How To Hack Passwords Common Ways

How to Hack Passwords

How to hack passwords? It is what we explain today. Hackers can use many ways to crack passwords on any cellphones, tablet and computer devices.

Moreover, they also hack passwords of social networking apps and emails. Passwords protected devices may provide valuable access to the data stored on them.

Hackers can steal the data for crucial gains. One of the best ways for black hat hackers to steal anyone’s passwords is through social engineering, but they have other ways and apps to get the job done.

What Is Password Hacking?

Password cracking is a technique in which hackers attempt to access the password-protected system using common passwords and algorithms that crack the password.

Password hacking is an art that provides illicit access to a device protected with an authentication process.

It brings several techniques, software, and ways to accomplish the mission. Hacking is a process that compares the stored password with the list of words that uses algorithms to generate.

How Do Hackers Hack Password On The Target Device?

A weak password is the dream of every password hacker. So, the strength of every password is a crucial thing. Do you want to know how to hack a password? You better know about the strength of a password before you aim at any cell phone or computer device. So, password efficiency is the key that resists hackers to get a password. Here are the following things on which the strength of a passcode depends upon:

  • Length
  • Unpredictability
  • Complex

The length of a password means how many characters a passcode contains. Further, complexity means the combinations of letters, symbols, and numbers. However, unpredictability means how much time a hacker would take to guess a password.

Best App To Crack Passwords

Who Wants To Hack Passwords?

We believe that black hat hackers and white hackers usually want to crack a password, but today a layman also wants to know how to hack passwords. The bombardment of digital devices and the internet has made people crack the passcode on cellphones, tablets, and computer devices. Here are the people other than professional hackers who lurk to monitor and track passwords on any cellphone and computer:

Business professionals for business safety

Business professionals know how weak passwords can put their intellectual property at stake. So, they want to know passwords employees have used on business devices, emails, social media channels, and others.

So, they want to monitor business-owned devices during working hours. A small business may take different ways to know the passwords, but they are more likely to do it.

They can use several techniques and apps that hack passwords on business devices connected to the internet.

Parents for digital well-being of kids

Generation Z is sharp. They know the importance of passwords. So, they always put a passcode on their phones and tablets to prevent people from accessing their phones or computers.

Parents want to access their minors’ password-protected phones no time ever before.

Young teens are likely to use the phone for messaging, chatting, sexting, online dating, and explicit browsing activities.

So, parents want to hack passwords on kids’ cell phones to access phone galleries, social messaging apps, dating apps, and many more.

Is It Possible To Hack Passwords On Mobile Phones & Computer devices?

Yes. It is possible these days for anyone to crack passwords on phones and PCs unless they have a password cracker for phones and PCs at their disposal.

Several hacking apps are available on the web that offers their services to capture passwords on other cell phones or PCs.

However, you need to have legitimate software that brings you the passcode applied on the target device without having technical skills.

You can use OgyMogy on another device to catch the passcodes applied on phones, computers, social media platforms, emails, and others.

Why Use OgyMogy To Crack Passwords?

OgyMogy is one of the best apps that allow users to access password-protected devices because it has several features to catch passcodes on any device.

It is legitimate password cracking software that allows parents, and employers to monitor password activity on another device.

It requires one-time physical access to another phone or computer running android, windows, and MAC operating systems.

Further, you can configure the password hacking app successfully on the target device and log in to the dashboard. Activate the features that empower you to track passcodes and get instant results via an online web portal.

Here are the features of OgyMogy that you can use on another phone or computer device to hack a password within no time:


Users can use the keylogging tool by using the OgyMogy dashboard. It empowers you to access the phone or computer device without them knowing.

Further, you can capture and record keystrokes strikes on the target device keypad like password keystrokes, messages keystrokes, messengers, and email keystrokes.

Users can use the keylogger to hack social messaging apps, emails, cellular messaging, and password keystrokes to access password-protected phones.

Lock unlock phone

You can lock and unlock your target android phone remotely using the OgyMogy web control panel.

It is one of the best tools of android password cracker that empowers you to decode pattern passwords and digit passwords.

Users can use the feature to access another phone and tablet device and bypass the passwords to get to know what employees and kids are up to on their phones.

Password chaser

You can use the password chaser feature to hack the password on the target device with the password cracker app.

It further allows users to hack and monitor emails and messaging apps and bypass home screen passwords. It also monitors patterns and digits passwords on another device remotely from the OgyMogy dashboard.

Users can access Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more by hacking the passwords of instant messenger apps.

Screen recording

Live screen recording of a cellphone or computer allows users to see what the target person is doing on a phone or PC screen.

It empowers to see what passwords the target person has applied on their phones and PCs in real-time.

Screen recorder empowers you to record back-to-back short videos of the target device screen and send the data to the dashboard.

Users can download the videos and watch live videos and see the applied passwords on the phone home screen, social messaging apps, emails, and on other platforms.

What Are The Common Methods To Hack Passwords?

Here are the following ways hackers can use to decode, crack, and hack passwords on digital devices that are as follows:

Method no.1: Phishing

Phishing is one of the well-known ways of stealing passcodes. It depends on social engineering techniques that enable the user to deceive the victim with legitimate info with negative ideology.

Method no.2: Social engineering

Social engineering is a manual way of hacking and stealing passwords in which people try to fool the target person by calling them to ask for technical support for their Wi-Fi problems and get passwords from them. People also steal credit card passwords pretending to be customer care service from the bank and ask the client to tell them the passwords.

Method No.3: Malware

There are several tools, like keyloggers, screen capturing, and many other malicious tools in the categories of malware. Hackers can install malware on the target device to access the target device to steal data and valuable information.

Method No.4: Brute force attack

Bruce force attack is a way of guessing the target device password using the relevant clues. Recycling the password is the best example in which an attacker uses the password of previously exposed data of the target person.

Method No.5: Shoulder surfing

Shoulder surfing is one of the easiest ways to see someone’s cell phone or computer password. You can do it sitting right next to your target person and look over the shoulder to see what password the person has applied to their emails, cell phone, social media app, and many more.


OgyMogy is one of the best apps to know how to hack passwords on phones and computer devices. Time is money. You need not waste it on hectic and complex methods to access cell phones for kids’ digital well-being and business security.