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Android Spy & Parental Control App

Keep tabs on almost every cell phone activity of your family and working personnel. Now get the most powerful solution and start snooping on any cell phone or tablet running Android with OS.

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Android Spy
Call History

Call History

Track incoming and outgoing phone calls. Access call history consisting of calls detail and contact information of callers and recipients.View Call History

Browsing History

Browsing History

Get access to the history of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and commonly used internet browsers.View Browsing History

Calendar Activities

Calendar Activities

Get to know appointments and events marked on the calendar app. Find out what your concerned ones are up to.View Calender Activities

SMS History

SMS History

Monitor incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS. Access the contact detail of message senders and receivers.View SMS History

GPS Location

GPS Location

Find the whereabouts of your loved ones by getting access to the current GPS location of their phones. Trace their footsteps through location history.View GPS Location



Find out the frequently visited websites and webpages by accessing bookmarks and favorite pages.View Bookmarks



Access videos saved on the phone memory and retrieve deleted videos right from the web portal of OgyMogy.View Saved Videos



Sneak into the gallery and retrieve photos captured from the phone camera, downloaded from the internet or received from any other source.View Saved Photos

What makes OgyMogy to be a Trademark of Android spy Apps

Get rid of wasting time & money having Android monitoring app

Online threats are on the rise, and children have become obsessed with cell phones and social media like whatsapp facebook activities. Parents have no other way, but to use OgyMogy is one of the apps to spy on android. No more dodges, and scams, get your hands on the world's best Android spy apps and keep protecting your children from cyber dangers, cellphone addiction and to keep preventing their inappropriate activities.

A little investment can save your time and money and work in a sneaky way to sneak peek into employee's business-owned devices. Android spy application is pack with hundreds of advanced and powerful features that make parenting and employee surveillance job at fingertips.

OgyMogy is the hidden spy application for android keeps you nobody on the target device, and you can get your desired information secretly. It has exclusive features that no other competitor has introduced yet. Now protect you, children, from online predators, disgruntled or dishonest employees and further save your time and money with genuine, and ultimate high –tech tool that discovers which has not unveiled yet on the target phone.

Android Monitoring App

OgyMogy Aplication for Digital Parenting

Supervise your kids’ digital behavior and safeguard them from cyberbullying, child predation, scamming and potential threats of the digital world. The best android spy apps lets you supervise almost every online and offline cell phone activity of teens and tweens. It lets you:

  • Monitor popular social media apps and instant messengers
  • Spy on SMS, MMS and instant messages
  • Create an online backup of photos, videos, contacts and important stuff
  • Find the whereabouts of kids with GPS turned ON or OFF
Parental Control App

OgyMogy is one of the Most Trusted Android spy Apps for Employee Monitoring

Keep an eye on your workers’ activities performed inside and outside the workstation. OgyMogy provides a complete security solution to entrepreneurs to track and boost the productivity of employees keeping them from unproductive and malicious acts. It lets you:

  • Monitor emails and access credentials of online accounts
  • Track one-on-one and group social media chats
  • Capture real-time activities with screen recording and screenshots
  • Remote control camera and microphone to capture surroundings
Employee Monitoring App
Employee Monitoring
Data Backup

Data Backup

Android Spy app provides online storage to secure your stuff such as photos, videos, voice recordings and emails.View Backup Data


Photos Backup

Create an online backup of your photos and get back deleted images anytime right from the web portal.Create Photos Backup

Track Stolen Phone

Track Stolen Phone

Find out the lost & stolen phone by accessing the location of the phone. Capture surroundings to identify the location.Track Stolen Phone

Manage Contact List

Manage Contact List

Monitor and manage the contact list without accessing the phone. Make additions and deletions right from the web portal.View Saved Contacts

Perks of Android Monitoring App for Individuals

Secure your contacts, photos, videos and important stuff by uploading to the online storage of the OgyMogy app. locate stolen and lost mobile phones location tracking app. Using the high-tech phone tracker, you can:

  • Create an online backup of data saved on the phone
  • Retrieve deleted photos, videos and media files
  • Track lost and stolen android devices
  • Monitor and manage contacts without accessing the phone
Spy App Features

Speedy and User-Friendly Installation

Select Pricing Plans

Desired Package


Choose a suitable package plan and subscribe to the android monitoring app for a month, quarter or year.

Download & Install within Seconds

Download &
Install within Seconds


Download and install the app on the targeted Android device following the user-friendly installation process.

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Get started with mobile phone tracking in the most convenient way without leaving any clue of spying.

With more than 2.5 billion active users worldwide and 86% of the android devices globally, Android OS has become the trademark of cellphone brands. Every passing day, android OS has come up with the new updates that make it security foolproof and almost impossible to spy on Android phones and tablets. Google supported Android OS would never let third party applications to take its position and compromise the security of their cellphone users. However, still, a chance for spy apps for android to monitor and track all the activities performed on the target device. You can easily track the Geo location and listen to the surroundings of the cellphone. Being in a situation where you have to spy kid’s inappropriate activities and employee data breaching and time-wasting activities, you can use apps to spy on android without involving anyone else. All you require the consent of your target phone user before using a hidden android spyware app.

What is OgyMogy App for cellphone?

The Android surveillance apps are frankly speaking is a solution for the individuals, professionals, parents, and the people having a troubled relationship. Where the internet let our children and employees whatever they want to do on digital devices, the android phone monitoring apps let us know what exactly they are doing without making noise and leaving footprints behind. From call recording to screen recording, from listening surrounds to listening to IM’s Voice calls and from keystrokes capturing to internet history, it is the best android spy software to track every activity on the target device with a great piece of efficiency and secretly.

Is it possible to spy on Android without root?

Gone are the days when you require rooting to track android devices. Now you can directly install a spyware to spy on Android, but you need to have physical access on the target device. None of the android spy apps in the world discovered yet that can perform remote check on Android phones and tablet devices. In addition to that, you need to make sure that the target device is compatible with the android surveillance software. Get access to the device and start the installation process and set it up on your target phone. Use credentials and activate the online dashboard and use monitoring features and upload the information to your dashboard account.

What is OgyMogy hidden spy app to monitor an Android?

OgyMogy is the no.1 cellphone parental software. It has advanced technology packed with numerous kinds of solutions for operating systems like Android. It provides you user-friendliness and remains hidden on Android up to OS version 10 and above device. It gives you sneaky kind of spying experience on Android phones and tablets. It means the target cellphone user won’t be able to know that someone has spy on him/her. Besides, it’s perfect navigation system users can get instant results from any place anywhere in the world. Once has activated the OgyMogy, It enables you to get the information form the android device and upload it to an online account.

How OgyMogy Android spy app helps you to monitor cellphone?

OgyMogy is an app to spy on cellphones and it is a complete solution for parents, employers and for loved ones. Parents can set parental control on kids Android devices, employers can monitor business owned digital devices and loved ones can keep a hidden eye on the ones they care.

Android parental control app for Parents

Kids these days have been integrated with android devices these days connected to cyberspace. Therefore, they used to perform entertaining and full of fun activities. However, kid’s online activities are putting them into trouble physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Therefore, parents have nothing left, but OgyMogy software for Android. They have to manage the screen –time of the children and many other inappropriate activities.

Following are major reasons to monitor your kid’s android phones:

  • Online dating with strangers
  • Encounters with the online predators
  • 1 out of 5 teens and kids bullied online
  • Obsession with social media apps & websites
  • Online dangerous trends particularly on social media
  • Drug abusing issues & partying lifestyle
  • Online interactions with the sex –offenders

Android Tracking Software for Employee Monitoring

OgyMogy hidden spy app for android is the best tool for employers to keep an eye on the employees working on business owned phones and tablet devices in working hours. Employers can prevent data breaching, protect intellectual property, and every activity that happened on business phones in real-time.

  • Prevent data theft on business owned phones & tablets
  • Let you keep an eye on employee’s activities in working hours
  • It ensures the productivity
  • Prevent threats within the organization on business data
  • Remotely block websites, apps, incoming calls & messages on business devices
  • Keep employees in discipline all the time

Things you should know before choosing OgyMogy Android spy software

  • The target device must have stable internet connection
  • Make sure target device is compatible
  • OgyMogy android spy app require physical access for installation
  • You are not using it for intrusive and illicit purposes
  • Make sure about the consent of the target device user

How OgyMogy is the best android spy app for you?

OgyMogy is one of the best cellphone parental software for parents, employers, loved ones, and for individuals. You can use it to safeguard your teens and kids from online dangers and protect your business secrets to the fullest. In addition to that, people can use it to spy on loved ones' phones and individuals can clone an android device to shift the precious phone data from one device to another.

The traditional set of Features

OgyMogy is software to spy on android devices by using its typical features such as call recording, call logs, internet history, web history, social media messenger spy, monitor email, password chaser, screen recording, keystrokes, and screenshots.

Exclusive set of Features

Apart from the typical features you can use a spy app for android state of the art exclusive features such as live camera streaming, live surround listening, WhatsApp messages without root, IM’s call recording without root, and support the latest OS version 10 and above of Android.

OgyMogy spy software for Android is easy to use

You can easily use it on the target device but you have to follow the few steps mentioned below to the get job done.

  • Subscribe for OgyMogy spy app for android
  • Complete the setup on target android device
  • Activate the web portal
  • spy on cellphone device

OS support: OgyMogy spying software

  • It is compatible with all cellphone and tablet devices running with Android
  • No rooting require for most of the features
  • It support phones start from 5.0 up to OS version 10 and above

Reasonable price range: OgyMogy app for Android

OgyMogy has multiple subscription plans that are xLite and premium plans that you can subscribe for monthly, quarterly, and for yearly subscription of android tracking phone app within reasonable prices.

Live customer support chat: OgyMogy

You can discuss all of your issues and queries you have in your mind at any point in time. Our team will give you instant feedback and make you satisfied with valuable information.

Can you spy on an Android phone remotely?

You cannot spy on Android remotely because no application empowers you to monitor any cellphone device without installation. You need access to the target cellphone device and set up the installation process before you can spy on the cellphone. You cannot track mobile remotely without installing software. Hence, we can say that spying on the android phone is not possible remotely yet until the technology had made its way to the next level.

Is there a free app to spy on someone’s phone?

YYou can see the web full of applications claiming to be the best free app to spy on someone’s cellphone device. Most of the apps that advertise to monitor cellphone for free are false and could steal your data and save the data to their online dashboard. You can waste your time and energy for sure. Therefore, always go for the one that provides genuine services and has reliable users.

Which is the best spy app?

You can see plenty of brands advertising and racing with each other that they are the number 1 surveillance application in the world. We are not biased, but we would like to say that the spy app providing live call recording, read messages, screen recording, rooted and un-rooted features, Gps location tracking, and social media monitoring are the best spy applications. However, all of these features provide you instant results via an online control panel. So, OgyMogy is the best spy application for cellphone devices.