How To See & Track Someone Activity On Instagram

How to see & track someone activity on Instagram

Do you want to see someone’s activity on Instagram? Good for you! Social media profiles tell everything about the target person because people love to add info to their accounts. You can view people’s interests, marital status, dating life, friends, family members, following, followers, and many more. So, social media profiles have become a source of information that people love to explore these days. However, Instagram is one of the few social platforms that provide little information and difficult to know about someone. The question arises, how you can get missing information and what things you need to consider to see anyone activity on social networking app –Instagram.

Activities That You Can See On Instagram Without An Effort

You can watch small pieces of information since the social messaging app has introduced privacy settings. There is little information available on anyone’s custom Instagram profile. Here are the following things you can see on someone’s profile given below;

  • You can watch the number of followings
  • Number of followers
  • Name or User Name
  • Number of posts or Photos shared

You can access any profile if you know that name and username. You can send the request to follow them.  If they accept your friend request, you can analyze 90% of activities unless they have not put privacy over them. However, you can view a few things without being a follower or following.  You can see how many people are in their following and followers, user name, and the number of photos, videos they have shared on their profiles.

What Activities You Cannot See On Instagram?

Having said that! You can only view the numbers of posts shared, following, and followers. However, you cannot track what exactly they have posted in terms of photos, videos, and who are their followers and following. Every shared post and people is following remains hidden. So, you cannot judge someone’s activity on Instagram unless you become friends with them. Moreover, you cannot watch posts, videos, photos and make comments and like. Therefore, you have to make efforts that tell you about entire activities on the target social media profile.

You cannot watch someone’s recent posts unless you follow them and you are on the follower list. Otherwise, you cannot monitor what recent posts someone has shared on their Instagram account. However, you can easily track recent posts if you can become friends; apart from that, you have to use third-party Instagram spy apps like OgyMogy to spy on someone’s recent posts.

You may wonder about how to track someone’s activity on Instagram? Let me tell you!  You can get very little info on someone’s photo-sharing app account manually. However, technological tools like OgyMogy Instagram spy software can do magic for you, and you can view likes, shares, comment on an Instagram profile no time ever before. It empowers you to read text messages, chats and monitor voice and video call logs. Users can also spy on what real-time activities target Instagram users have done on their profiles.

Why Would Anyone Want To See Activity On Photo-sharing App?

Several people these days want to analyze activity on a photo-sharing application on Instagram.  People Snooping on a social network account for breaching privacy, some legitimate reasons that make people to what is happening on Instagram profile. Parents want to see activity on photo-sharing applications no time ever before. Do you know? Young teens are more likely to use social media networks for inappropriate activity, and they often get involved in potential risk activities that can harm them no time ever before.

Top Reasons That Force Parents To Snoop On Teen’s Instagram

Parents are reluctant to know what underage teens are doing on the instant messaging app all day long and why they hide phones whenever they try to track them manually sitting right next to them. Here are the following activities of the teens that force parents to snoop on their phones active with the social networking and photo-sharing application –Instagram.

Here are the following inappropriate activities of the teens and online dangers that have made parents see them secretly without their kids knowing:

  • Online dating
  • Interaction with strangers
  • Sharing videos & photos
  • Cyberbullying
  • Privacy breaching
  • Online predators

Online dating is massive in teens, and they are more likely to go for hookups after meeting someone online. The date rape ratio has increased, and many incidents have made headlines. Young teens send and receive random text messages to strangers and become friends with them initially.

They interact with them and share their interests, and often trapped by online bullies and become humiliated. Teens share their photos, videos with strangers.

They also breach privacy like location, school name, and contacts. Almost 3% of the teens become victims of sex offenders. Moreover, 1 out 3 teens becomes victims of online bullying.

Why Is OgyMogy Best For tracking Instagram Activity?

It is an application that works on cell phone devices and monitors every activity your underage teens have done on a photo-sharing application. OgyMogy is easy to use application and takes a few minutes to complete the installation process. Further, you can use its powerful features to read messages and monitor voice and video chat logs. You can also record VoIP calls on photo-sharing applications. Users can use powerful tools to capture screenshots to view media sharing, likes, and comments. Phone spy app has a screen recorder to record short videos active with the social app.

Users can deliver the captured videos to the dashboard. Users can download the recorded videos. Further, monitor activity your underage child has performed on Instagram social networking app. Here are the features of hidden android spying software to see what teens are up to on Instagram.

  • Capture screenshots
  • Social media messenger spy
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Screen recorder
  • View installed apps
  • GPS location tracker

It is easy to use the application on any cell phone device. You can install following the installation guide and steps given below:

Step1: Subscribe to Android spy App

You can subscribe to the best non-rooted spy app for android using the OgyMogy webpage. You will get credentials via email.

Step2: Get physical access on the target phone

Without physical access installation, is not possible. So get access to the target phone and complete the installation process successfully.

Step3: Use Features using an online dashboard

You can activate the online dashboard and go to the features list, and use features, including the Instagram spy app.

Step4: Monitor & watch the activity on someone Instagram

Use the features, and you will get instant monitoring results, and you can see likes, recent posts, media sharing, and many more.


Spy software for Instagram powered by OgyMogy is the best tool that prevents you from having headaches; how to see someone’s activity on Instagram? Therefore, parents can use a cell phone spy app to track a kid’s activity on a photo-sharing application –Instagram.

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