How Do You Know If Someone Is Chatting on Whatsapp

How Do You Know If Someone Is Chatting on Whatsapp

Do you want to see who is online, reading, and talking with who via text messages and voice calls on WhatsApp? You may want to see the live WhatsApp messenger on another phone, like messages, chats, and media files. WhatsApp allows users to make voice and video calls. You may want to view and monitor audio-video call history.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger to date. The app has several features to communicate. People can talk with friends, business partners, loved ones, and family members. It offers users to make voice calls and send and receive photos and videos.

Further, users can do group chats and send self-deleted messages and statuses. Users can communicate with groups and individuals. So, you are excited to know! How to check who is chatting with whom on Whatsapp? You can do that, but before getting to know about it; let’s know about the following:

People Wants To Know If Someone Is Chatting On WhatsApp

Parents want to read their kid’s WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is famous among young kids. They spend most of their time on their cellphone connected to cyberspace. Download WhatsApp on their phone and often talk to friends. Further, chat with strangers and make voice and video calls. They exchange WhatsApp with them on other social networks. So, they are more likely to receive messages from sex offenders and potential threats. So, parents believe they should know if kids are chatting with strangers on WhatsApp.

Employers want to monitor their employees’ chat conversations.

Business professionals allow employees to chat and fellow employees during working hours. Dishonest employees often breach business privacy through WhatsApp on business-owned devices. So, employers have no way out but to know if one of employees shares business secrets via WhatsApp. Disgruntled employees could steal business data and breach third parties.

Best Way to Check Someone Is Online & Chatting With Whom On Whatsapp

You need not waste your energy in finding out that someone is online, reading, and chatting on the social networking app –WhatsApp. We have to use a third-party app to monitor and track WhatsApp using the OgyMogy app. Here are the following things you should know before you spy on WhatsApp to know someone is chatting on it:

Use Hidden Monitoring App For WhatsApp Chat Spying

  • Use an undetectable app to spy on WhatsApp sent and received messages schedule.
  • Use an app that offers live spying tools to see sent and received WhatsApp chats on the target phone.
  • Use a non-rooted App to monitor WhatsApp chatting on the target phone and the sent messages’ schedule.
  • Find a spy app for WhatsApp that offer several features to access text messages, chats, and media with the schedule.

Use The OgyMogy App To Know If Someone Is Chatting On WhatsApp

You can install the OgyMogy app to spy on WhatsApp chats, messages, and the schedule of sent messages. It is an app that offers several features that work in secret on another phone to monitor WhatsApp. The app is easy to install and configure. The spy app is cheap but provides results in real time. Here are the following features to know if someone is online, reading, and chatting on WhatsApp messenger:

Live screen recorder

The screen recorder is the most powerful feature of OgyMogy. In real-time, you can spy on WhatsApp chats, messages, and other activities. Record short videos on cell phone screen active with WhatsApp, and send videos to the dashboard. You can download the videos to know if someone is online, reading, and doing a chat on WhatsApp messenger.


OgyMogy captures screenshots using an online dashboard. It allows users to schedule screenshots, and users can capture screenshots of chatting, online, and text message reading activity on WhatsApp.

Keystrokes logger

Keylogger captures keystrokes, like chats, text messages, and others, to know your target person is chatting on WhatsApp’s social messaging app.

Ways To See Who Is Online & Chatting To Whom On WhatsApp

Several ways are there that allow anyone of us to check who is chatting with whom on whatsapp app on another phone. Let’s discuss all three ways to know if target person is online, read and chatting on the world’s most popular social networking app.

Way No.1: How To Know If Someone Is Online On Another Phone With WhatsApp Messaging App

Social messaging apps are more likely to let users know which one of their contacts is online on a social messaging app –WhatsApp. You can see the last seen schedule. Further, you can learn how to see who reads a sent message or someone is online on a popular social network.

First Step:

Tap on the WhatsApp messaging app on your cell phone device.

Second Step:

Visit the chat or inbox section.

Third Step:

You can tap on the conversation on the phone you own, and you can see whether the person is online or offline if you have not started any chat with anyone! Tap on the search icon at the top of the screen. Further, tap on the chat bubble for a new chat available on the left side of the screen.

Fourth Step:

You can see whether someone is active on the mighty messaging app or not. Suppose the person is involved. You can see “Online” under the contact name. Further, you can see the last seen schedule.

Way No.2: How To Check If Someone Is Chatting To Whom On WhatsApp

People are more likely to face difficulties to know if someone is talking to someone on the WhatsApp. Several free apps are floating on the web. Allow you to record live cell phone screens and short videos. You can use the free screen recording app on another phone. Further, make you to see if someone is talking to whom on the WhatsApp social networking app.

Free screen recorders: It takes a long time to see WhatsApp chatting s

Effectiveness:  Not that effective

Security: Quite risky for cell phone data

Secrecy: Could be detected on another phone

First Step:

Create a user account with a valid email address.

Second Step:

Download the app by visiting the webpage for a free screen recorder.


Install the free screen recorder software on your target device. Further, use an online dashboard to perform screen recording on WhatsApp. Capture the videos, and download them into your dashboard. Additionally, see the videos to know if someone is talking or chatting on WhatsApp.

This is how to know if two persons are chatting on WhatsApp using this app. It can work no matter the target phone is rooted or non-rooted.

This is the way that helps you to know if someone is chatting on WhatsApp on any cellphone. Further, you may not able to see chatting on WhatsApp active with non-rooted cellphone.

Way No.3: How To See The Schedule Of Who Has Read Your Messages On WhatsApp

You may want to know that sending WhatsApp messages shows that another person has read your messages. You may not have seen the double blue tick under your sent messages. So, you may want to see the exact time who read your text message on WhatsApp messenger. Here is how you can get to know about that:

It would help if you turned on “Read Receipts.

Suppose the other side contact has turned on the read receipts via settings on WhatsApp, then the following is helpful.

First Step:

The sent message has two ticks, which means someone has read your message. Further, long press the message that you want to check the schedule.

Use the top bar of WhatsApp and use the three-dotted icon. It will show you the copy and the option for information. Now tap on the “info” option.

Second Step:

The message info page displays the Read, and the delivered time with a date would appear on the screen.

The message info would tell you the exact date and time of the read message on WhatsApp. You can also see the date on the screen.

Third Step:

On the message info page, you can see the contacts list who has read your message in the “Read By” section with the exact date and time followed by the “Delivered to” list.

You can see the contacts who can read your messages on the message info page. You can see the “Red By section to get the exact time and date schedule using the “Delivered to list.”

If the “Read Receipts” option is off, there will be a problem, and you cannot know the exact time and date stamp of WhatsApp messages.

You can use the keylogger tool to capture keystrokes on another phone active with the social networking app –WhatsApp. It captures password, keystrokes, messages, and chat keystrokes with the schedule.

Install the best WhatsApp spy app –OgyMogy, on the target phone with the social messaging app. Users can record phone screens, capture screenshots, and monitor WhatsApp logs with the schedule.

Yes. You can get to know when someone is typing to someone else in secret. Use a hidden WhatsApp spy app –OgyMogy, on the target device. It is an app that hides the app icon and monitors WhatsApp chat logs with the schedule. Further, capture screenshots and record live WhatsApp screens.