How To Block Inappropriate Websites On Android & Computer

How To Block Inappropriate Websites On Android & Computer

The web is full of vulnerabilities, and it could disturb, be dangerous, and violent to anyone. People face issues online, and they want to block inappropriate websites & content on their digital devices like android phones, PCs, and windows computer devices. The unwanted content can bring negative implications and consequences. People love to block websites on different web browsers like Chrome on phones and computer devices. Before discussing how to block unwanted websites on android, and computers, let’s read the information below.

Are you thinks about parents only? But apart from parents, many people these days want to get rid of websites for so many reasons. Here are the following reasons people want to restrict the inappropriate content on cell phones and laptop desktop devices.

Why Do Parents Want To Prevent Kids From Inappropriate Websites?

Parents are scared because of kids’ access to the adult, erotic, and social media obsession of the children. They want to prevent kids from harmful and nude content available on the web in terms of millions of inappropriate websites. They want to set parental controls on kids’ digital devices like phones, PCs, and computers. There are many parental control solutions, like OgyMogy blocking inappropriate websites by word like an adult, online dating, social networking, and many more.

What Makes Employers Restrict Websites On Official Devices?

Business professionals often face a lack of productivity and dedication of workers during working hours. Do you know why? Employees spend most of the time net surfing and browsing time-wasting websites on business phones and PCs. Therefore, they want to prevent employees from unwanted browsing on business devices. They have no other option but to block websites inappropriate websites during working hours. Employers can block websites using manual efforts, but they prefer to use apps and software like cell phones and computer monitoring solutions, like OgyMogy.

Being parents or business professionals, you want to restrict kids and employees from unwanted, inappropriate, and adult websites. You can block any website on your phones and PCs using the best parental control and employee monitoring software.

Install Windows or MAC monitoring software

You can visit the OgyMogy official webpage and go-to solutions, like spy software for windows and computer monitoring solutions. You can subscribe to any of these solutions following your target device operating system and perform the following steps.

Subscribe to the computer tracking app

You can register to the solution of your choice and receive an email with a password and ID.

Get physical access to the computers

You need physical access to your target device to execute the installation process successfully. Further, activate the monitoring app for the computer (Windows +MAC) successfully.

Use website blocking features

You can use the password and ID to access the online dashboard. Further, activate features and get instant results via the web control panel.

Block websites on MAC & windows computers

Now you can visit the dashboard and activate the features of your choice, like block websites. You can activate the tool, and it starts working on the target device. It empowers you to protect your children and prevent employees from adult websites. Put the URLs of the websites that are adult, unwanted, and inappropriate into the filters. It will block every website that you have entered into the filters.

Other Features to monitor adult sites on computer

  • Capture screenshots
  • Screen recorder
  • Browsing history
  • Surround recorder
  • On-demand screenshots
  • Keystrokes logging
  • MIC & camera bug

How To Block Adult Content And Inappropriate Websites On Android Phone?

Do you want to block inappropriate websites on android phones, computer and tablets? Here is the way you can block any website on your target cell phone running with Android operating systems. 

Use Android parental control software

Plenty of hidden spy apps for android are floating on the web that claims to set parental control on phones and block inappropriate and unwanted websites. You can have the best parental control app for android  OgyMogy. You can use this application on your cell phone device running with Android OS and filter websites to protect your kids and prevent employees from unwanted apps.

Numerous apps like social networks, messaging apps, online dating apps, and gaming apps can put your kids in danger. Employees can waste time by using these apps on official android phones and tablets. Users can view visited apps and websites using view installed apps and via browsing history monitoring. You can capture screenshots and perform live screen recording to know what websites your child or employees have visited.

Install android parental control & use following features:

  • Filter websites
  • Keylogger
  • Social media spy
  • Screen recording
  • Internet history
  • Installed apps
  • Track location
  • Call recording
  • Screenshots

Android spying is one of the best tools for parental control on a kid’s phone and equally beneficial for tracking employees. You can filter adult websites, and you can also spy on every activity that happens on the target phone with the schedule.

You can do surveillance on android phones 24/7 with many features that gather information from android differently. You need to sign up for the OgyMogy application. Further, perform the installation process and use web filtering and android spy features to get the job done. It will take care of your kids from inappropriate websites and increase your business productivity.

Is it possible to block any website on android & computer without software?

Yes, it could possible, but manual methods are time-taking and hectic for parents, and especially for business professionals. Let’s get to know about in following.

How To Block Inappropriate Websites On Computer Without An App?

DNS system is the backbone of the internet. It can translate names like into IP addresses. During your DNS server visit website, your device has a HOSTS file that stored the info in local storage. It can help you to block unwanted and adult websites.

You have to get administrator access to your device. You can sign into your target PC admin account and visit: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

  • Tap on the file “hosts” and choose the notepad from the list of programs. Now open the file! You can tap on OK. Go to the last two lines of the host’s files. “# localhost” & “# ::1 localhost”.
  • You need to edit the file, but if you cannot edit then right-click the file labelled and “#::1 localhost”.
  • Click on the security and choose to use the administrator account and edit. You will see a pop-up, choose the account again and check on complete control. Use Apply>Yes. Further tap on click ok to all pop-ups.
  • Now it is time to add the URLs of the websites you want to block, and it will redirect the site name on your local computer device.
  • Suppose you want to block Google, add “’ at the end of the file without using a quote mark. It enables you to block as many websites on your target computer devices.
  • Use this method unless you have added all the websites that you want to block on your computing device.

How To Block Any Website On Android Without App?

Latest android OS devices offer digital-wellbeing of kids, and you can block and filter websites on your kid’s phone. You can use the settings and visit the digital-wellbeing option for your kids.

You can go to the browser and use key (alt+x)> Internet Options. You need to tab on the security tab and make a click on the restricted website’s icon. You can tap on the sites button below using the icon. Moreover, see the pop-up; you can manually type the websites that you think are unwanted, inappropriate, and adult. You can make click Add once you have added the name of the site.


You can block any inappropriate, adult, and unwanted website on android and computer devices using OgyMogy spy software. It has multiple products for cell phones, PCs, and computer devices. You can use the product following the operating system and block websites as many as you want for parental control and increase business productivity.