activities, you cannot protect them from adult video streaming. Don’t worry! We’ve come up with a solution by remotely blocking shows on Hulu. Let’s start!

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a popular internet-based video streaming service launched in 2008. It offers a vast library of TV shows, Films, documentaries, and original content. And it provides different subscription plans according to the user’s demand. The method is limited to commercials and commercial-free to access TV programs. In short, it provides a flexible way to watch your favorite shows, films, and your piece of entertainment.

How To Block Shows on Hulu?

Parents want to supervise and prevent their kids from upcoming online dangers. But they couldn’t reach the right path. But not difficult to do it. Here we’ll discuss 3 methods that help parents to protect their kids and learn how to block shows on Hulu.

Stop Your Kids from Watching Harmful Shows on Hulu Now

1-Hulu's Parental Control Feature

Hulu has a built-in parental control feature that is easy to set up. Once you do it, it restricts your kids from viewing inappropriate content. Start setting.

  • Open the Hulu app from your device.
  • Click on the profile by entering the profile name on the screen.
  • Click on the account option.
  • Then you’ll find the present Hulu account name, and click on the name to continue.
  • Now create a new profile with a unique password and tap to save changes for the new profile.
  • Here it would be best if you created the profile by your child’s name, which can be easily recognized.
  • To manage the profile, press on the kid’s option. When you enter, it will appear on your device after activation. Your child can only watch kids-friendly videos and shows.
  • Then click on create profile option. And make a profile to manage content. And you can see the
  • List in front of you.
  • In the last step, you can click on the account and enjoy your movies. And when you open this option, Hulu will restrict adult content for kids.

2-Change The Hulu Password

With advanced video streaming services and many features, Hulu doesn’t allow you to block a specific single show. And it didn’t stop any individual from stop watching their peace of entertainment.

But it can be possible to block shows on Hulu with sequence. Thus, you’ve to change the Hulu app password every day. By doing this, you can stop them from watching any content on it.

With this method, they ask for the password to view movies on Hulu. You can ask what they want to watch when they need a password. If they don’t tell you what the watch is. You can check Hulu watch history after a few hours. If they watch a movie or any program unsuitable for them, you can take severe action and limit their access.

3-Get OgyMogy Parental Control App

Sometimes, Hulu’s built-in parental controls and changing passwords cannot provide better results than you want. And it didn’t sound good to prevent your children from adult web content.

So, what should we do if the above methods are not working? So, you must take steps for your kid’s internet safety. We recommend OgyMogy Parental Control App, which makes digital parenting easy and enable you to lock any application from anywhere remotely. With its superb features, you can control your kid’s internet activities by secret monitoring.

Here are some features that help protect your kids from Hulu dangers.

App Usage

OgyMogy helps you to monitor the app usage from your kids’ devices. With this, you can quickly check your kids spending time on a particular app. even enables you to measure how much time they spend on Hulu within one click.

Website History

By use of OgyMogy, you can view the website they’ve visited. It means you can remotely access Hulu’s browsing history. With this, you can get a complete picture of your child’s Hulu viewing programs. And it helps you to take action for their safety.

Social Media Monitoring

With OgyMogy, you can check your child’s social media activities. And even you are allowed to see their social media chatting and calls. Through this- you can know if they are discussing porn websites and controversial tv shows.

Screen Recording

Now it’s incredible to see what your children are doing on their devices. This feature allows you to secretly see their screen performance and record everything that happened on their device. This lets you easily see what your child is watching on Hulu.


What for they type on the Hulu app? OgyMogy keylogger feature allows you to see every key they type. If they click to search for adult content, you can get to know them by keystroke from the web control panel.

Website Block

A great application helps you to restrict your child’s access to unapproved websites. If you want to control your child’s Hulu, click on OgyMogy and block unwanted websites from their devices. That gives you peace of mind.

App Block

OgyMogy app block feature enables you to remotely block inappropriate apps without knowing them. If you don’t allow your child to use Hulu, it’s easy with OgyMogy to block it from their device, which ensures their online safety.

Which Method Is More Suitable for Block Shows on Hulu?

Now it’s essential to know the best solution that helps you in protecting your child from advanced video streaming apps and their explicit content. In the above, we mentioned the 3 methods that allow you to restrict their access to adult content.

There are Hulu built-in features that claim to limit your child from inappropriate programs that require settings. But in some situations, parents couldn’t do these settings.

So, what can they do? How they prevent their kids from Hulu danger. Use a personal parenting control app like OgyMogy. It is up to your requirements and ultimately helps safeguard your children.

Sadly, built-in parental control turns on control by setting the password. But kids are clever; they find out the password. It means this method is no longer and needs to be an authentic solution.

So, the excellent option is using an advanced monitoring solution such as OgyMogy with compelling features. Without any doubt, it gives you extra protection for your children and allows you to see what kind of content they watch on Hulu. And even it will enable you to remotely block their access to any website and application they shouldn’t use.


There is a more advanced option to block shows on Hulu by clicking on OgyMogy, which lets you know about your kids’ activities and provides safety layers with its unique features. You can do whatever you imagine by downloading it for your kids’ protection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, you can restrict specific shows on Hulu. It has a built-in parental control feature that allows you to limit your kid’s access to particular programs. But it’s only a suitable method for some. So, you need to download the monitoring tool OgyMogy, which works on your child’s background mode and helps parents protect their children.

You can block the live channel on Hulu. But you must have a Hulu account to stop or pin channels after your subscription. But you can take advanced help without creating an account on Hulu. Just click on OgyMogy and remotely block live channels.

R movies appear on Hulu for mature users with violence, explicit content, rape scenes, nudity, and strong language. Due to adult content, Hulu doesn’t allow to-rated r movies.

Yes, Hulu has a web watch history feature. But you need to sign into a Hulu account or click on your profile on the homepage. Tape the profile menu and view what programs and movies they watched.

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