Vaults & Other Hidden Apps: How To View Them On Your Kids’ Phones

how to view vaults and other hidden apps

Cell phone devices have become the replica of all the activities your teens are doing and planning. You can hover on your teen’s phone and get to know what they are up to all the time on their smartphones connected to cyberspace.

Most teens spend their time messaging, texting, and on social messaging apps. They also capture photos, videos on their cell phones. Teens these days happen to be very dodgy, and they don’t want to unveil their secrets available on their mobile devices.

Most parents disapprove of many online activities and applications on the cell phone device, and teens do best to hide such things no time ever before. You have to have an insight into cell phones to find out inappropriate things and applications in vaults.

Are You Wondering About Vault Apps?

Vault applications can hide and safeguard private information and data that teens do not want to unveil to anyone. Teens use apps for keeping photos, files, videos, contacts, messages, and other applications data that are explicit as hidden apps.

There are plenty of vault apps that work using the password. So, teens make personal things, applications, and data password protected. It helps to hide the stuff on the cell phones. They don’t want to show anyone else, especially to their parents.

Few vault apps empower teens to hide mega secrets. Your teens can make the application to capture a photo of the person that tries to access the vault using the incorrect PIN. Few applications also provide hidden browsers that enable the teen to protect their browsing history.

There are plenty of vault apps on the web, like Vault safe Gallery, Gallery Vault, and many more.  Some Vault apps remain hidden on the phone that could be lethal and dangerous for the teen’s safety because parents will remain helpless.

What Are Hidden Vault Apps?

Vault apps can hide data and other apps that you don’t let someone see, but these apps clearly show that there is something with these apps. So, teens do not rely on apps that hide their data. They also use a kind of vaults that themselves remain hidden on cell phone devices.

Parents won’t be able to see apps on their phones that keep the inappropriate data of the teens. So, teens have got privacy layers on their data, and parents cannot judge them at all these days about their phone activities.

The calculator is the best example of the hidden apps that vault. It appears as a calculator on the phone and reflects itself to the viewer as a built-in calculator. It also functions as a calculator but also does things to hide the data. The hidden apps that work as vault apps could be pretty dangerous for the teen’s online safety.

Nobody can get to know what teens have hidden on the hidden apps that work as vault apps. The habit of inappropriate activities and usage of explicit applications are on the rise in teens, and parents have to look after them no matter what.

How Are Vaults Or Hidden Apps Dangerous For Teens' Safety?

Let me tell you very seriously, teens are immature creatures, and they can hide such things and data that can put them into trouble. Most teens share explicit stuff with their peers.

They also share photos with significant others. We are sure that teens share things about vaults apps and the credentials as well. Teen share the credentials of the vaults with friends and significant other, activities that can harm your teens.

Explicit Photos & Videos

Young teens with the latest phone cameras love to capture photos and videos explicitly. The media-fueled teens think of themselves as kindle ginner, Gigi Hadid, and copy other celebrities.

They click hundreds of photos and videos with semi-nude touch and then save them on their phones’ installed vault apps that remain hidden. Teens also share the videos and photos with peers and significant others and often become revenge porn, slut-shaming, and body shaming victims.

Online Dating Apps

Teens love to do hookups with strangers online and then plan with them to meet in person. Online dating apps on phones make teens vulnerable to sexual predators, child abusers, and many more. Teens these days love to date online with strangers, and they install dating apps and keep them into the hidden apps as vaults. So, parents cannot find out online dating apps to prevent them from hookups and blind dating.

Adult Browsing History

Youngsters these days are porn addicts, and they love to visit websites and installed apps on their phones. Cell phone devices of the teens have changed into X-rated theaters, and they watch nude stuff late at night on their phones. They use hidden browsers that they used to hide into the hidden apps known as vaults.


Sexting means the activity of texting with nude language and nude images. Sexting is on the rise among teens, and they use different chat rooms to share and receive sexting stuff from friends and significant others. Teens use hidden apps to hide the sexting material from parents.

Therefore, parents have to do something to set parental control android on kids and dig out all the rabbit holes of the teens to protect them from vulnerabilities.

What Should Parents Do? How To Find Vaults & Hidden Apps?

Parents are living the busiest life of human history, and parenting these days is not a walkover. Parenting and digital parenting are full of thorns, and you have to walk with bare feet because most parents are not tech-geeks.

The technology-born kids are digital citizens, and today they eat tech, sleep tech, and walk with tech. It is very hectic to keep an eye on kid’s cell phone activities.

Mobile devices are the biggest challenge for parents to protect teens from online vulnerabilities, and today hidden apps and vaults have become a headache for parents. 

What to do?

Parents should provide cell phones active with parental control apps that enable parents to dig out all the hidden activities of the teens without them knowing. Pre-installed parental controls on kid’s phones would be handy, and parents can watch everything on the phone in real-time.

To dig out vaults and within hidden apps, you need to use the features of the phone tracker. Parents can use mobile trackers like screen recorders and view installed apps, screenshots, social media spy, password crackers, and many more.

Parents can view every application installed on a teen’s phone alongside the names of the hidden apps.  Screen recorders capture live phone screens when teens are putting passwords in vaults and hiding data. Parents can watch teens’ hidden activities in real-time. Parents can capture screenshots of the mobile screen and get data backup.

OgyMogy is the best phone tracker that empowers parents to unveil the hidden vaults apps and passwords they have put on them.  How to find and view hidden apps on the phone? You can see the Demo here!