Teens Privacy In The Digital Age –Infographic

teens privacy in digital age

As a young child gets older and become a teenager, they start exploring and developing their sense of identity.

He/she start to get more space and privacy from parents. Parents are witnesses of this age because they have passed this age themselves.

However, parents got a little shaky feeling and became overprotective and scared when teens and preteens start getting privacy, particularly on the internet, mobile, and tablet devices.

Parents are scared because of the fear of cyberbullies, stranger danger, and other online predators that can harm teens.

Parents start thinking about how they can give their teens privacy and internet safety at the same time.

We have gathered information in the shape of an infographic describing threats to teens privacy, protection tips, and how parents can protect them using OgyMogy.

How Are Teens Breaching Their Online Privacy?

Teens are breaching their privacy online using phones, the internet, and social media. Teens make social media profiles, share photos, videos and following things with strangers.

  • Cell phone access and internet is the root cause of sharing digital privacy
  • 90% of young teens download social media apps on cellphones
  • 95% of teen’s cellphone & 75% have internet access
  • Teens are sharing photos, videos on social media profiles
  • Teen used to share school name, contact, and home address on social networks
  • Email hacking of teens disclose everything on social media profiles

Online Threats To Teens Privacy

Plenty of social media and online dangers can pop up when teens are using cellphones connected to the internet and become the victim of the following:

  • Online bullies verbally & non-verbally abuse teens online
  • Teens Become a victim of Catfishing (being tricked by someone using a false identity) for designer understanding
  • Sex –offender Sexual groom teen’s online via social media
  • Social accounts of teens got hacked
  • Teens leave Non-custom social media profiles
  • Teens got Exposure to Adult content

Tips To Protect Teen’s Privacy In The Digital Age

If you get to know teens can become victims of online predators, use the following information to safeguard your teen’s online privacy.

  • Don’t allow teens to use cellphones at bedtime and make rooms, gadgets & internet free
  • Guide teens that they should not use public Wi-Fi networks
  • Check teen’s cellphone manually to examine what they are doing
  • Watch what kinds of social apps they have downloaded
  • Make sure teens have not installed online dating apps
  • Teach them how to avoid email and phishing scams
  • Follow & befriend with your teens to view
  • Use password-protected Wi-Fi networks
  • Allow teen’s social media under your supervision
  • Save teens passwords if they are using your phone to explore latter

How Do Parents Protect Teen’s Digital Privacy?

Struggling and worried parents can use the OgyMogy parental control app on teen’s cellphones to protect their online privacy.

How to use OgyMogy monitoring software?

It is a parental tracking app that you can use on a teen’s phone connected to the internet. It empowers you to become the witness of every activity of the teens online.

Step1: Install OgyMogy on teen’s cellphones secretly

Step2: Activate cell phone tracking app on teen’s phone

Step3: Use dashboard to activate the following features

Every OgyMogy feature delivers instant information to parents using its dashboard when teens share privacy with strangers and talk with online predators.

ogymogy infographic