Remote screen recorder perform live screen monitoring on Android

Look at the screen of the target android cellphone and tablets with the naked eye in real-time by using remote screen recording software. You can perform live surveillance on the target phone screen and record series of videos of a short time. Further, you can watch live recorded videos using android spy software web control panel.

Remote Screen Recorder

OgyMogy Remote screen recording app designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Sneaky activities of young teens and children on smartphones signal something dangerous or leave suspicions behind for parents. So, rather than having arguments with juveniles all the time about the cellphone usage, you yourself can get to know what is running behind the scenes. Parents can monitor every single activity of children live on the screen using remote screen recording software and record short time videos and discover all hidden activities of teens.

Remote Screen Recorder Parental

Remote Screen Recorder Business

For Business perspective:

A single misdeed or mistake can cost heavy losses to the business owner, so they want to know what employees are up to on the company’s owned android devices. They can spy on employees' activities remotely and in real-time on digital devices screen by recording every move of them. Screen recording remotely delivers all the details of employees in the shape of short-time videos. You can take a look at the screen recorded videos having access to the Ogymogy control panel.

Remote screen recording tool enables you to:

  • Real –time recording of android screen
  • Remote cellphone screen recording
  • Watch live recording of videos via OgyMogy web portal
  • Make short videos of the phone screen in a sequence
  • Monitor passwords, keystrokes, conversations and media sharing
  • Track emails, YouTube broadcasting, social media apps, and passwords