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Record, store and listen to their phone conversations remotely

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Secret Call Recorder App
Recorded Calls

Recorded Calls: Record all incoming and outgoing calls, and don't miss important conversation

View calls duration

View calls duration: Effortlessly monitor calls and know their call duration with date and time

View name and number

View name and number: Call recording lets you see the contact details with name and number

Remote access

Remote access: Ogymogy allows to monitor and record conversations from anywhere, anytime

What is OgyMogy Qualitative Features

Call Recording

What is

OgyMogy Call Recording App?

Call recorder software enables users to record phone calls on another phone. By using this app, You can access the target cellphone using an app to record and listen to live conversations. This app also allows you to view the call logs of incoming and outgoing calls along with the schedule.

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How to Monitor Calls: 3 Easy Steps

Price Plan

Pick a Price Plan

We've offered different price plans that you've to choose from for your targeted device.


Download and Installation

After selecting the price plan, you can easily set up the app on your targeted device via get physical access.


Get Start Monitoring

Just log in to the OgyMogy web control panel to remotely view the activity of the targeted one.

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Why choose the OgyMogy?

Easy installation

Ogymogy takes 3-4 minutes to set up the app on the targeted device

Data protection

Protects the recorded data to prevent unauthorized access

Stealth mode

It runs in the background and is hidden from the user's view

Why choose the OgyMogy

OgyMogy Satisfied Customers Reviews and Testimonials

Real stories from over 5,000 customers who have trusted OgyMogy for their online monitoring needs, with a 95% customer retention rate and 4.8-star rating.

testimonial 1

OgyMogy is an excellent monitoring app that is easy to use & activate. Quick and perfect for updating my child's real-time screen activities and making able to block inappropriate apps. I want to continue with OgyMogy tracking software.

testimonial 2
Dan N

After wasting money on useless tracking apps to know my child's whereabouts. Luckily, I found OgyMogy, an excellent app for finding my child's real-time location at an affordable price. So if you are worried about your kids, you should try this.

testimonial 3
Richel M

Absolutely Perfect app! That invisibly works in background mode. I can remotely read my employees' emails and secretly see their activities with a screen recorder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ogymgoy is the best hidden call recorder app that records call conversations without being detected. It means this app works in the background, no one can know they're being monitored.

Ogymogy is the best for secret voice recordings. This works for recording conversations without knowing the targeted person.

Recording calls on another phone is easy if you have the best app, OgyMogy. However, you have to install the app on the targeted device and access the web control panel to get the call recordings without being detected.

Listening and recording phone calls with physical access to the target device is possible. You have to get at least one-time physical access on another phone and install an app that enables you to record live phone calls. Further, you must activate a feature to record calls on another phone. Users will get the recorded phone data by accessing the web control panel. You can download the data from the online dashboard into your device and download it to listen to the live incoming and outgoing calls.

Yes. Ogymogy works in the background. No app icon will show on the targeted device's home screen. And targeted users never know they're being monitored.

you can record a call without the other person knowing by getting the ogymogy. then install it on the targeted device and log in to the web control panel to listen to their call conversations without knowing them.

yes, only Ogymogy can record targeted person phone calls automatically.

Call recorder software is easy to use, and you can install it quickly on the target phone. Subscribe to the OgyMogy app to listen to and record phone calls. You will get the credentials via email and physical access on another phone to install the app that records live cell phone calls. You can log in to the dashboard to activate the feature. It will start functioning, and you can record and listen to the call logs and call data and perform many other activities via the dashboard.

Yes, while choosing the right option, ogymogy offers a variety of features, including call recording and text monitoring.

Of course, it is an app offering a wide range of features that enable users to record social media incoming/outgoing calls and empower them to read chat conversations.

It depends on the purpose of recording phone calls on another phone. It is legal to record phone calls on someone’s cellphone unless you own the device or have permission. More, Parents can access kids’ cell phones to tape calls for safety. Business professionals can also record calls on business devices to learn about productive and time-wasting activities.

It depends on the necessity that makes you record phone calls on someone's cellphone. It is safe unless you listen and record phone calls for your kids' safety from strangers and online predators. Call recording is safe and productive for your business's growth. It prevents employees from wasting working hours. It is helpful for business professionals to catch disgruntled employees trying to breach valuable and confidential information to a third party.