Spy Apps For Employee Monitoring Vs. Traditional Monitoring Methods

Spy Apps For Employee Monitoring Vs. Traditional Monitoring Methods

Managing staff while running a business itself is challenging. But to grow your business, you must monitor your employees.

Hence, the demand for employee monitoring has risen. Business owners used manual methods to check their staff’s activities years ago. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology latest spy tools are replaced with old monitoring methods.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll uncover the traditional monitoring methods and the use of spy apps for employee monitoring and tell which more efficient tracking method is. Let’s begin.

What Is Meant By Employee Monitoring?

It means keeping tabs on employee activities to measure their work performance.

It helps you verify that employees are sincerely using their time to complete their assigned duties. Or waste their time watching useless websites and videos, scrolling social media, and even chatting with their friends at their workplace.

Thus, employee monitoring software give you an insight into how employees spend their time and improve their productivity.

What Are The Ways To Monitor Employees' Activities?

Employee monitoring tools have come in different categories, from traditional to advanced spy apps. So let’s discuss this in detail.

Traditional Methods

Traditional employee monitoring methods are to check employee activities manually. This ways consider checking their attendance, office time, and internet usage and putting camera & other physical devices to identify their behaviors at the workplace.

Set CCTV Cameras

It has been considered the most common and helpful method for a long time. Put the surveillance camera in the office in secret places to collect evidence against employees’ unwanted behaviors. This method is most convincing for keeping an eye on employees’ movements.

Time Tracking

It was a way used to measure employees working hours. This method is considered to check the employees’ office in our time and how long they take a break during office time. And how it takes time to accomplish a single task. It helped to analyze employees’ work performance.

Performance Review

This method was used to check their assigned project task by hiring a team. It was challenging to involve people to measure how effectively they manage their tasks and projects and deeply review their work performance. Sometimes it was easy, but at the same, this method was complicated to involve human help.

Advantages, Disadvantages And Limitation Of Traditional Monitoring Methods

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the conventional employee monitoring method.

Advantages of traditional monitoring

Physical Checking: The traditional method involved physical surveillance of staff members by using a camera. It is a suitable method to collect evidence against any unusual activity at the workplace.

Implement Policies: The traditional monitoring method applies policies that define what is acceptable at the office and what is not. For example, it is good when employees don’t misbehave with others and perform sincerely at work and office.

Security: Traditional methods hire a security team to safeguard office employees and protect the environment.

Disadvantages of traditional monitoring

Limited Accessible: The downfall of the traditional method is required physical access or human involvement at the workplace, which is only sometimes possible and makes things difficult.

Not Compete with Digital Area: The traditional method has limited the time and specific location to monitor someone’s activities, which does not provide satisfactory monitoring in advance.

Not Budged Friendly: No traditional doubt method requires hiring a management team, a security team, and equipment like the camera. So, it is expensive and also involves other bodies checking employees’ activities.

Ethical Concerns: With traditional monitoring methods, a few ethical concerns arise, like trust issues and feeling uncomfortable at work while being monitored.

Spy Apps For Employee Monitoring

Spy apps for employee monitoring are software that allows employers to track and monitor their employees’ activities from their devices. These apps can record keystrokes, screenshots, browsing history, emails, chats, calls, GPS locations, and more. In addition, company owners can use spy apps for various purposes, such as ensuring productivity, compliance, security, and performance. However, spy apps also raise ethical and legal issues like privacy, consent, trust, and data protection. Therefore, employers should use an authentic spy app such as OgyMogy to maintain their employees’ respect, rights, and dignity.

OgyMogy Employee Monitoring Software

OgyMogy is a kind of monitoring application that is suitable for employee tracking.

It is capable of PC and Windows secret monitoring. It has various tracking features, including screen recording, key loggers, internet usage, and browsing history.

It is a powerful remote surveillance monitoring tool that never gives any clue to the targeted person. Additionally, it has user-friendly price packages for every employer to monitor their staff’s activities. Overall it is good for business owners to monitor and protect their businesses from any online danger.

Following are the some of OgyMogy employee monitoring app features:

Key Loggers: You can apply this feature and check what your employee is typing using their digital devices. For example, it may include a password, email, text, and everything you’re typed for searched on search engines.

Browsing History: Now you can monitor your employees’ internet activities without knowing them. With this feature, you can check what they watch online during office hours with a time stamp.

Live Screen Recording: This unique feature allows you to record the live-screen activities of your employees. For example, you can see what your employee is doing on their device; they are doing office work or wasting time using social media and watching unwanted websites. This feature makes a short video of the activity and sends it to the web control panel.

Track Location: It is easy to find your employees’ location while performing outdoor projects. You can secretly know about their whereabouts with one weak history report.

Mic Bug: Employers can use spy apps, hack employees’ devices, and listen to their surroundings. It helps you to identify if someone misbehaves with others and tells business secrets to others. Then, you can secretly hear and take action against them.

Website Filter: The spy app allows you to block unwanted and inappropriate websites on the company’s devices. In addition, it helps to improve work productivity among staff and prevent their intention to time-wasted websites.  

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spy Apps For Employee Monitoring

Following are the few advantages and disadvantages of using spy apps for employee monitoring.

Advantages of spy apps

Secret Tracking: Spy apps allow you to monitor employees’ activities without knowing them. With this, you can track your employees from a long distance and see their live activities.

Real-Time Monitoring: With spy app real-time monitoring, employers can access their employees’ activities via alert notification. It helps you to detect any problem without any delay.

Access to Monitored Data: Spy app provides a user-friendly interface of a monitoring app that allows you to access online activities via the web control panel. Through this, you can see keystrokes, browsing history, device surrounding, screen recordings, and many more.

Budget-Friendly: Spy apps are relatively inexpensive as a traditional method, providing pocket-friendly price packages for every employer to access the advanced monitoring method.

Disadvantages of spy apps

Limited Devices: Spy apps are not allowing you to track unlimited devices with a single subscription.

Jailbreak or Rooted: Most spy apps allow jailbreaking iOS devices and rooting Android before installing the app, sometimes making it difficult for users.

Legality Issue: The debate of whether using secret spy apps is legal or not is still. In some countries, it is not permitted, but they consider accessing anyone’s device data unlawful without their permission.

Invading Privacy: One of the downfalls of using a spy app is hitting someone’s privacy without knowing them. Undoubtedly spy apps are used to protect kids and businesses. But many hackers can access to gain your device data to perform cyber-crimes.

Comparison Of Spy Apps To Traditional Monitoring Methods

We have discussed the conventional and latest spy app monitoring techniques and their advantages, disadvantages, limitations, and effects. Now it’s time to clear you about both ways by unbiased comparison based on facts.

Spy apps monitor employees’ activities on company devices to track their real-time activities for business safety. These are keystrokes, GPS trackers, screen recording, internet usage, and social media chats unveil. This type of monitoring is based on secrets, which means the person didn’t identify as being monitored.

You can also watch them from every corner of the world with internet access.
The traditional method uses manual techniques involving people and physical equipment to monitor employee behaviors. Unfortunately, this method is time taking and only sometimes reliable.

So, it is essential to note that the traditional surveillance method did not fulfill the requirements of the present era. It never ensures business security from data theft and cybercriminals. Thus, it’s necessary to choose the correct option as spy apps that are up to demand and compete with the digital era.

So, you must select the advanced surveillance tool as spy apps suitable for every situation and protect your business from danger.

Legal issues while monitoring employees are raised with discriminating behaviors. When they come to know about being monitored, they feel uncomfortable, and in most cases, they don’t want to stay in that place.

On the other hand, some stat allows employers to use monitoring tools for secret monitoring. On the other hand, it is illegal in most countries. However, the rules and regulations of employee monitoring are required legal consent for business safety.

Employers must have legal considerations before using monitoring tools. For example, it includes protecting the business data and keeping tabs on employees to check their work-based activities.

Employers can tell employees and take their consent before using the employee monitoring tool. Sometimes it clearly includes the company policies.

Data Protection

Employers have responsibility for the good and bad of their business. So, they can use employee monitoring tools to ensure their intellectual property.

Traditional methods have manual methods and use physical presence to collect data against employees. But spy apps are working on entirely different techniques, which are known as remote monitoring and online data protection. Traditional methods clearly define their company policies for every employee to follow. But spy apps work as invisible tracking tools that may know your state’s legal rules.

Implementation And Effectiveness Of Monitoring Methods

Surveillance always considers a powerful technique implemented by officials. It helps everyone seeking to control and maintain discipline and secure business from exploitation and privacy invasions.

So, the monitoring method is no less than a protective tool for every employer to secure their business by tracking employees. But we are talking about both methods for employee monitoring that need to understand the most effective and consider the need for time.

Spy apps for employee monitoring can monitor targeted employees remotely from a specific location. Then you can see what the staff is doing at the workplace with the secret recording evidence. The implementation of this method is easy and time secure. You must install a spy app on your employees’ devices and see everything happening on themes.

While talking about traditional strategies, which are too expensive and unreliable, this method requires the physical presence of humans or costly physical tools. But remember this all things never give you results like, spy apps. So, traditional methods are not helpful and beat with time.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed both monitoring methods in detail. Both methods are performed to inform you about employees’ activities at work. But the workings of both tools are entirely different.

The traditional technique depends on humans and CCTV cameras to physically check what happened in your office. That is an old and unauthentic monitoring method. And spy apps for employee monitoring rely on the latest tracking techniques to secretly see what’s happening in your employees’ devices without knowing them.

Therefore, we recommended that the most accurate monitoring method you should pick is a spy app like OgyMogy.