OgyMogy Tablet Monitoring App Significance, Features, and Installation Guide (Android Tablets)

Ogymogy Tablet Spy Software Complete Guide (Android Tablets)

OgyMogy launches much-awaited high-tech tablet spy software capable of spying on the android tablets of your children and employees.

OgyMogy is one of the best android tablet monitoring software that allows parents to spy on their kids’ every activity on their tablets. And it helps employers to keep track of every action that their employers are doing on their company’s given tablets.

In this case, if you want to monitor a device you do not own, it is better to have a targeted person’s proper consent to monitor the device.

However, when it comes to the tablet monitoring app, you will find it user-friendly, and even non-tech-savvy parents and employers can use it for monitoring.

It further has hundreds of powerful tracking features.

Once you have installed the tracking app on the targeted device, you will be able to monitor every activity of your targeted person.

OgyMogy will send you all the data through the internet to the secure and electronic online control panel.

It uploads all the information in a well-organized form so you can easily access the information you need.

Parents and employers can access the dashboard through any web browser and view all the activities of their kids and staff on the dashboard.

Significance Of Android Tablet Surveillance Software

Are you looking to track tablets? OgyMogy has all the features you need!

  • Dozens of tablet spying tools that work with excellent efficiency & accuracy
  • Set parental control on children’s online activities and monitor employees at the workplace
  • View sent and received text messages
  • Keep tapping calls on android tablets
  • Remotely get control over the tablet’s camera and MIC
  • Get access to the stored data of the android tablet
  • Track the current and exact location of the target tablet device
  • Monitor social messenger apps running on the tablet
  • Best spy app to monitor tablets of children and employees
  • Kids’ online safety is the priority
  • Monitor employee productivity at the workplace

How To Install Ogymogy Tablet Spy App?

How to Install OgyMOgy Tablet Spy App

The very first step you need to take is to subscribe to the OgyMogy tracking app for Android tablets.

Once you have done it, you will receive an email that provides the credentials for the password and ID.

Now you need physical access to the target tablet that runs with the Android operating system.

Then you can install the spy software tablet on the target device, and once you have done the installation process, you need to activate it on the target device.

However, during the activation user will see a pop-up message to hide the monitoring spyware for the tablet on the target device.

Now you have to choose the option either to hide it or not.

Take your best decision and then activate the surveillance software for the Android tablet on the target device.

Use the password and ID you received through email and access the online control panel.

Get access to all the powerful features you can use to spy on android tablets. Let’s discuss all the contemporary features of monitoring an android tablet.

Ogymogy Android Tablet Tracker Features

OgyMogy Android Tablet Tracker Features

OgyMogy has all the robust features that an Android tablet spy app should have.

It gives you all the necessary features to monitor your kids or employees remotely.

All the features operate smoothly to complete your monitoring requirements.

The advanced features that OgyMogy provides you are as under:

Listen Microphone Surrounding

A user can remotely get control over the target tablet device MIC. They can record the surrounding conversations and chats and send them to the online control panel of the OgyMogy tablet tracking software. Users can hear what their targeted person is talking about with other persons.

Video Camera Spy

A user can remotely control the target tablet device’s front and back cameras and make back-to-back short videos.

A user can view the recording of the videos by getting access to the web portal of the android spying app for a tablet.

Camera Bug

You can get control over the target device camera. Also, capture images that you can view having access to the dashboard.

Ogy360 (Upcoming Feature)

The live surround listening app empowers the user to control the MIC in real time remotely.

Further, a user can get live streaming of the target tablet surround by using the live camera streaming spy software. They can capture images in real time with live camera streaming spy software.

Tablet Call History Tracker

A user can record and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls on the target android tablet. Utilize secret call recorder for android tablets and can save the tablet call recording on the internet.

Social Media Monitoring App

You can get social media IM logs on target android tablet gadgets such as text messages, chat conversations, audio, and video conversations, shared media and WhatsApp Voice messages, Facebook Voice calls, and IMO voicemail.

Keystrokes Logging for Android Tablet

OgyMogy keylogger has all the advanced features of tracking all the keystrokes your targeted person applied on their android tablet. Monitoring software can record the targeted device’s typed keystrokes, SMS, and email strokes. You can also access all the activities of your targeted person’s tablet.

Spy On Tablet Messages

The user can monitor text messages sent and received on the tablet device, and the further user can monitor iPad messages, heads-up notifications, and other messages.

You can also spy on deleted messages and block any number if you do not want your targeted person to receive messages.

Track Tablet Live GPS Location

The end-user can track the exact location of the target Android user.

They can get to know the accurate and current Live GPS location.

Furthermore, the user can get GPS location history and mark safe and restricted areas for the target device. They can get an alert if the targeted person enters the restricted area.

Email Spy

You can monitor all incoming and outgoing emails on the target Android tablet gadget with a complete time stamp.

You can quickly get to know to whom children and employees are sending emails by reading the content of the email.

Spy on Tablet Data

OgyMogy empowers its users to spy on every saved data on their targeted tablet, including photos, videos, contacts, and files.

You can also listen to voice recordings having access to the gallery. All data will upload on the user web portal quickly and in good quality.

Internet Spy

Get access to the target device web browser and know all the visited and bookmarked websites on your target Android tablet.

Tablet SIM Change Tracker

The user can get alerts when the SIM card is removed or changed on the target Android tablet.

Remote Tablet Controller

When you install the OgyMogy into your targeted person’s tablet, the tablet will be entirely in your control.

You can view the installed apps, lock or unlock the targeted tablet, pause or start any application, and even user can set the screen timing limit on the tablet.

Furthermore, if the user does not want a specific person to call on the targeted tablet, he can block the number.

By applying these monitoring tools, you can prevent the time-wasting of your kids or employees.

Users also can block internet access and text messages without access to the targeted device. You can use tablet spying features via the online control panel.

Use Tablet Spying Features Via Ogymogy Control Panel

When the user has access to the OgyMogy web portal, you need to initially visit the online control panel settings.

Then put all the features in “ON” mode if they are in the “OFF” mode.

Moreover, Then target android tablet device data will start coming to the user control panel, where you can get access and view all the information you need.

However, in a few cases, such as MIC bug, camera bug, and video camera spy, you must send a command to the target device.

Once it’s received in a stable internet connection, the user will get the results.

Additionally, in case you are using the features that provide you with real-time surveillance.

Then you have to visit the dashboard and press the connect button, and you will have real-time monitoring. Moreover, most features need a tap, and you will have complete information about the desired activity.

Note: A stable internet connection is necessary; otherwise, you will not get satisfactory results for your target device activities executed by children and employees. However, OgyMOgy does not allow intrusive and illicit surveillance to breach someone’s privacy. OgyMOgy has retained the right to terminate your license effectively and immediately if a user has found unlawful activities. We will cooperate with law enforcement agencies on behalf of the victim.


OgyMogy is a powerful surveillance app for monitoring the tablet of your kids or employees. After installing the OgyMogy into the tablet, it lets you control it remotely. It has all the advanced features like spying on text messages, calls, saved data, and many other things. The installation process of the OgyMogy is quick, and even a non-tech-savvy person can install it on the tablet.

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