Best Dating Apps For Teens Parents Should Know About

Best Dating Apps For Teens Parents Should Know About

Best dating apps for teens are floating on the web these days. Usually, adults go for the apps to find out the best match. The popularity of dating apps is rising, and they are popping up for juveniles no time ever before. Many parents have seen teens dating apps on their phones, and they have reservations about teens’ safety. Your young daughter could receive explicit messages from an unknown person through online dating platforms. Today, we warn parents about the dangers of online dating networks and top dating apps that your child could download on their desktop.

Best Dating Apps For Teens That Could Be Dangerous for Teens

Dating apps for youngsters are in huge numbers on the web these days. Today we discuss the popular and widely used dating apps that could be dangerous and exploiting for juveniles. Here are top 10 dating apps for teens that parents need to know:

1) Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating platforms on the web. It allows users to swap and match people’s profiles by offering paid subscriptions. You can sign up for tinder by downloading the app on your phone by providing necessary information, like age, gender, location, photos, and gender preference. Tinder has become famous among juveniles and young teens, and they lurk towards creating their profiles to find matches to date someone in real life. So, it is pretty dangerous and exploiting for less than 18 teens.

2) MyLOL

The dating app for teens MyLoL is market itself as the No.1 teens dating site in the United States and many other countries. Teens can visit the web, download the app, and create profiles, and they can search for people to chat with them. Users at the age of 13 and above can create an account following the dating app terms and conditions. Your teens could use it on their phones and also could make sexual propositions and sexual innuendos with anyone. So, parents should look after teens’ cell phones before it’s too late.

3) Bumble

Bumble was launched Tinder Executive in 2014! Bumble is similar to the tinder dating app and allows users to swipe left and right to see and pass profiles to match potential partners. Bumble offers heterosexual pairings and enables the female gender to send the first message to the potential partner. It allows you to become friends and form business connections apart from dating. So, it could be dangerous for teens, and parents should keep a hidden eye on their cellphones connected to the internet.

Stay informed and keep your teen safe!

4) Match

The match is the best dating app that facilitates users from matching to meeting in person. It claims that teenagers can use it, and the platform itself guides them like they are adults. So, It is the most teens-provoking dating application that parents need to know.

5) Skout

Skout is one of the well-known friendship and dating apps that furnishes the facilities of unexpected meetings to meet with new people. So, you can say that it allows users to befriend someone online and then allow people to meet each other unexpectedly. Therefore, it is the most dangerous dating platform for teens, and parents should monitor kids’ cellphones to stop them from meeting someone without them knowing.

6) Yubo

Yubo had an old name called yellow. Yubo is one of the best free dating apps for teens that gather young people under one platform to make new and unknown friends. It does not openly recognize itself as a dating app, but young teens have joined the network for dating. So, it appeared as one of the top dating applications. A 13-year-old tween can create a profile unless they have parental permission. Young kids get fake parental NOC (No objection certificate) to create a profile for dating. So, parents need to monitor teens to prevent them from meeting with unknown people.

7) Snapchat

Snapchat is known as photos and video sharing instant messaging app and famous than any other professional dating platform. Almost 90% of teens are using Snapchat as a dating app worldwide. It is not a hardcore dating application for teens, but teens prefer to meet and match themselves with unknown people by sending and accepting friend requests. It allows users to send and receive self-destructive messages, chats, voice and video calls, and media. Teens are more likely to use Snapchat for dating.

8) Hot or Not

“Hot or Not” is a dating network for teens. It is also known as The Game by Hot or Not. The application allows users to meet with the people nearby you. Only adults are allowed on the platform, but juveniles also create a fake profile by mentioning fake age. However, teens can also create non-register accounts but with limited access. Users can upload photos, info, and others. The dating platform does not allow obscene content, but predators create fake profiles to trap teens on the dating network.

9) MeetMe

MeetMe is one of the few dating apps for juveniles that introduce people in the nearby area. It is a free dating platform that empowers people 18 and above to create their profiles for relationships. You have to buy credits to have opposite gender profiles that users can see posts and live feed stuck on the top. Young desperate teens create profiles and use their parent’s credit cards secretly to match with unknown people.

10) Facebook Dating

Facebook is one of the largest social networking platforms. However, Facebook dating begins by recommending profiles one by one at a time. Young teens visit the dating section on the FB app to see the recommendations. They can tap the heart on someone’s FB profile to convey a message that they like them. Further, users can also tap on the X to pass the profile. If the target person likes you back, you can start a conversation with them. Users will receive notifications if someone else has liked your profile. Users can like the heart on the profile and like them back to start the conversation.

Why Are Dating Apps For Teens Exploiting & Dangerous?

Youngsters are desperately getting engaged in online dating and dating networks popping up on the web. Seemingly, apps that match people online are fascinating, but they have drawbacks that could lead teens towards stalkers, sex-offenders, cyberbullies, child abusers, and people who do child trafficking. Therefore, young teens get trapped online using dating platforms no time ever before. Here are the following dangers your child could face using dating apps.

  • Encounters with sexual predators
  • Teens could face date rape incidents
  • Sexual assault of teens is common after online dating
  • The juvenile could breach privacy with sex-offender on dating app

What Should Parents Do to Prevent Teens From Dating Apps?

Suppose you have found your child using one of the top-mentioned dating apps –don’t panic and not try to be judgmental. You need to have a conversation with your child initially and try to win his/her confidence in a friendly manner. Further, you can use Phone spy software to monitor and track dating activity on their phones without them knowing to catch them red-handedly.

Which Is Best App to Monitor Dating Apps?

OgyMogy is one of the best cell phone monitoring applications. It enables parents to access target devices secretly. Further, you can activate features that keep you updated 24/7 about kids’ online activities. Parents can spy on teens dating apps active on juveniles’ phones. Further see their chats, shared media, dating app names, and lists. You can prevent teens from using dating networks remotely secretly.

Here are OgyMogy features to prevent online dating:

OgyMogy has powerful and trustworthy features that are best for parental monitoring. Parents can use screen recording and record a series of short videos on the phone screen to see live activities of teens on dating apps. You can capture screenshots of dating apps activities secretly by scheduling screenshots. Users can also spy on Facebook to prevent dating activities with the Facebook messenger spy tool. Parents can also spy on tinder on the phone with Tinder spying solution. Apart from the spying and tracking tools, you can view installed applications and catch dating apps for teens to set screen time that blocks apps on the phone by adding time limits to prevent teens from online dating. OgyMogy can protect your child if they are on the date by tracking live GPS location and location history.


OgyMogy is the best parental control and dating app monitoring software that enables parents to protect teens from online dating. It keeps parents updated about the apps teens are using on their phones.  You can view, block, and block dating apps for teens on cell phones.