How To Use The Keylogger App?

how to use keylogger app

Keylogger app is not hard to find anymore. You can visit the web, and you can get your hands on the hundreds of applications. You can choose the one that has plenty of features and with a reasonable range of price.

Do you know more about the keylogger spy app?  Well, we are here to guide you about it in a comprehensive way.

Before we discuss the usage of keylogging on an android phone, you need to know they are keyloggers safe?

Keylogger tool is safe unless you get your hands on the best brand of keystroke logging software.

You need to have an application that works on any cellphone device without them knowing. You can get your hands on an application that is safe and sound and works for legal and ethical keylogging.

It does not steal the target device data. The app protects sensitive information, messages, and chat conversations. We are talking about the OgyMogy keystrokes logger app, which is one of the safest.

6 Tips Before Using Keylogging Application

Few things need to consider before using an app that monitors and capturing keystrokes on the target device.

1-Get A Non-Rooted Cell Phone Device

Before you think that can I put a keylogger on an android phone? Make sure you have a non-rooted cellphone device. You don’t need to get administrative access to your target device because you need to use the non-rooted app to spy keystrokes on a cellphone device.

Non-rooted spy app for keystrokes monitoring is necessary because it does not harm its host at all. It is user–friendly and brings ease while you are catching keystrokes of a cellphone device.

2-Check The Keylogger Compatibility

Go for the keystrokes logger app that offers compatibility with any android cell phone device.

The compatibility should be from the 5.0 version to OS version 11.0.

The best keylogging application supports every android phone. Use an app that takes few minutes to install on the target device.

3-Make User Application Is Hidden

You need to think twice about the keylogger; what does it do? The software remains invisible and invisible on the target device.

It works in a stealth mode and delivers the information in real-time to the web-based control panel. It empowers parents to snoop on any cellphone device to catch kid’s inappropriate interaction with strangers via chat and messages.

Employers can use it to discover the credentials of employee’s emails on business devices without them knowing.

4-Use Keylogging App Works Other Than A Keylogger

Keylogger spy software not only monitors the keypad strokes of a cellphone but also tracks GPS location, calls logs, browser history, social networking, and email keystrokes.

It does track cellphone SMS and chats conversations. The keylogging tracking app also discovers the hidden whereabouts of the children and enables them to view installed applications.

5-The App Encourages Ethical & Legal Spying

Keylogger software is suitable for users that encourage legal and ethical spying on cellphone devices to catch keystrokes on mobile phones.

You can keep in mind that it doesn’t use a keylogger spy that encourages people to use it as a stalker ware.

Legal and ethical spying on keystrokes allows you to set parental control on kid’s phones. It can do surveillance on business devices.

You can choose the one that asks for the consent of the target device users, like OgyMogy.

6-Remove Free Keylogger Software

Do you know before you use a best keystrokes logger app, you need to remove free keylogging applications?

Free spying apps that claim to monitor keystrokes can damage your device. They can steal the intellectual property of your device. A free spy software could cost you a hundred times more than a commercial keystroke monitoring software.

So, the best practice is to remove free keystrokes tracking applications from the target device. It is the right time to use your application to record and capture keystrokes.

How To Remove The Free Key Logging Solution On The Target Device?

Here are the following steps you can follow to remove the free keystrokes logging app from your phone.

It does help out users to protect your device from cyber-attacks and from stealing sensitive information from your kids or business phones.

  • Make sure you are not allowing files to get the download from unknown facilities.
  • When you are using the credentials of your online banking sites, social networks, and use a virtual keyboard.
  • However, you can use a password manager to enter sensitive credentials, and it redundant free keystrokes logger software.

You can use an anti-spy application for a while to remove the free spy app that captures keypad strokes.

Later on, you can remove the free app files and anti-spy apps on your target device using settings.

How To Get The Best Keystroke Spying Application?

OgyMogy is a web platform that offers services to spy on android phones and PCs. You can visit its online webpage. It is easy to subscribe with this keylogger spy solution. You can go to the webpage and perform the given steps below to use the application.

Subscribe to the OgyMogy Android keylogger spying app

Do you want to capture keystrokes on a cellphone device? Do you have reservations about doing that activity? It is possible for you anymore, and you can get a keylogger subscription and check your email account. You will have a password and user ID.

Get physical access to the non-rooted device

You should have a non-rooted mobile device and take the target device possession to start the installation process. Users can perform a successful configuration process and set up the application.

Activate the web-based control panel

Use keystrokes monitoring software credentials and access the online dashboard to activate the tool that captures and monitors key logs.

What Sort Of Keystrokes Does Ogymogy Spy On A Phone?

The application works in hidden mode on the target device. It records keystrokes of messages, chats, emails, and messengers.

It also tracks keypad strokes of visited websites and bookmarked pages with the schedule. Users can get live key logs of social networking apps, passwords, and credentials of mobile messaging applications.

It means that no keypad stroke would leave unattended, and OgyMogy discovers and unveils them via an online dashboard.


It is how you can use the keylogger app on any cell phone device running with Android operating systems. Parents and employers can use the OgyMogy phone tracking solution on digital devices to capture keypad touch, clicks, and pressed keys in real-time. The application is best for doing surveillance on kids to prevent them from potential risks. Employers can unveil the activities of employees on the business-owned device without them knowing.

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