How To See & Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Someone’s Phone?

How to see & read deleted WhatsApp messages someone's phone

Internet facilitates everyone for many productive and unproductive activities. It depends on you how to use the internet and instant messengers.

People use the social messaging apps connected to cyberspace for verbal and non-verbal communication to stay in touch with each other and spend hours and hours making new friends for fun.

WhatsApp is one of the popular instant messaging apps for children, employees, and significant others to socialize through chats, text messages, media sharing, and audio-video Voice calls. WhatsApp is one of the most preferred instant messengers these days.

Therefore, people love to know how to read deleted WhatsApp messages on someone’s phone.

Why Is There Need To Read & Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Everyone should know disturbing facts about the popular social messaging app –WhatsApp. The instant messenger is a cross-platform IM for cellphones. Kids and adults are more likely to spend time on WhatsApp in the U.S.

The social network for messaging has more than 1.6 billion active users. It ranks third after Facebook and YouTube. More than 85.8 million people are using the WhatsApp United States. Do you know WhatsApp has a dark side?

You can get to know that your child, loved one, and employees are in trouble whenever they receive and send a message on WhatsApp.

A scammer could have sent the malicious links your child may have received an abusive message from online bullies, and a loved one got blackmailed through WhatsApp.

Our kids and loved ones usually do not discuss the issue they face in cyberspace. They feel insecure because of our reaction.

So, people often delete WhatsApp messages, like text messages and chat conversations in general, and shared media and voice message activity in particular.

So, the importance of knowing how to read deleted WhatsApp messages has increased.

Safeguard your children from online grooming, online bullying, and blind dating, and prevent your loved one from becoming a victim of sexting and sextortion on WhatsApp messenger by reading and recovering deleted chats on an instant messenger.

Question arises; how to see & check deleted messages on WhatsApp messenger? Let’s get to know about it in detail:

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Types of Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Someone's Phone You Need To Know.

Here are the two types of deleted WhatsApp messages on another phone that you may want to read and recover:

Deleted WhatsApp Messages Someone Has Sent On Another Phone.

You may look forward to the possibility of reading deleted messages on your WhatsApp that someone has sent to you. WhatsApp messenger has a feature known as “delete message for everyone”. This feature enables people to remove or delete a message they sent to someone by mistake. Do you want to know how to see deleted WhatsApp messages  phone? Here is the solution to see the deleted message on your WhatsApp messenger:

Read deleted WhatsApp message with android in-built notification log

You can read deleted WhatsApp messages on another phone using the notification log on android phone. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the job done:

Step1: Press home screen for a little while & tap on widgets

Step2: Go to the settings widget & tap to hold on it.

Step3: It is the time to tap on the “Notification logs” and you will see them as “Notification log Widget. You have to tap on the widget whenever “message was deleted” notification to read the actual message.

WhatsApp Chats Cellphone Users Have removed Willingly

It has become possible for people to see deleted IM chats and messages using a free app “Notification History Log” to access the deleted messages on WhatsApp. You can use this free application that you can get from the Google Play store.

Here are the steps you need to follow to read your loved one removed messages on your cell phone active with WhatsApp messenger.

Step1: You can visit Google Play Store and download the “Notification History Log” app on your target phone and use it for free.

Step2: Complete the setup of the free application and tap on the “Notification history” tab.

Step3: You can see the WhatsApp notifications, and you can easily read the WhatsApp deleted messages of your child or love one under “Android. text.

How To See & Retrieve IM’s deleted Messages On An Android Phone?

You may find an app to view and recover deleted messages on someone’s cell phone installed social messaging app. However, very second instant messenger app has given a feature of self-destructive messages, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Line, Vine, Viber, and many more. Therefore, get your hands on the app that empowers you to read messages on WhatsApp, either received or sent. Here is the following app you can use to read and retrieve deleted messages on another android phone:

OgyMogy App On Phone To Access WhatsApp Deleted Text Messages

OgyMogy is one of the best apps to read WhatsApp deleted messages on another android phone. You can install the app on your target android phone and configure the application successfully. One-time physical access is necessary to configure the application. Further, use the login credentials to access the OgyMogy dashboard and activate the features that empower you to read, monitor, and see deleted messages on WhatsApp.

OgyMogy App Features To See & Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android

Capture screenshots

You can log in to the OgyMogy dashboard and use the feature “capture screenshots”. Schedule multiple screenshots via the web control panel and capture all the sent and received deleted IM messages screenshots. Use the dashboard to download the captured screenshot’s images and see deleted messages on WhatsApp that the target person has received and the sender has removed instantaneously. Further, you can also get the messages that the target person has removed them himself on their WhatsApp messenger.

Live screen recording

Screen recorder is one of the few tools that record short videos on a cellphone screen running with social messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more. Users can record their phone screen whenever the target person deletes messages on social networking apps and save the videos to the dashboard. You can access the dashboard and download recorded videos to see live deleted messages on WhatsApp messaging app.

Dashboard backup

OgyMogy always has a backup using its online dashboard. Whenever your child or employee sends and receives messages on WhatsApp, and later messages get removed; you can use the dashboard and get the backup of the deleted messages. The moment a message is received or sent through the target phone’s WhatsApp OgyMogy can sync the data instantaneously.

Keystrokes logging

Keystrokes logger is one of the best features of a monitoring app that allow users to capture keystrokes applied on the target cellphone active with the instant messenger. Users can capture WhatsApp keystrokes, such as chat keystrokes, messages keystrokes, and many more. You can download and capture message keystrokes on WhatsApp in real time.

Track Whatsapp logs

You can use Whtatsapp monitoring software on your target phone active with the popular instant messenger WhatsApp to monitor WhatsApp activity logs such as text messages, text chats, voice chats, voice messages logs, and deleted messages logs.

Why Is OgyMogy Best App To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

OgyMogy is cell phone spy software that you can use on any cellphone device without root. App has state-of-the-art features that empower you to access your target phone to read messages and chats on social networks. Users can use it to monitor self-destructive messaging on IM, Like WhatsApp. Here are the following reasons that have made it one of the best apps to see and recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

  1. Easy to install an application on cellphones
  2. Take a few minutes to configure on smartphone
  3. Hidden app to read messages on social messaging apps
  4. Remains undetectable while doing monitoring operations
  5. Data backup facilities via its online web control panel
  6. Works on rooted, and non-rooted android phones
  7. Best for monitoring WhatsApp chats logs with a schedule
  8. Require physical access to configure on the target phone
  9. Guarantee you to keep users’ privacy on cell phone monitoring
  10. Works remotely after you finish the installation successfully


OgyMogy is far better than the free apps and methods that lure you to wasting time over reading deleted WhatsApp messages. Freeways are hectic and less productive, and free apps can steal your data whenever you install them on your target phones to view deleted messages on WhatsApp messages. So, use OgyMogy to monitor WhatsApp chat logs and to see deleted messages on a popular social messaging app.