List Of Keywords To Block For Parental Control

list of keywords to block

Parents these days are looking for a list of keywords to block for parental control. You have to use filters that allow you to block keywords and phrases. You may think of such keywords and phrases as unsafe and inappropriate for the digital well-being of kids.

There are thousands of adult websites that contain one word or phrase to get access needs to block on the digital devices of kids, like cellphones, PCs, and computer devices connected to the internet.

You may wish to filter keywords of online games, live video streaming apps, social media apps, and inappropriate phrases, like topless, porn, underwear, swimsuits, and many more.

Without using any parental control app on kids’ digital devices, preventing children from accessing adult content is not yet possible.

Parental monitoring apps can get the job done –and filter every inappropriate key phrase and keyword from most of the content.

Before we guide you about how you can block keywords to block for parental control, let’s get to know about the list of keywords that parents should block on their kid’s devices connected to the internet.

Keywords Or Phrases That Parents Need To Block For Parental Control

Cyberspace is a wild west and full of inappropriate content that is dangerous for kids, and parents have to have a list of keywords to block parental control.

Hate Speech On Color & Creed

Social messaging networks and entertainment channels, like YouTube, have filled up with hate speech. Young kids have got exposed to hate speech, and you could have seen youngsters have adopted abusive language.

Young black and white kids used to hate each other worldwide and think of themselves as superior and inferior due to the behavior they could face online. Parents need to filter such acts on the web, like nigger and white monk.

Aggressive Language On Religion

Religious intolerance is on the rise, and today young kids are getting involved in this debate.

You may have seen comments, likes, and dislikes on social media where Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and others criticize each other based on their faith.

Parents should act fast to filter on keywords, like Christians superiority, and youngsters try to bash each other in the name of religion.

Parents should guide their kids no religion promotes religious intolerance.

Body Shaming & Slut-Shaming

The act of body shaming is massive on the web. Young teens most of the time have to face name-calling, like vagina fat, tall, slim, skinny, and many more.

Young kids and teens are involved in body shaming and bully each other based on physical appearances.

Parents can filter chats and messages on social media networks to stop kids from getting involved in body-shaming activities.

Moreover, slut-shaming is on the list of your keywords to block for parental control.

Sexual Preferences, Like LGQBT

Youngsters these days have got many problems based on their sexual preferences, like gays, lesbians, queer, bisexual, and transgender.

They are the ones that mostly face cyberbullying and real-life bullying because of their sexual preferences.

The free world does not allow any hate speech on someone’s sexual preferences, no matter what.

Parents need to monitor and track digital well-being of kids if they are involved in such criticism as a victim or culprit.

Violence & Extremism

The entire world has become a victim of violence and extremism. We used to see extremism in video footage, webpages, and many more.

Parents need to filter and capture such keywords on phones that promote violence and extremism, like youth radicalization, no black should exist in the U.S, and many others alike.

Parents should filter such content that causes radicalization in youth.

Sexually Explicit Phrases

There are sexually explicit terms that should not be on your kid’s phone, like be my emergency call, one-night stand, and let’s have fuck today.

Moreover, phrases, please tell me what you want me to do; I have thought about this all day and many more.

Parents need to capture these sexually explicit phrases to prevent kids from involving in an immature relationship online with strangers.

Sexting & Dating Terms

Young kids these days are intelligent, and they can dodge their parents while having a conversation with someone on cellphones, PC, and computer devices.

They use sexting terms like, 53x which is a sneaky way to talk about sex. MOS means mom is over the shoulder and many more.

Moreover, teens can use GNOC that means naked on camera, and CD9 means parents are around.

These terms should be in the list of keywords to block for parental control.

Virtual Violence On Video Games

There are thousands of video games that promote virtual violence among kids. The violence could be different; it is related to fighting with weapons and other fights and sexual violence games.

Parents need to know about those video games that are spreading violence among kids, and they should capture and record keywords related to virtual violence on video games.

Best App For Block Websites & Keywords

Inappropriate Sites & Social Networks

Young kids are more likely to access inappropriate websites that spread porn and erotic scenes.

Parents can search to find out top adult sites and then use keywords to block kids’ digital devices.

Moreover, social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others are famous for online dating, bullying, and cyberstalking.

Parents should set parental spying on social messaging apps to protect kids from predators and inappropriate activities.

Freeways To Block Websites For Parental Control On Android Browser

Android cell phone browsers enable you to block inappropriate websites compare to the counterparts, like computer laptops and desktop devices.

Browsers, like the Firefox add-on, can get the job done for you.  You can download Firefox on your kid’s android mobile.

Further, you need to install BlockSite add –on your phone browser.


You need to activate Firefox, and then you can tap on the dots menu in the right corner.


Now tap on the Add –ons and make a click on the Firefox browser’s suggested extensions on the bottom of the webpage.


Now you can search BlockSite using the search bar on the top. You can tap on the very first search item and then on Add to Firefox.


You will see a pop–up appear on the window that asks for permissions for add–on. You need to add it and become agree that you have requested so far.


After successfully installing, you need to tap on Agree and allow BlockSite permissions to visit the URLs.


You can further go through the BlockSite menu. Now you can tap Block Sites, and you can use the URLs of the websites that you no longer want on your kid’s android phone.

It is how you can make a list of keywords to block parental control on cellphones devices.

However, this method only supports the Firefox browser of an android. Therefore, you have to go for a legitimate parental spying app for android to get the job done.

Free Parental Control Options On Computer Devices

Before you buy parental spy software for your children, you can go through free steps to protect your kids from adult sites.

If your kids have computer devices running with Windows OS, you can use its parental tracking options.

You can set parental monitoring on your kid’s games consoles, routers, YouTube, and use the Google Family Link.

Google doesn’t have parental control but helps out parents to add the Google Family Link program.

You can use it to approve or block apps from Google Play Store.

Further, you can how much time kids have spent, and you can restrict their access to adult sites and inappropriate keywords.

Do you want to use SafeSearch and filter the inappropriate search? Follow the steps given below?

  • Go to Google & visit the settings
  • Further, visit the button, Turn in SafeSearch, by using the SafeSearch filters section
  • Moreover, tap on lock SafeSearch to protect your kids from turning SafeSearch at off mode
  • You need to sign in when Google asks you to do that
  • Make a tap on lock SafeSearch
  • Tap and Go back to the search settings
  • Now make a click “Save” at the bottom of the page

Now you can filter websites and inappropriate search terms on Windows device chrome browser without using any windows parental monitoring software.

Tips To Prevent Kids From Watching Inappropriate Content Manually

You have to follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks to avoid kids from adult sites without using parental tracking software.

  • You need to have an open conversation with your child and ask what they have seen on phone or computer screen
  • You should support your child if they have accidentally have got exposed to adult sites
  • You can make a list of keywords to block for parental control or report the particular site
  • Suppose someone willingly grooms your child on social media apps by sending sexually explicit images, phrases, and videos. You can use parental control and contact law enforcement

Best Tracking App For Parental Control

Best Parental Control App To Block Websites & Inappropriate Content?

Gone are the days when you remain helpless to prevent kids from porn sites, and inappropriate content shapes your kid’s mind on the web and social networks.

You can use the OgyMOgy parental control app for cellphones and computer devices.

It enables parents to use a list of keywords to block for parental control. There are the following features that you can use on your phone and PCs to get the job done.

Use OgyMogy Features to block & view content on kid’s devices

You can use the following features of the best parental monitoring software that enable parents to block, view, capture inappropriate content and keyword on kid’s phones and PCs.

View Installed Apps

Users can view installed applications on cellphone devices using cell phone parental control.

It enables parents to get a complete list of keywords that parents can block for setting parental spying.

Parents can view the application active on their kid’s mobile devices remotely using the secure web control panel.

IM's Chat Spy

Parents can monitor the social networking apps on kid’s mobile devices connected to the internet.

Parents can read text messages, chat conversations, voice and video calls, and media sharing.

If your kids are doing something inappropriate, you can remotely block internet access on the phone to stop kids from using messaging apps for improper activities.

Keystrokes Logging

Users can use the keystrokes logger on android, Windows, and a Mac computer device.

It can capture keystrokes applied on kid’s devices. It enables you to make a list of inappropriate keywords that you filter and block for parental control.

Filter By Keywords

It is one of the best features of the OgyMogy monitoring app. It allows parents to filter keywords of adult sites, dating slags, dating sites, sexting codes, and many more on cellphone messages, chats, and messaging apps.

Block Websites

Users can block websites remotely on target phones, PC and computer devices using the website blocking feature.

You can copy the URLs of adult sites, YouTube, online dating sites, online gaming, and messaging apps and paste them into the filters. Your kids will not be able to access the blocked keywords at all.


Parents can list keywords to block parental control on digital devices of kids using OgyMogy tracking software to the fullest. It is one of the best tracking app for cell phone, PCs, and computer devices.