Screen Time is Toxic For Teens! A Silent Risk at Kid’s Bed Room

Screen Time is Toxic For Teens A Silent Risk at Kid’s Bed Room

Parents most of the time don’t bother how technology is profoundly making their family anti-social especially teens, and adults as well. However, they also crack jokes when children are sticking with their cell phones and other devices screen, “parent says teens are screen stoned” – spacey, despondent, irritable, last but not the least aggressive. They just laugh, but they don’t realize it is not funny at all. They should know how excessive screen time stimulation is doing very badly with their children, brain in particular.

However, parents that are aware of the fact that excessive use of cell phone devices can harm teens, young children become worried. According to a survey held in the last year, “children mobile phone devices are negatively affecting their mental health” and almost half of the young users are addicted to the devices.

ABC News report says: Screen time cause adolescents attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Parents need to think about it seriously when they are going to buy a cell phone for their teens and even for the preschoolers. Young children that used to of spent two hours or more staring at cell phone screen every single day are 7.7 times more likely to diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) compared to the children spend less time on the mobile phone screen.

Dr. Piush Mandhane, senior researcher of the study and associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada said to the ABC News, “young children need to adopt healthy relations with their digital device’s screen.” Our data regarding the usage of the screen should not be more than 30 minutes a day, he added.”

Screen Time Rises Since a Decade Among Generations

When you see your children, teens busy on digital devices screen, you may surprise the numbers in terms of times. Over the years, generations have been involved in screen activities, but you will be shocked to know that modern-day youth is at the top compared to past generations. Baby boomers were used to listening to the radio, TV, and other audio-based mediums.

The Next is generation X that have spent the time on TV, media that certainly starts declining –but it’s been replaced with the increased usage of mobile web, apps on cell phones and tablets. In addition, they also have used games, multimedia devices, and others to become common for them. Furthermore, Millenials are the ones that dramatically consume media.

However, they use devices far less than Gen X or baby boomers, but they use a cell phone, tablets far more than older generations and spend at least more than 1 hour a day. Lastly, generation Z has not had media restrictions –this because their parents are not as tech-savvy then they are on their own.

Generation X includes young children and teens that have access to the cell phone screen, gadgets, and computer machines connected to the internet. Therefore, generation X is more likely to get toxic outcomes on the screen.  Their parents want to know how to spy on a cell phone without the target knowing. Experts do believe that excessive screen time is toxic for teens.

How Screen Time Affects Your Children?

Now you have come to know that how each generation had been spent time on screen, medium. Moreover, it’s time to tell you how screen time is toxic for teenagers, but you need to know firstly numbers behind kids and screen use. Kids, teens, and young adults these days spend most of the time on digital screens.

Therefore, there is a rising issue of sexting among teens, because they use social media apps, dating apps, websites to find someone to have a real-life friendship or to get involved in some kind of a relationship.

In addition, tweens, teens, adults get involved in sexting in terms of sharing multimedia likewise photos and videos, texting through instant messages, or via a cellular network of the cell phone device. Teens are also having encounters with cyber predators likewise cyber bullying, stalkers, and sexual predators are common ones.

American Study of Pediatrics: Researchers have surveyed those 370 parents at an urban Philadelphian hospital, in order to know the use of technology at homes especially by the teens and how and to whom children got interaction. Let’s discuss the results of the survey. Moreover, excessive time on the screen is causing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among children.

Moreover, teens that are used to of spent more time on screen from walking early in the morning and till the time to sleep in their bedrooms. So, children may get depression, anxiety, and obesity. Excessive screen time is a silent risk in your child’s bedroom.

There are reports that have made the headlines: experts say the suicide rate is on the rise because children have been left to spend time with peers and family in real –life but love to spend time on screens of digital devices.

  • Almost 97% of households have TV
  • 83% of the households have a tablet
  • 77% of households have smartphones
  • 96% of children unable to get cell phone somehow alongside internet connection
  • ¾ of kids have their own mobile phone and internet

It happens most of the times in the house when young kids make a noise or get started crying, 70% of the parents give their cell phone to the children to keep him/her quite. In addition, 29% of parents give the children a mobile phone device even before they are going to sleep.

How to Avoid Kids From Overdose of Screen Time?

You don’t need to perform magic to change your kid’s mind, and even it is not possible to snatch devices from your children. All you need to do is to use cell phone monitoring software that enables a user to monitor the screen time and activities of the children in real-time but at the same time, you can get to know about the activities that are dangerous for the kids online.

Mobile phone spy software empowers you to track screen activities by using a live screen recorder app and you will be able to make back to back short videos of the screen that you can see having access to the online control panel of the screen tracker app. In addition, you can limit the screen time of your child by remote controller tool of the mobile phone tracking software.

It will empower users to remotely block text messaging, cell phone incoming calls remotely, view installed apps to know where you teens spend most of the time, and lastly block the internet access to the fullest. However, social media apps are commonly used by teens, so you can get the logs of instant messaging apps in terms of messages; conversations m shared multimedia and other activities.


Excessive screen time of kids on the cell phone screen could be toxic which affects teens, kid’s mental health in particular. You can use the cell phone surveillance app to protect your kids from screen addiction.