Spy on Installed application list with Android spy app

Android cellphones and tablets entertain the user with multiple applications. Users can download or install the applications using Google Play store and it will pose no harm to the user and for the digital device seemingly. However, usage of third-party applications, social media apps, dating apps and other malicious applications on mobile could put a user into serious troubles physically, financially and mentally. So, a cell phone monitoring app is the best tool for you to track installed applications list on target mobile or tablet remotely.

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OgyMogy Installed application list tracking designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Digital parenting is as important to traditional parenting in a current scenario where children are tech-savvy and have become obsessed with the digital world. In a situation like this, parents can use OgyMogy android tracking software to monitor the installed application list on teen’s phones and tablets remotely. It empowers parents to prevent teens to use apps like dating apps, social messaging apps that could lead teens towards strangers and blind hookups. Parents can get to know about all the installed applications on teen’s phones.

Install Apllications Parental

Install Apllications Business

For Business perspective:

The use of malicious and disapproved applications by the Google play store on the company’s digital devices could harm your devices and well as the confidential data stored on devices. Moreover, installations of entertaining, social, and online shopping applications enable employees to waste too much time in working hours. Employers can prevent time-wasting activities in working hours and can prevent data breaching due to harmful applications with an android surveillance app. It is the best tool that enables you to get a remote view of installed applications list on devices owned by the company.

Installed application list feature enables you to:

  • Remotely do surveillance on android installed applications list
  • Spy on what sort of application have been installed on android
  • Monitor your teens social media installed apps on their devices
  • Get the entire installed applications list instantly on target device
  • Track Company’s owned phones & tablets to view installed apps list
  • Differentiate between social media apps, malicious & time wasting apps