When Nobody Is Looking! Kids Make Good Choices on Cell Phone?

kids Choices on Cell Phone

One out of two teenagers these days are obsessed with their cell phones according to the recent study. In addition, these types of statistics regarding mobile phone users connected to the internet have fueled parents to push their kids and teens not to use digital devices all day long. However, what parents should do about children’s activities or choices on the cell phone when nobody is looking.

In fact, Apple and Android cell phone manufacturers have come up with new ways to protect kids from cell phone addiction. There is no doubt that cell phone manufacturers are keen to address a growing health crisis involving teen’s obsession with smartphones android and iOS devices in particular.

Research published in Clinical Psychological Science

Research says those teens that used to of spending five or more hours per day on their cell phones connected to cyberspace are 71% more likely to have several risk factors.

They can commit suicide, depression, suicidal ideation, and also cause adverse health effects. Kids that got their first cell phone usually more likely to explore things due to peer pressure. They install plenty of social media apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and plenty of others alike.

However, they get started to send and receive text messages, make cell phone calls, audio, and video conversation, and Voice messages on trendy social media apps, and last but not least they share multimedia without setting the privacy. On the other side, parents these days are looking for digital parenting and thinking about taking teens cell phones: Is it the right choice due to the following activities of the children on their cell phones.

Study Published in the Journal of Child Development

  • Child development as compared to the ’70s, ’80s and 90’s today teens get involved in both pleasure and responsibilities of adulthood
  • Slowing of the teen’s brain development is due to excessive & inappropriate usage of cell phone
  • Due to kid’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Snapchat kid’s don’t feel they should go outside the house to have physical activities
  • Almost 78% of the teens get used to of checking their phone hourly
  • Kids are addicted to a cellphone; you can judge them with their mood, temperament: it must have problems

What Teens Are Doing On Cell Phone When Nobody Is Looking?

The cell phone obsession of kids, children have been badly gotten to the next level and today even tweens are doing things that parents won’t believe and get shocked. The following are the activities teens and children are doing on their cell phone when nobody is looking for them.

Teens Search For Explicit Content Online on Cell Phone

Since cell phone technology is been on the rise and the user can connect it with cyberspace children are directly or accidentally viewing sexually explicit content online. They use their smartphones to visit such types of websites where they can get their eyeballs on x –rated content and social media apps are contributing to it blindly.

Time to time they access inappropriate content and at the end of the day, they become addicted to it that ultimately becomes the sexual arousal among teens, and they always thinking about sex and stuff like that. In addition, the tween is generally in the growing age that usually got affected due to the obsession with them inappropriate content online on the cell phone.

Teens Breaching Their Own Privacy Online on Mobile Phone

Adolescents and teens these days are using social media apps and websites. They don’t bother to put their profiles on social media at custom. But instead, they use all the instant messaging apps without using privacy settings and shares their name, contact, and even home address. Over the years teens are at the top that has become the victim of identity theft privacy online.

Rise & The Rise In Sexting Using Digital Devices

Sexting is one of the dangerous phenomenons that have been prevailed in our youngsters over the few years due to their access to smartphones and internet access. Today, teens are capturing selfies, photos, and videos in an inappropriate way and then share it with their loved ones, strangers, and post it on the social media profiles without knowing the ultimate hazards.

Sexting could be in text form or in the shape of videos. In addition, teens also make intimacy videos with their boyfriends or girlfriends and often got blackmailed due to some odd reasons.

Encounter with Strangers that Could Be Predators Online

Obviously, when teens use cell phones all day long for plenty of activities in terms of text messages, conversations, and others alike they usually encounter strangers willingly or unwillingly. Most of the teens do response to strangers online without them knowing in real –life and ultimately teens get trapped by the bullies online. In addition, they got trapped by the stalkers, and as well as sexual predators. They ultimately deal with the humiliation and fake emotional encounters that could last longer on their brains.

Teens Take Part in Online Trends on Social Media Platforms

Social media trends are on the rise and over the years teens are the ones that have been taken part to the fullest. However, social media trends proven to be quite dangerous and most of the time teens have to deal with a mess where they got injured, brutally humiliated, feared, and also have lacked with self –esteem. They are multiple trends that have made headlines likewise Momo challenge, burn and scar challenge, and plenty of others alike. However, in some cases, teens have lost their lives in so-called social media online trends.

Parents Get to Know Kid’s Phone Activities They Think Nobody is Looking?

In order to make sure kid’s online safety and to stop them from all the dangerous and inappropriate activities on the cell phone when they think nobody is looking at them. Simply, parents can set their cell phones under constant surveillance seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. You can set parental control on kid’s cell phone devices connected to the internet and get to know what they are doing online without them knowing.

You can make sure your kid’s online safety with the use of parental monitoring software. Parents can easily record cell phone calls, remotely read text messages sent received, track GPS location history of teens, perform live screen recording of teen’s digital mobile phone. In addition, parents can remotely get to know about installed social media apps; remotely block text messages, incoming calls, and block internet access when they are doing things inappropriate when nobody is looking except you remotely and secretly.


Gone are the days when kids do activities that can harm them online mentally and emotionally. Parents these days can use cell phone parental control software and get to know kids are making good choices on cell phones especially when they think nobody is looking at them.