How to Prevent Cyberbullying

How to Prevent Cyberbullying

Parents are worried these days for the kid’s safety from cyber predators. They look forward to knowing how to prevent cyberbullying? Recognition of typical signs and documented bullying with minors online could help parents safeguard teens and children from online and real-life bullying.  A child could bully online via teasing and double mean comments, and things got escalated with your child start responding to them.

We will guide parents to prevent cyberbullying via recognizing warning signs, valuable tips, and manual efforts. With technological tools like OgyMogy monitoring software for cell phones, you can monitor and prevent cyberbullying with children.

Recognize Warning Signs to Stop CyberBullying With Kids

More than 60% of teens and young kids don’t discuss with parents online bullying incidents that have taken place with them online. Here are the few warning signs that parents can recognize to safeguard kids from cyber bullies:

  • Children become scared and upset when they are online.
  • A clear difference between increase and decrease in kid’s online activity
  • They start seeming withdrawn from the family and friends
  • They become aggressive on minor issues
  • Kids start avoiding social situations and go into a deep depression
  • They hide cell phones and computers when an adult walks by
  • They face difficulties to concentrate on important issues
  • Start getting low grades in school

Do you want to safeguard kids online? Cyberbullying has become a challenge for you to protect children online and offline? You need to use the best cell phone & Computer monitoring software to keep an eye on kids’ online activities to protect them from online predators.

Install OgyMogy Spy Software On Kid’s Devices

Parents can get their hands on the best anti-bullying software that empowers them to monitor every activity on social media platforms. OgyMogy is the best parental monitoring app that empowers you to access the realm of the target device and gets to know what kids are up to via text messages, chats, phone calls, voice and video calls on social media. Moreover, it captures screenshots back to back and sends the screenshots to the web control panel.

Moreover, parents can record live screen records of the social messaging apps and websites and deliver the recorded videos to an online dashboard. Parents can listen to voice and video calls without rooting social messaging apps. You can also get the logs of social media websites, apps with the schedule. Users can read text messages, chats and listen to the live voice chats logs.  It also tracks and monitors the hidden whereabouts of the teens and kids via GPS location.

Top Features To Prevent Cyberbullies From Teens:

Here are the following things that have made parents prefer the OgyMogy spy app to prevent cyberbullying on kid’s phones:

  • It is a non-rooted phone monitoring solution
  • Best for setting parental control on teen’s cellphone
  • Secret monitors teen’s online activities & remains hidden
  • It is an undetectable spy solution to protect kids online
  • It is a feature rich-app for phones, PCs, and computers
  • It can record phone screens, capture screenshots, and record keystrokes
  • It is the best parental control software for parents to prevent online bullies
  • The application is easy to install and configure on the target cell phones & PCs

Do you know how to prevent cyberbullying? Here are a few manual efforts parents should take to protect and safeguard kids. You can protect children from online predators and cyberbullying.

Monitor Online Activity Manually

Parents should frequently see what kids are doing online by sitting side-by-side with the children. Moreover, you can change the privacy settings on their social media accounts using their phones. You can also use built-in parental controls on the digital cell phones that you have provided to your kids to filter social websites and other online spaces.

Report & Document Bullying

  • You can capture screenshots of the bullying comments on child’s phone
  • Take a screenshot of bull’s profile and report it to the authorities
  • Report to school administration if cyberbully is also as a bully student
  • Report the profile and capture screenshots of cyberbullies to the social media app
  • Block, and filter the contacts of the bullies on social media and phone numbers
  • Get help via local anti-bullying laws by contacting the state department of education
  • Guide to kids that don’t take part in online and offline bullying activities

Make An Effective Plan

You can discuss cyberbullying and real-life bullies with children. Parents can explain bullying could happen at any point in their lives. Parents’ guide kids not to ignore any bullying activity that happened and share it with the caregivers. Teach your kids to ignore cyberbullies because it worse the situation and bullies spread their response on social media. Guide your teens after becoming the victim of bullying at school or the cyberspace they should discuss with parents, and don’t get carried away.

Teach Your Kids To Put Privacy On Social Profiles

Almost 70% of young teens do not bother to put privacy on their social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. Therefore, teens are more likely to become the victim of cyberbullies no time ever before. Teens could share their names, school names, location, and hobbies. Parents can guide teens not to share anything that could harm them in the end. Guide your kids on how to prevent cyberbullying using the privacy settings of social media apps and websites.

Don’t Open & Respond To Random Text Messages

Cyberbullies are more likely to humiliate those teens and kids who respond to them online. So, tell your teens not to respond to any message or call they receive from a stranger on digital phones and social messaging apps. If they respond to the bullies online, things will escalate. They could face name-calling, body shaming, abusive language, and many more things that worsen the situation.

Logout Your Profiles From Public PCs & Wi-Fi Networks

Young teens are more likely to use their social media profiles in school computer labs and connect their phones with public Wi-Fi networks. Parents should know that both are risky for teens because anyone could breach their device and steal their photos, videos, and other data and share it on the web.

Don’t let Teens Post Nudes & Sexually Suggestive Posses

Social media is a wild beast, and teens these days love to share their needs on Snapchat, Bigo, TikTok, and many social media profiles. They want to get more views and like to become famous. They could face cyberbullying, trolling, and body-shaming from strangers, and teens could face embarrassment. So, parents can stop and teach teens how to prevent cyberbullying on social media platforms.

Guide Your Teens About The Importance Of Passwords

Parents should teach teens how important it is to protect their social media and email passwords. You can lose your social media profiles and email of Gmail if they don’t protect their passwords from peers. Cyberbullies can post false nudes and many other things that leave no choice for teens but to suicide. So, teens should protect their passwords secret from anyone.

Set Parental Control To Prevent Cyberbullying

Technology has become advanced, and now you can get to know how to prevent cyberbullying. Parents can use parental control software to monitor and track kids’ online activities to the fullest. You can capture screenshots, record live screens, and multimedia on social media profiles to the fullest. Moreover, parents can track GPS location of the kids in an emergency to protect kids from cyberbullies and other online predators to the fullest.


OgyMogy is the best software for parents to prevent cyberbullying to safeguard kids online and offline. Parents can use the application to monitor teens secretly and catch the potential risky activities that could lead them towards cyber bullies.

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