Whatsapp screen recorder to spy WhatsApp on Android

Social media apps are free communication tools and particularly designed for mobile devices. However, when it comes to the monitoring of the contemporary social messaging apps WhatsApp is more likely to target these days. You can track it with a screen recording app that enables you to live screen android screen activities specifically when targeting cellphone users using social media app on it. You can make videos of the screen and it delivered to the cellphone tracking software web portal. You can watch the recorded videos to login to OgyMogy.

whatsapp screen recorder

Screen recorder software for WhatsApp designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents can get to know live activities happen on the instant messenger with screen monitoring software for WhatsApp. You can make sure the digital safety of the teens getting involved in excessive online sharing. Moreover, you can protect kids from cyberbullying and from sharing or receiving of sexually explicit content. Users can record videos of the android screen and send the recorded footages to the cell phone spy software web portal. Parents can keep protecting teens from social media obsession and inappropriate activities having documented proofs rather than exchanging heated arguments with teens over their hidden social media activities.

whatsapp screen recorder Parental

whatsapp screen recorder Business

For Business perspective:

The social networking app is the kind of instant messenger that is popular among the business community. It enables a user to communicate with clients and business traders because it empowers you to share documents, files, and to perform live audio-video calls and send voice messages. So, employers can track the social media app with a screen tracking app to record short videos of the screen of the target device provided to employees. You can watch live recorded short videos of the screen at the time employees are using the instant messaging app. It keeps employers updated regarding workforce communications, shared files and documents which enable you to keep the business safety to the next level.

Android spy app tool WhatsApp screen recorder enables you to:

  • Live screen recording of text conversations
  • Read text conversations and group chats
  • Monitor WhatsApp contacts on android
  • Read teens hidden conversations on social messaging app
  • Get to know what employees are sharing secretly on messenger
  • View audio video conversations and voice messages logs