How Digital Parenting Your Teens Is Effective With Social Media Spy App?

digital parenting your kids with social media spy app

Studies have findings that teenagers are inclined to digital activities on cellphones, PCs, and computer devices. It is mainly why social media spying apps helping out parents to keep an eye on teens to prevent teens from potential online risks.

Social networks have come up with potential threats to teens exploiting them. Cellphone and tablet devices connected to the internet enable teens to use social platforms.

Parents need to pay attention to know what is going on in their teen’s digital lives. Youngsters have got the negative impact of social networking platforms.

Teens are getting involved in a large number of inappropriate activities and behavior. At first, we should know about online risks for teens to perform digital parenting.

More than 90% of teens have access to cellphones and tablets, and 85% have internet connections. Out of 90% of teens who have access to cellphones, 75% are obsessed with online social platforms.

What Teens Do On Social Media Networks?

Apart from social media uploading content, there are plenty of other activities that teens are doing. 

Parents will have to employ social media spy app to tackle potential risks. First, we discuss the usual activities of teens on social messaging apps and websites.

Usual activities of teens on social media

  • Youngsters are creating profiles
  • They post comments & feeds
  • Teen share photos & videos
  • Like their followers & friends posts
  • They share different kinds of links
  • Alter existing content & their share it

The above-mentioned social networking activities of teens are normal, then why use social media spy app.

We will discuss the top-notch activities of teens in a digital world that are risky and harmful.

It may affect the teen’s emotional, physical, and psychological well-being.

Immediate Dangerous Social Media Effects On Teen's Well-Being

There are plenty of dangerous and risky activities of the teens that can put them in trouble. Social networks have come up with dozens of potential dangers for teens that are following.

Exposure To Adult Content

Young teens are becoming over-sexualized by using social platforms.  Social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others full of adult content.

Teens can easily exploit via nude and violent content on social platforms.  Parents have to take care of the teens not to visit carnal content on cellphones installed on digital social networks. Parents can know ways to block adult content & inappropriate websites.

Parents can keep an eye on teen’s online activities using social media spying software.

Almost 9 out of 10 male teens have exposure to adult or nude content on social media. 6 out of 10 girls got sexually exploited in the digital world through carnal content. Tweens are more likely to encounter adult content on social networking sites.

Online Dating

Online dating with strangers in teens is frequent, and they use social messaging apps to interact with their significant others.

Online hookups and one-night stand culture are prevailing among college-going teens.

They created a profile on instant messaging apps and websites using cellphones, tablets, and computer devices connected to cyberspace.

According to the Pew Research center report, more than 70% of young teens find their match on social networks and online dating apps. More than 13% of the teens used to meet people in real life using social messaging apps and get trapped with sex –offenders.

Addiction With Texting & Sexting

You may witness teens using cellphone keypads and spend hours and hours on social networking apps.  Teens are addicts of texting to friends and family members, and they get involves in sexting by sharing sext messages and images with strangers.

Parents have to monitor messages, conversations, and media sharing with social media spy tools.

Encounter With Cyber Predators

Online predators are everywhere on the web, and social networks become the epicenter of online predators.

Cyber predators can harm teens online and trap teens for many odd reasons.

Cyberbullies, stalkers, and sexual predators can trap your teens online. Therefore, social media spying is necessary for digital beings.

Parents need to perform digital parenting of the teens to monitor the digital activity of teens.

Almost 59% of U.S teens have experienced online bullying. Teens are more likely to bully online on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and many others alike. 1 out of 5 teens has faced on and offline bullying.

Erosion Of Privacy

Social media privacy is equal to real-life privacy. Privacy controls teen’s exposure to potential online risks. Teens over the years used to share private photos, videos, and sexually suggestive possess with strangers.

In response, teens could turn into an embarrassing situation if someone viral their photos and videos on the web. Therefore, digital parenting has become an integral part of digital parenting.

Parents can make teens eliminate all the risks and potential dangers of using social media spy activity.

How To Manage The Social Media Risks Of Teens?

Before you opt for tracking tools, you can manage all potential risks and dangers by following the mentioned tips below. Parents can use these tips to make sure safety on social media manually.

  • Parents should keep an eye on the kid’s social networking activities. It empowers you to know how they treat people and how to be treated. So, encourage teens to do positive things like good comments, protect their privacy, and ignore negative people.
  • Guide your child on how they can prevent encounters with online predators on social media. Teach your children not to share their private photos and videos with strangers.
  • Parents should be tech-savvy and digital citizens like their children to guide them to use instant messaging apps safely on digital devices.
  • Tell your child not to share personal information with anyone until you know someone in real life. Guide your teens on how to respond to online bullying, and never hide anything from parents.

Suppose you are tired of manual digital parenting tips, and your kids are inappropriately using social media.  You can use the social media spy app.

Use Social Media Spy To Protect Teen's In Digital Space

Social media spying is a kind of high-tech tool that you can use on teen’s digital devices.

It enables you to monitor teen’s activity on social networks to the fullest.

It can track social messaging apps logs, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more.

What Can Social Media Spying Do For You?

You can use it on the cellphone and PCs of your kids, and you can get access to the instant messaging apps activities. You can monitor logs of social networks remotely.

It empowers you to spy on messages, group chats, text conversations, and sharing media logs. Users can remotely get the logs of voice, video calls and voice messages.

A social media monitoring app can deliver you the information of every activity on its online dashboard.

Parents can watch the social messaging apps logs and protect teens from digital nightmares. It helps parents protect teens from cyber bullies, stalkers, and sex offenders to the fullest.

Parents can stay updated all the time and the time and place of their choosing. Now digital parenting of kids on social sites is just a piece of cake with powerful and most advanced social messaging surveillance app.


Digital parenting has its significance, and it is not less effective than real-life parenting. Now keep digging into the social networks of the teens using social media spy to the fullest.