Ways To Protect Your Kids On Social Media

Last Updated on March 22, 2024

Ways to protect your kids on social media

Is social media interesting? Isn’t it! Social networks are addictive and creative urge users to explore it more and more back and forth. The addictive nature of social media platforms is harming kids no time ever before.

On the other hand, kids are secretive about social media usage that makes parents get confused. Why do they not allow parents to sit aside with them? Parents should keep an eye on Facebook, Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more?

Social media platforms can breach privacy like location, personal information, and many more things. Connected kids can put their safety at risk at any point in time. Parents can protect their kids on social media from risky activities, potential dangers, and self-harm activities. Get to know about legitimate solutions and manual ways to protect kids on social media networks!

Top Reasons That Force Parents To Monitor Kids On Social Media

Social media is addictive and dangerous for young kids. Do you know why? Because it allows everyone to create profiles and approach anyone without someone’s consent. Users can send and receive text messages, voice chats, conversations, and media sharing.

Therefore, underage teens are more likely to interact with strangers and share their privacy like photos, videos, school names, and contacts. So, teens are on the brink of trapping online predators. They also get involved with strangers in inappropriate activities given below:

  • Sexting
  • Online dating
  • Share compromise media
  • Dangerous Social Media challenges

Ways To Supervise Kids On IM’s & Social Media Manually

Here are the following ways parents can adopt and deep look into kids’ activity on social media sites and messaging apps.

Consider parental spy apps for kid’s online safety

Manual efforts are helpful to protect kids on social media. However, hidden activities on cellphones can put you child or underage teen at risk. Therefore, considering parental control apps like OgyMogy you can control the damage.

 How OgyMogy best for kids safety on social media

It is cell phone spy software that works on any android phone secretly. It can discover any activity on the cell phone active with the social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Viber, IMO, Snapchat, and many more. The parental spy software has an array of features to spy on messaging apps. It enables parents to monitor text messages, chats conversations, media sharing, voice and video calls on android without root.

 Top 5 OgyMogy Features to monitor social media networks

Here are the features that you can use to monitor social networks on underage kids’ phones.

  • Social media spy
  • Screen recording
  • Capture screenshots
  • Installed apps
  • VoIP call recording

You can install OgyMogy android spy software on your target phone and monitor every activity on social media networks. Track social media contact logs, messages, voice, and video call logs, multimedia files sharing. You can record short videos on a cell phone screen to watch messaging apps’ activity in real-time.

Parents can secretly schedule screenshots on the target phone and get screen images.  Listen to voice and video calls on non-rooted cell phone devices. Best hidden android spy apps keeps parents updated about kids’ online and social media activity 24/7. The application has plenty of features other than social media spying like call recording

 Always open the dialogue window with your kids:

The communicational gap between you and your kids is dangerous. The more you get closer to your child more information you will get about their social networking activity. Good terms with your kids and underage teens can make the difference. Kids are spending 70% of their productive time on social messaging apps. You can talk to your kids about social media, and having good terms with children enables you to watch their online activity. Parents can discuss the importance of social media passwords and teach them about your expectations and limitations.

 Guide your kids about social media dangers:

Social media is full of online dangers, and they could harm you, underage teens, at any point in time. Social media is dangerous because of cyber bullies, stalkers, sexual predators, and convicts. Teens are more likely to face body-shaming because they share media on social media. Moreover, stalkers can trap young teens and try to meet them in person. Teach your teens how online predators can abuse them online using abusive language and trap them politely.

 Make them follow age restrictions 

You could not off social media of your underage teens and kids on social media because it is not that much easy. Somehow kids will create at least one or two social media profiles. However, restrict your kids on social media apps that put age restrictions and demand parents’ consent from kids. Young kids are more likely to have 13 years of age to access most social platforms. Social media platforms and video streaming apps like Bigo live are popular these days among kids. Young teens should 13 at least to create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

 Enforce ground roles on social media usage

Parents should set ground roles for underage teens and kids when they use social media on smartphones. You can change the Wi-Fi and internet passwords to prevent teens from connecting their devices to cyberspace. Parents should not allow children to use phones at dinner tablets. You should warn your kids if they violate the ground roles and announce penalties.

 Have a deep look into kid’s social media privacy settings

Parents can watch out for the privacy settings that their underage teens have made on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more. Users can view the privacy setting on the photos and videos they have uploaded on social media. Guide your kids on how to custom their profiles to safeguard themselves from online predators, especially from cyber bullies.

 Teach your kids about cyber bullying statistics

Cyber bullying sources are available on the internet, and you can read the stats with your teens to guide them on how they can abuse teens online. Make your teens aware of how bullies online can hurt the emotions of the teens. What things do teens need to consider preventing cyberbullying and online predators? 1 out of 3 kids become the victim of online bullying, and numbers are increasing day by day.

 Be authoritarian parents for kid’s safety

You can be an authoritarian parent when it comes to protecting kids on social media. Authoritative parenting enables parents to put restrictions on teens’ inappropriate activity on social media. They can prevent kids from spending hours and hours on the phone screen.

 Check your kid’s phone to view installed social apps

You can manually get your hands on the underage teen’s cell phone devices that belong to you. You can view anything on their phone without permission to protect them from online dangers. Parents can view installed applications on the phone like Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber and many more. Viewing installed applications on kids’ phone help out parents to know the interest of the teens.


Parents can perform the manual efforts, but kids being tech-savvy are smarter than their parents. So, parental spying is the best option for you, and you can use OgyMogy is an ultimate solution to know what kids are doing on social media platforms 24/7.