How Mobile Tracker Keep You Updated On Your Family Whereabouts?

mobile tracker app keep you updated on your family whereabouts

Do you know? Mobile tracker apps let you track and update your family’s whereabouts. Well!  You need to know how to track someone’s location using tracking software for cell phones. You need to have an application that you can install on your target mobile device.

Let me tell you an application that allows you to track your family’s whereabouts is hard to find these days, but today we talk about it in detail. Dozens of applications are floating on the web that claims to keep you updated about your target phone location, but it is necessary that what they are saying is true.

Why Do You Need A Mobile Tracker To Have Your Family's Whereabouts?

Mobile tracking software comes in handy for many reasons. Parents always have reservations about location when they are at school. Parents want to know when kids reach school and how much time they take after school to come home.

Therefore, mobile phone tracker apps empower parents to track their current and exact location. Phone cellular networks get issues, and kids cannot respond to parents about whereabouts.

Parents become worried, and they start searching for kids. Therefore, you need to use a kind of application that keeps you updated about whereabouts 24/7. Apart from kids’ hidden whereabouts, parents also want to keep an eye on their old-age parents that could be patient or dealing with amnesia and often forget to come home because of a bad memory. So, parents can safeguard their families by keeping themselves updated about their whereabouts.

Should We Track Our Teen's Whereabouts Using Mobile Tracker Software?

The safety of roaming adolescents and teens has become confusing over the few years because parents are responsible for the security of the children. Parents are always in search of how a phone tracker can improve parents’ peace of mind. Well! A mobile application that can track the GPS location of the children 24/7 will give a parent peace of mind.

A survey conducted by Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center survey says that most parents don’t use a Mobile tracker on their 13-17 years old children, but 16% of the parents do. Should we use Mobile tracking apps to monitor our ambulatory heart? Parents are sensitive about the security of kids from stranger danger these days.

Lorrie Faith Cranor, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University who has worked on privacy & safety in the context of technology, has chosen not to use tracking apps without taking their two teenage girls into confidence. “It would create mistrust, and heated arguments could exchange, Dr. Cranor said that.

Tracking teens’ whereabouts without them knowing to make them feel that their parents are following them secretly. You have to take your teens into the confidence before tracking whereabouts, she added. Moreover, another mother raising three teenagers in the Chicago suburbs desperately wants to keep tabs on her teens who party and get involved in inappropriate activities many times.

Top 6 Ways To Use A Mobile Tracker To Keep Tabs On Teens

Here are the following ways that you can implement before using a cell phone tracker on mobile to keep tabs on your teen’s whereabouts without breaking their trust.

  • Use mobile tracking software as a tool of safety by making a collaborative effort
  • Always take care of the limitations of tracking whereabouts by respecting the privacy of teens
  • Don’t make the Mobile tracker software your habit, and use the tool when you need it
  • Don’t install a tracking app without your teen’s knowing, and try to win their confidence
  • Guide your teens on how keeping tabs on their whereabouts is for their safety
  • Discuss your concerns and insecurities that have made you use technology to monitor them

These are a few guidelines before you think to keep tabs on your family’s whereabouts. Later we will discuss what the best cell phone tracker is for your teens. For now, you need to know about the reasons that force parents to track teens’ location without them knowing.

Top Reasons To Keep Tabs On Teens Hidden Whereabouts

Do you want to know why do parents want to track teens and what makes them uncomfortable? Well! Young teens are more likely to live in the fantasy world, and they love to do adventures without their parents knowing.

  1. To protect kids from child abusers
  2. To prevent teens from hookups
  3. To safeguard teens from stranger danger
  4. To stay updated about teens drug abuse
  5. Stop teen from Hidden parties & binge drinking challenges

These are the top 5 reasons that force parents to get their hands on mobile tracker app to track the mobile location of teens. They want to protect young teens from inappropriate activity no time ever before. Without further ado, let’s get to know how tracking apps keep parents updated about family whereabouts in general and the GPS location of children in particular.

What Is A Mobile Tracker? How Does It Track The Whereabouts Of Your Family?

Mobile tracking software is one of the best tools. You can install it on your target cell phone device of any family member. Moreover, you can activate it on the target device of your child or loved one and use its most powerful features to track live GPS location and location history with the schedule.

The Best Mobile Tracker App You Need To Know About

OgyMogy is one of those applications that keep you updated about your family’s whereabouts and let you know the hidden location of your teens. You can visit the official webpage of OgyMogy phone tracking software and get a subscription. Further, you can activate the following tools to get the job done.

  • Live GPS tracker
  • Location history
  • Geo-fencing
  • Route Mapping
  • Track without GPS
  • Track stolen phone

Every feature of the OgyMogy android tracker is exceptional in services and provides you instant updates about your family members via Google Maps using an online dashboard.

Is It Possible Finding Whereabouts Without Installing Software?

Most parents waste their time and energy tracking a cell phone location without installing software by using free methods to find out someone’s hidden whereabouts. Freeways like finding my device on android and iTunes on iOS devices would waste your time.

Do you know why? Built-in android and iOS location tracking methods cannot provide you with the accurate location of your target person.  It is risky and a waste of time to use built-in methods of android and iOS devices. You should go for commercial phone tracker software that not only monitors and track your loved ones’ GPS location but also protect your data to the fullest.


OgyMogy is one of the best mobile trackers that enable parents to keep tabs on teens, tweens, and other loved ones with sheer power and accuracy. The application is compatible with android phones and tablet devices and works on both rooted and non-rooted phones. It can hide app icons successfully on the latest android phones and provide a user-friendly online dashboard to get data without facing technical issues.

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