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Protect your loved ones from online dangers with OgyMogy - the most advanced Facebook messenger spy app.

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Facebook Monitoring App
View chat content

View chat content: See their sent or received text message and group conversation

Check Facebook activities

Check Facebook activities: Record FB screen to know their shared multimedia files, posts and followings groups and pages

Works in background

Works in background: OgyMogy works with no app icon on device home screen

24/7 assistant

24/7 assistant: OgyMogy is user-friendly, but if you need help contact anytime

What is OgyMogy Qualitative Features

Facebook Monitoring

What is

OgyMogy Facebook Monitoring App

OgyMogy's Facebook monitoring app lets you know about FB messages, exchange files, and record every activity via a screen recorder. Monitor children's FB activities to secure them from online threats and focus on business security.

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How to Monitor Facebook: 3 Easy Steps

Price Plan

Pick a Price Plan

We've offered different price plans that you've to choose from for your targeted device.


Download and Installation

After selecting the price plan, you can easily set up the app on your targeted device via get physical access.


Get Start Monitoring

Just log in to the OgyMogy web control panel to remotely view the activity of the targeted one.

Get step-by-step Installation Guide with images & video tutorial

Why choose the OgyMogy?

Simple installation

Ogymogy offers a simple and easy installation method to get the app in minutes

Data Protection

Ensures data safety and protection with ogymogy


Don't disturb your budget; purchase most affordable app ogymogy

Track on employees

OgyMogy Satisfied Customers Reviews and Testimonials

Real stories from over 5,000 customers who have trusted OgyMogy for their online monitoring needs, with a 95% customer retention rate and 4.8-star rating.

testimonial 1

OgyMogy is an excellent monitoring app that is easy to use & activate. Quick and perfect for updating my child's real-time screen activities and making able to block inappropriate apps. I want to continue with OgyMogy tracking software.

testimonial 2
Dan N

After wasting money on useless tracking apps to know my child's whereabouts. Luckily, I found OgyMogy, an excellent app for finding my child's real-time location at an affordable price. So if you are worried about your kids, you should try this.

testimonial 3
Richel M

Absolutely Perfect app! That invisibly works in background mode. I can remotely read my employees' emails and secretly see their activities with a screen recorder.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the OgyMogy app, monitoring your children's or employees' Facebook messages is a breeze. Simply subscribe to the app, and you can easily view their incoming and outgoing messages, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

You do not need to be on an FB account and be friends with someone. The OgyMogy Facebook monitoring app tracks even if you're not adding their Facebook friends.

Yes, you can see someone's Facebook location to ensure the person is at a safe place or gets alert in any emergency. Thus, you need only OgyMogy to know their location time.

Unlike free Facebook trackers that can compromise your data and privacy, the OgyMogy app is a secure and reliable option. Don't waste your time on online scams. Choose the paid Facebook tracker app to ensure your safety and privacy.

OgyMogy only monitors messenger messages, listens to and records call conversations, views photos, adds a friend list, and records screen activities to view everything that happened on the targeted device.

OgyMogy is invisible on the targeted device screen so that no one can know about any software on their phone.

Installing the OgyMogy Facebook monitoring app lets you access their FB chats without taking the device into their hand.

Using a Facebook spy tool like OgyMogy is legal and ethical when it's used to monitor your children's online activities, protecting them from cyberbullying and online predators. It's also a legitimate tool for employers to safeguard their business secrets.