OgyMogy Parental control app Custodian of kid’s online activities

Now monitoring of kids digital devices like cellphone, tablets, and computer devices are at your fingertips with parental control software. Keep an eye on sneaky and risky activities of children before it’s too late.

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Parental control App
Record Phone calls

Record Phone calls

Record calls of target mobile or tablet with complete details incoming & outgoing call logs, location and time schedule.View Recorded Calls

Browsing History

Browsing Activities

Get access to the digital devices of children like phones, tablets and PC browsers and get to visited & bookmarks sites and pages on installed browsers.View Browsing History

Block Unwanted Websites

Block Unwanted Websites

Spy on phone, tablet and computer remotely and block unwanted websites by website words or URL.View Block Unwanted Websites

SMS History

SMS History

Read all the SMS sent and received and further get the history of deleted messages using OgyMogy control panel.View SMS History

GPS Location

GPS Location

Use mobile parental tracking app to monitor GPS location of children remotely to know where kids are at the moment.View GPS Location

Block/ Unblock Installed Apps

Block/ Unblock Installed Apps

Kids and teens installed apps on phones parents can block unwanted apps remotely using parental control app.View Blocked/ Unblocked Installed Apps



Do surveillance on digital devices of kids and see stored videos in gallery or in folders and further get the deleted video data back with Ogymogy.View Saved Videos



You can get access to the target device of kids and visit gallery stored photos or captured via camera.View Saved Photos

Parental monitoring software

How Parental monitoring software effective for kid’s Android devices?

You can spy on android devices owned by the children and teens to prevent inappropriate browsing activities. Further, protect teens and children from cyber dangers likewise stalkers and online bullies. Monitor their social media apps and instant messengers’ activities to stay updated on why they are using particular social apps all day long. However, you can make confirmation whether your child is obsessed with social media, adult content and whether belief in online dating or not?

  • Do surveillance on social messaging apps & chats and multimedia sharing
  • Read all SMS, MMS and cellular network messages sent/received
  • Create an online backup of photos, videos, contacts and important stuff
  • Android parenting software best for data backup or to clone a cellphone
  • It pinpoints the hidden whereabouts of teens & kids using phone GPS
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OgyMogy parental software equally monitors kid’s computer devices

Computer devices are popular among children and now you can get access to their windows and MAC laptop desktop PCs with computer spy software for parenting. You can filter inappropriate websites and block them remotely using websites blocking the app. Furthermore, perform a record of the screen in real-time with a live screen recording app for PCs. However, you can make check from time to time what they are up to on windows and MAC screens by capturing a series of screenshots at once. It means you can set parental tracking of kid’s devices to perform:

  • Digital parenting to make sure they are safe online.
  • Spy on emails of Gmail instantly with email tracking app
  • Track instant messengers chat & multimedia sharing
  • Record target computer live screen activities –short videos
  • Perform recording of computer surrounds by getting control over MIC & front camera
  • Custodian of children's online activities
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monitors kid’s computer devices
Data Backup

Data Backup

An individual can copy the data of digital devices as backup to the OgyMogy dashboard.View Backup Data



Monitor all stored image, photos stored in your personal device and retrieve all deleted photos.Create Photos Backup

Track Stolen Phone

Track Stolen Phone

You can monitor the exact and real –time location of your lost or theft digital phone with cellphone spying app.Track Stolen Phone

Manage Contact List

Manage Contact List

You can save your important contacts to the online dashboard to use as backup in an emergency.View Saved Contacts

How OgyMogy parenting app is supplement for individuals?

Parental surveillance software is the best tool to execute digital parenting. It helps out parents as individuals to manage contact list, private photos, and other valuable information of kids on their personal digital devices like phones and computer devices. Parents even can use it to track their lost digital phones current location, retrieve or remove the data of lots device and further create data backup of target PCs.

  • Save media files, and valuable information using data backup
  • Remotely remove data from lost/theft device and even retrieve when needed
  • Remotely manage and track contacts & data saved on target digital devices
  • Shift data from one cellphone or PC to on another device respectively
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Download and install the app on the targeted Android device following the user-friendly installation process.

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Get started with mobile phone tracking in the most convenient way without leaving any clue of spying.

The Strategy Analytics report stated that almost 22 billion Mobile/computer devices connected to the internet. The report further says the 38.6 billion devices will connect to the internet at the end of 2025, and it will become almost double 50 billion by 2030. You have to think for a while how many kids' devices are connected to the internet these days.

The need for digital parenting and to set parental control on teens and children mobile and PCs are on the rise, because of excessive screen-time and obsession with the internet connection with cellphones like android and computing devices running with OS like Windows and MAC computers. Traditional parenting and digital parenting are running side by side these days. Android mobile phones, gadgets and computers are in millions worldwide provided to children. Therefore, to secure children online, the use of parental control software is on the rise.

What is the parental control app?

Parental control is an application that empowers parents to perform parental monitoring on kid’s internet use. It is a gateway in terms of parental tracking for phones, tablets, PC, and computer devices that prevent and protect children from getting access to risky content online. Our team has transformed the tool in such a way that you can install it on your kid’s digital devices like android, laptop, and desktop PCs running with Windows and Mac devices.

Further, you can complete its setup on the targeted device and use its online web portal that you can use a different set of features for phones and PCs. You can record live phone calls, record screen of android phones; listen to the surrounds, monitor emails, and track internet activities. Users can remotely block websites' view installed applications, capture keystrokes, and screenshots. You can control the MIC and camera of the digital devices to know about the surrounding activities of children and teens. You can remotely block phone calls, internet, and incoming calls of strangers to protect kids from online predators and inappropriate acts using the best app for parental control.

How to set parental control on kid’s digital devices secretly?

Parents can monitor and track teens and tweens digital devices without consent and they can breach whatever they want to protect their children because devices belong to the parents. Therefore, you can install applications like mobile parental control app and parental tracking for computer devices on kid’s digital devices running with Android, Windows, and MAC devices. It will remain hidden on the latest OS version of the kid’s digital devices and parents can get to know about all the activities children have performed on cellphones and computing devices of windows and Mac OS.

What is OgyMogy parental control for Android?

OgyMogy is the platform that provides parents best parental control app that guarantees the online safety of the children. Parents can perform parental tracking of kid’s digital phones and tablets running with Android OS and also remain hidden at the time of performing its functions. You can get the subscription of the android parental monitoring app by visiting the official webpage of OgyMogy parental control. It supports android phone and tablet devices running with Android OS starting from 5.0 and up to 10 and above devices.

How OgyMogy is the best app for parental control?

OgyMogy is a parental control that you can set on children's phones and tablet devices of android OS, mac, and windows computer devices. It is particularly designed for the safety of the kids from online predators like stalkers, cyber bullies, and from sex-offenders on the web. It is packed with dozens of parental control features that work in real-time on the target cellphone device of your child and upload all the information to the online dashboard. Let you keep an eye on social media activities, browsing activities, keystrokes applied, capture screenshots on-demand, perform live screen recording, block adult websites, and protect teens from stranger’s dangers.

  • Best for digital parenting of kids
  • Protect children from cyber bullying
  • Keeps you updated about teens online dating
  • Provide you social media logs
  • Real –time parental monitoring on kid’s digital devices
  • Easy to install on kid’s devices
  • User –friendly for non-tech savvy parents

OgyMogy Parental control Features (Android, windows & MAC)

Android parental control Features: Parents can use the OgyMogy best app parental control using an online dashboard and activate features like screen recording, call recording, screenshots, keylogger, social media monitoring, internet history, read messages, GPS location tracking, and IM’s call recording. Furthermore, users can use remote features to block incoming calls, text messages, and internet access on android. All these powerful and dynamic features of OgyMogy make it the best parental control app for the safety of the children that keep parents updated all the time.

Windows parental control Features: Windows parental control app is packed with dozens of advanced features such as windows browsing history, view installed application, windows tracking location, windows keylogger, computer camera photos, website blocking, screen recorder, screenshots, and windows remote access. You can use these features of windows parental monitoring software and protect your children from online predators and inappropriate activities on PCs connected to cyberspace.

Parental control for MAC Features: OgyMogy parental control software for computer devices is packed with plenty of features that enable parents to know about the activities of the children. Parents can use screen recording, block websites, screenshots, keystrokes logging, camera Bug, MIC bug, and features like sync settings. Mac parental tracking is the best tool for parents to keep an eye on children's computer devices.

How to install OgyMogy Parental control software?

Are you interested to monitor and track your children's digital devices to perform parental surveillance on children? You need to subscribe for the best parental control app such as OgyMogy.

  • Get subscription online
  • Receive credentials via email
  • Complete OgyMogy setup
  • Activate online dashboard
  • Use parental control features
  • Upload information to your dashboard

OS Support: OgyMogy parental control

Android OS devices: It is compatible with cellphones and tablets running with Android OS 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and up to OS version 10 and above. It also supports android devices brands like Motorola, LG, Sony, Samsung, and HTC devices. However, it doesn’t support LTC devices.

Windows OS devices: It is compatible with all windows laptop and desktop devices version.

MAC OS devices: It supports all kinds of devices running with MAC operating systems.