Is The Internet Child-Friendly? Safety Tips for Teens

is the internet child friendly

Internet safety is a big question over recent years, and parents who have seen the online risks and dangers want to make the internet child-friendly. Everyone has internet access, and young children are second to none these days. They spend time in the digital communities all day long, but the online risks are on the rise, day by day.

Parents want to monitor kids online and protect kids from online dangers. So, the parent must know what their kids are doing and how they deal with the digital threats. Before we discuss how to make the internet child-friendly, discuss how they can get internet.

How Do Kids Get Access To The Internet?

Almost 95% of the youngsters fewer than 18 have access to cell phones, 45% have said that they are online constantly; Pew Research center report said that.

Young kids these days have internet access on their digital devices—almost two-thirds of kids from 4th to 8th graders access phones, tablets, and PCs. Many kids have computer devices in the rooms, and the Internet Usage study belongs to the Center for Cyber Safety and education.

  • More than 70% of kids love to spend time on cell phones connected to cyberspace
  • 64% of kids use tablets to access the internet
  • 46% of young kids have PCs and computer devices

How Explain To Your Kids About Internet Safety?

You can make the internet child-friendly, but you have to teach them about the risks they could face online using cell phones and PCs connected to the internet. You can tell your kids how they can prevent online threats.

However, parents should know about the dangers and potentials risks in detail. Parents have to become tech-savvy and familiar with the apps, social media, internet, and strange dangers. It is tough, but you can prepare yourself before advocating for your kids about the online world.

Top Internet dangers you need to discuss with kids & teens

Parents should have a friendly environment with their kids. You can win their trust that anything you are doing is for the sake of their safety and privacy. Parents should listen to the questions of their kids and try to answer every one of them reasonably.

Friendly conversations with your kids make them relax and share everything they have in their minds. You will get to know that how are your children using the internet on phones on digital devices?

What Do You Know About Kid's Activities Over The Internet & Cellphones?

Here take a look at the following stats mentioned in Children Internet Usage Study conducted by Cyber safety and education.

  • More than 30% of kids use the internet on cell phones without their parent’s approval
  • 21% of kids use messaging apps, social media, and dating apps to chat with strangers
  • Almost 17% have access to adult websites
  • 15% of kids visit websites that teach kids how to cheat on homework
  • 4% of kids visit online gambling, drug abuse, hookups, and others

Always maintain a healthy relationship with your kids because they will need you once they are bullied, stalked, and harassed online, for sure.

What Steps Do You Need To Take To Safety Teens From Internet Dangers?

Since the world has met with the pandemic, young kids have adopted media-fueled activities. The online presence of the children has risen. Therefore, kids are at the highest risk of interaction with the strangers like bullies, stalkers, and sexual predators. Parents can adopt the following mentioned rules to safeguard kids from online dangers. Here are the 7 steps suggested by The United States Department of Justice to parents.

Develop Safety Plan For Your Kids & Teens

Parents can make kids develop an internet safety plan by listening to the opinion of your kids. You can implement rules and regulations about the usage of the internet and the red flags. You can encourage your kids to discuss.

Monitor Your Children Internet Usage

Parents can supervise kid’s internet activities manually by sitting beside them. You can check what they are up to on social media, messages apps, web browsers, and live broadcasting apps. Put your devices in an open space form where you can keep an eye on your kids all day long and password-protected internet networks.

Keep An Eye On Apps, Sites, Games, & Browsing Activity

You can monitor the apps on phones, messaging apps like Snapchat, Messenger, WhatsApp, and online games. You can see what they are sharing, sending, and receiving using the internet. Parents should do surveillance on apps where kids spend most of the time and check the presence of online predators on those apps.

Set Privacy On Phones & Use Parental Controls

Parents can use digital phones and PCs’ built-in settings to serve the digital well-being of their children. You can set parental control on kid’s games, browsers, social media, messaging apps, and other devices connected to the internet.

Protect Kid's Privacy

You can discuss with your teens that don’t share their privacy like names, school names, photos, videos, and many other things from online predators. Parents should teach young teens that their inappropriate photos will bring body shaming, cyberbullies, and sex-offenders on their social media profiles. Tell your kids not to respond to random requests, messages, and images.

Keep An Eye On Kid's Behavior

Suppose your child has been bullied or trapped by an online predator and will have potential signs of abuse. Your child may try to change cell phones, stop internet usage, lost behavior, low self-esteem, and depression. Politely encourage your child that doesn’t hide anything from them, and parents are always with them in any situation.

Don't Hide Anything & Report Parents Or The Internet Community

You need to guide your child that if anything happens inappropriate on social media. Immediately notify the social platforms, and don’t respond to the online predator. Moreover, you can discuss with parents cyberbullying, harassment, and inappropriate activities.

How Do Technology & Parental Control Apps Make The Internet Child-Friendly?

Parents should use the technology and set parental monitoring on kid’s cell phones and the internet. You can monitor your kids online and get to know what kids are doing on their digital devices using the OgyMogy phone parental control app.

Tracking, Monitoring & limiting kids online activities

Phone tracker is an application that works as a mobile tracker and parental control software on the target device. It can monitor, track, and limit the online activities of children. It can make sure kids are safe from online predators.

Cell phone parental control software enables parents to track live GPS location, location history, and pinpoint the location. It allows users to read messages, chats, voice chat, and media sharing activities on social media platforms.

Parents can monitor social media activities, view installed apps, keystrokes, Capture screenshots of a mobile screen. Parents can view the browsing activities of teens and get to know about visited websites and bookmarked web pages.

For more information about parental control solutions, you can visit our Parental Control App web page to learn how to make the internet child-friendly.