The Most Reliable Parental Control App

OgyMogy parental control app lets you see what’re your kids doing online

  • Quick activity updates
  • Track exact location
  • Monitor their sent or received messages and IM chats
  • Listen and record call conversations
  • Spy on their social media apps
  • See photos, videos, and other media files
  • Block unapproved apps
  • Check their visited websites, web pages, and bookmarked
  • Measure and control their screen time
  • Get instant screen recording
  • View monitored data from your OgyMogy web control panel.
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Parental control App

OgyMogy Works On Your Kids’ Devices

OgyMogy works on your kid’s Android, windows, and Mac device

Monitoring Software for Android


OgyMogy captures all information from your child’s Android phone. You can see their sent or received messages and shared media files. Even you can locate their position and block harmful apps from their phone. Not only this, it offers 100+ features for your child’s online safety.

Monitoring Software for Windows


Install OgyMogy, a powerful Windows monitoring app to protect your child from cyberbullying and online predators. You can remotely track your child's internet activities and restrict inappropriate websites from their PC and laptops.

Monitoring Software for MAC


Spy on kids' Mac devices to unveil their online performance. It helps you to track Mac to capture keylogger, screen activities, and browsing detail. Further, you’ll be able to find the device's location, and kids limit their screen time.

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Parental Control App Features

OgyMogy made parenting easy with:

Our Satisfied Customers with OgyMogy

OgyMogy has a lot of satisfied clients who have personally used our application. See with your own eyes what our customers view about our product.

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OgyMogy is an excellent monitoring app that is easy to use & activate. Quick and perfect for updating my child's real-time screen activities and making able to block inappropriate apps. I want to continue with OgyMogy tracking software.


Dan N

After wasting money on useless tracking apps to know my child's whereabouts. Luckily, I found OgyMogy, an excellent app for finding my child's real-time location at an affordable price. So if you are worried about your kids, you should try this.


Harvey W

Absolutely Perfect app! That invisibly works in background mode. I can remotely read my employees' emails and secretly see their activities with a screen recorder.


Manal K

OgyMogy for mobile and computer monitoring was my great choice. It helps with a reliable tool to track my kids and employees without showing the app visibility. It is a highly recommended monitoring app."

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

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Price Plan


We've offered different price plans that you've to choose from for your targeted device.

Download and Installation

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After selecting the price plan, you can easily set up the app on your targeted device via get physical access.

Get Start Monitoring

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Just log in to the OgyMogy web control panel to remotely view the activity of the targeted one.

Know Your Child's Online Activities with The Best Parental Control App OgyMogy

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Frequently Asked Questions

The parental control app is monitoring software designed to help parents manage their kids' online activities. It provides a wide range of spying features that allow parents to supervise their kids' online behaviors and ensure their usage of digital devices and the internet.

OgyMogy parental control app works after being installed on your kids’ Android phones, windows, and mac devices to safeguard them.

  • Subscribe to OgyMogy for parental control.
  • Receive an email that contains credentials.
  • Install the app by getting physical access to the targeted device
  • Use the dashboard by logging into your account

We understand your concern about using parental control apps. Knowing your state's rules not to violate your country's laws is necessary. Monitoring your under-age child for their online protection is allowed. It didn't consider an illegal act. Still, in many countries, it didn't permit to use secret parental control apps. So, before using monitoring tools, you must check the laws and rules of your region.

OgyMogy is supported by the latest Android phones, windows, and Mac devices for remote monitoring.

It can. OgyMogy parental control monitoring software lets you view your kid's social media chats, call conversations, and watch their shared media files. You will always know your kids' Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, tinder, TikTok, and more.

You can find your kids' real-time location with the best parental control app, OgyMogy. It allows you to track your child's accurate location within one click.

If you’re using OgyMogy parental control app, you can set a schedule from the web control panel to maintain healthy digital habits. You can set screen time on their devices to limit their access and prevent phone addiction.

Parental control apps design to protect your kids from online dangers. It allows you to block inappropriate websites and apps from their devices remotely.

When you have text monitoring and call logs apps for parents, such as OgyMogy. You'll be able to see their sent or received text messages and track their call details, including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Log in to the web control panel and quickly review your child's text and call details.

Parental control app like OgyMogy gives you peace of mind by accessing your kid’s digital life. It always provides you with the latest activity report of your child. You can quickly know what they are doing up on their devices.

If you installed a 100% effective and protective monitoring app like OgyMogy. Your child couldn’t bypass them.

No, you cannot customize the setting of a parental control app. Once you purchase the parental control app, it has all the features to fulfill your monitoring need for your kids' online protection.

Choosing a monitoring app depends on your kids' online monitoring. So, choose a parental control app with a solid reputation, costs a low price, and gives authentic tracking results. So, choose a reliable app like OgyMogy, which fulfills all your requirements to spy on your kids' activities.

Only the OgyMogy parental control app supports multiple devices like Android, Mac, and Windows for your kids' online monitoring.

If you choose OgyMogy, that will help you to find what is happening in your child’s online world. You can monitor and identify cyberbullying and online predators and end up with this problem. It gives you a solution to protect you from getting into trouble.

Yes, tracking your kids' online activities anytime, anywhere, without knowing them is possible. You must install an authentic app like OgyMogy to view your kids' activities from the online dashboard.