OgyMogy iPhone Spy App Complete Guide (Non-jailbreak iOS device)

OgyMogy iPhone Spy App Complete Guide (Non-jailbreak iOS device)

OgyMogy iPhone Monitoring Software Significance, Features, & User Guide (Non-Jailbreak iOS, iPad Devices Solution)

OgyMOgy is going to debut with iPhone spy app. It will surely suit your pocket and requirements in terms of digital parenting efforts. You want to perform on your children’s non-jailbreak iPhone devices. iPhone monitoring software is packed with the non-jailbreak solution for iOS devices. The process of using the iPhone tracking app on non-jailbreak iOS cell phones and gadgets is very simple and it will not give you a tough time and you will be able to set parental control on your children and teens iPhone.

iPhone surveillance app is packed with the non-jailbreak solution that helps out the end-user to monitor the target iPhone device with its state of the art and powerful features intended for parenting aims. The best part of the iOS parental control software it does not need installation on the target iPhone device. It is not the same that typical iPad monitoring software requires installation on the target device. So, an iOS monitoring solution is been developed to spy each and every single activity in order to have lots of children’s iPhone devices.

Significance of iPhone Spy Software (without jailbreak iOS Devices)

Significance of iPhone Spy Software

  • Multiple parental control features
  • Don’t require installation on the target device
  • Work through iCloud credentials
  • User –friendly interface
  • Digital parenting on the go
  • Packed with a non-jailbreak solution for iOS

Note: You don’t need to jailbreak target iPhone device

How to use the iPhone monitoring app on non-jailbreak iOS device? (Without Installation)

Three step method to use iPhone parental monitoring app

Step1: Subscribe with OgyMOgy iPhone spy app

Make your mind to spy on iPhone of your children. Then you need to visit the official websites of the OgyMOgy cell phone spy app and subscribe for the non-jailbreak solution for iPhone. Once you have ended up with, then you will receive an email along with the credentials and get access to the control panel. Further, you need to visit the Sync iCloud.

Step2: Obtain iCloud Credentials

Now end-user has to get the password and ID of the target non-jailbreak iCloud. Then you need to tap on the Sync iCloud button available in the web portal of the OgyMOgy non-jailbreak solution for iPhone.  This is the time to put your iCloud credentials. However, the end-user needs to get physical access on the target iOS device if the iCloud backup is not activated on the target device.

Step3: iPhone monitoring on the go

When you have done with all the basics and you have chosen a non-jailbreak solution of the iPhone parental control. Then you have got the iCloud credentials and past it to the Sync iCloud and then you will have multiple features to set parental control on your target iPhone devices to the fullest. Let’s discuss all the features of the iPhone parental monitoring app for non-jailbreak devices.

iPhone spy software for non-jailbreak device features

iPhone spy software for non-jailbreak device

Internet history –Safari

Parents can monitor all the visited websites URLs on the target iOS devices of children and get to know how many times a particular URL has been used.

Bookmark –Safari

Get to know the websites bookmarks on the target non-break iPhone installed safari browser


View all the saved contacts on the target iPhone contact book alongside first and last name and given the email address


Get to know about the alarms that have been fixed on the target iOS device such as wake up alarms and others

Calendar Events

Get access to the written events descriptions, reminders and birthday reminders in the target iPhone

Permission Hardware

You can see all the installed apps on the target iOS device that ask permission to access the camera and iPhone gallery


The end-user can have access to all the Voice messages sent by using social media apps

Paired Devices –Bluetooth paired devices

You can unveil all the Bluetooth devices connected to the target iOS devices. The whole data such as wireless headphones, iPhone to iPhone pairing Bluetooth devices

Internet usage time bypass

Access all the apps that are running through the target iPhone device internet

SMS-Chat & Chat list

The end-user can remotely get their hands on the SMS –chat list of the target iOS device


You can get the complete information SMS Messages sent/received on a target iPhone device

Call Logs

The user can get logs of all the calls either incoming and outgoing calls on the target non-jailbreak iPhone device with the location. In case the user has activated the location on the iPhone.

WhatsApp data

You can get access to the WhatsApp contacts, address book, chats, Groups, and group members

Kik Messages

You can get access to the messages logs of the installed Kik instant messaging app on the non-jailbreak iPhone. A user can also obtain data of SMS logs by using the iPhone monitoring app for non-jailbreak devices.

Why You Need iPhone Parenting Software for Non-Jailbreak Devices?

First and foremost, you need to keep in mind while monitoring or setting parental control on children’s iPhones. Third-party monitoring app installation process and to jailbreak the target iPhone device that seems very hectic, less protective, and tough job to perform. So, when you decide to spy on the children’s iOS device, you should use iPhone tracking software for non-jailbreak iOS devices. It will provide parents relief not to jailbreak the target device and further it does not require an installation process.

When it comes to digital parenting and to protect children from all online bad habits such as sexting, self-obscenity, online dating, engagement of teens with cyber predators such as stalkers, cyberbullies, and sexual predators. Cell phone monitoring app for iPhone empowers parents to do digital parenting to the fullest.


Mobile phone spy app for iPhone packed with the non-jailbreak solution. It has multiple powerful features that are the ultimate tool to spy on iOS devices for parenting reasons. Parents should use the non-jailbreak solution for iPhone to protect their children from cyber dangers and to stay updated about children and teen digital activities.

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