Why Ogymogy monitoring software features only?

Ogymogy particularly designed to set parental control on kid’s devices and to make sure the productivity and security of the business owned devices. It has the most advanced features of parental monitoring and employee tracking empowers you to discover secret activities of offspring and workforce on digital devices. It is compatible with the contemporary smartphones, tablets and laptop desktops running with android, windows and MAC operating systems respectively. From call recording, screen recording to social media monitoring and email tracking it has all the exclusive features you just name it.

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Gets digital parenting easier with OgyMogy powerful features

Ogymogy has one of the best tools to track digital phones, tablet, laptop desktop PCs remotely by using its groundbreaking features. You can use the online control panel of the tracking software to get access to the sturdy features. It makes you to perform online parenting and to know the activities of offspring’s on digital devices running with android, windows and MAC OS. So, you can make sure kids online safety. Say no to cyber bullying and stalking with Ogymogy spy software that has significant features for you to monitor digital spaces of children.

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Monitor Employee Activities

OgyMogy legitimate features to spy on employees activities at workplace

When it comes to measuring of productivity metrics of employees on company’s owned devices Ogymogy proven to be handy. It is packed with dozens of flexible features you need that has designed to perform surveillance on employee’s devices in general and to boost productivity and prevent data breaching in particular. You can easily track every single activity of employees on smartphones, tablets, and computer devices of android, MAC and windows respectively –all you need to use the displayed tools to the fullest to get exceptional results.

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Ogymogy major features to set Parental control & monitor Employee’s single handedly

Gone are the days when you struggle to set parental monitoring & to make check over employees' activities on cellphones, tablets, and PCs respectively. Get your hands on the Ogymogy surveillance app features you need.

Millions Of Happy Clients

OgyMogy has millions of satisfied clients who have personally used our application. See with your own eyes what our customers view about our product.

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Anthony (A businessman)

OgyMogy is a wonderful app! All business owners should install it on the company phones and they will surely see productivity soar over time

Mark (a Father)

My son was being bullied on social media by a senior at school! He even sent him embarrassing messages on his cell phone. If it was not for OgyMogy, I wouldn’t have been able to figure out

Chelsea (A not-so-worried mother)

In present times, every parent is in a terrible fix about what their children are doing over the internet, especially when pornography is on the loose. Thanks to OgyMogy, all my worries are finally over.

Lynn (An employer)

OgyMogy is the best monitoring program available in the market today."

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