Monitor Facebook Messenger on Android with Facebook spy app

Parents can Spy on FB messenger running on the cellphone using Facebook spying software. Messenger spy app capable of spying FB messages, chats, audio-video call logs, shared videos, and photos. It further delivers you voice messages logs into your OgyMogy web control panel. Now digital parenting is at your fingertips to get peace of mind.

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Monitor Facebook with Ogymogy Facebook spy app

Are you up to spying on someone's Facebook account and you are struggling at the moment? Don’t be nervous, we have a solution for you in terms of social media monitoring software. It enables you to monitor messages, conversations, keystrokes applied; screenshots while FB usage and further empowers you to record the voice messages activity with a time stamp.

Monitor Facebook

Facebook tracking software designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Social media apps addiction among juveniles is at their peak and parents, on the other hand, are scared of teen activities on social media apps. Parents can do surveillance on messenger installed on teens and kids android devices. They can use Facebook spying app on the target device and get to know all the activities that can leads teens to cyber bullying, stalking, dating and lastly let you know posted inappropriate videos and photos of teens.

Monitor Facebook Parental

Monitor Facebook Business

For Business perspective:

Most of the business organizations these days don’t allow the workforce to use social media apps on business owned android devices. It leads employees to waste time and use it, particularly for personal reasons. Now you can do surveillance on employee’s mobiles and tablets to know whether employees are wasting time on social networking apps like FB or not. You can prevent the workforce from lack productivity and get entertainment on the social messaging app. Moreover, you can track messages, conversations, sharing of media in working hours by using Facebook tracking software.

Facebook surveillance app enables you to:

  • Track FB activity logs
  • Read text messages sent/received
  • Get access to the text conversations
  • Monitor keystrokes applied on FB social networking app
  • Get the logs of voice messages
  • Protect teens from stranger danger & inappropriate sharing
  • Spy on Facebook in working hours to prevent goldbricking stuff

Now dig out trendy social media networks chat logs, messages, media & voice call logs on Android with social media spy software

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