Is Location Tracker On A Child’s Phone Helicopter Parenting?

is location tracker on childs phone helicopter parenting

Location tracker is one of the best GPS tracking technologies that allow us to track people. With the revolution in technology, parents have got the tool that empowers parents to track their location and hidden whereabouts. Parents can perform constant surveillance to know where kids are at the moment.

You may wonder after knowing that parents these days get to know how fast their kids are driving and what route they have chosen to visit any place.

They also get to know what the dangerous and safe places are, and they can mark prohibited areas and get alerts in real-time. We can say that a location tracker app on a child’s phone is a sign of helicopter parenting.

What Is Helicopter Parenting?

Parents are over-involved in every matter of their child. They pay very close attention to kids known as helicopter parents.

Helicopter parenting makes parents hover over every activity of kids and keep an eye on their activities.

Parents track cell phones, GPS locations, and they protect them from pain to disappointment.

The term used in the book ‘Between Parent & Teenager’ The character of a teen featured book says that her mother looks after her like a helicopter. Since then, people use the term for parents that watch over kids 24/7.

Overprotective parents are known as helicopter parents that want to know when their teen has gone to college and with whom. Parents these days are using location tracker technology to be a helicopter parents no time ever before.

Why Are Helicopter Parents Thriving In Location Tracker Technology?

Location tracker apps have more positive side comparatively negative ones. They assure parents where kids have been and where they are.

It empowers parents to prevent child abduction, kidnapping and form dangerous surrounding neighborhoods.

In an online poll today’s Parents readers, almost 33% said they would never use location tracker software to track their children. You may wonder that most parents -70% -it is all about safety concerns.

Social media apps and messaging apps can expose the location of children. Snapchat and other social networks can produce safety concerns for parents.

The usage of tracking apps facilitates helicopter parents to monitor and track location, but social messaging apps can put your child’s location at stake.

Location tracker software seemingly breaches privacy, but it is helpful in an emergency to safeguard kids. So, helicopter parents thriving to have location tracking software at their disposal.

Top Reasons To Use Location Tracker Apps & To Be Helicopter Parents

The high-tech tool is the future of parenting. It works as Big Brother for you – we are living in the era of tracking. We used to track our pets, stolen cell phones, laptops, and even lost luggage.

The corporate sector is using location trackers to monitor inventories and vehicles.

Why not track the location of our children that are the most valuable and irreplaceable assets?

Parents have their strong opinion –they use GPS location tracking apps to have peace of mind. They use them to safeguard kids from unwanted and desirable vulnerabilities that can put your child in danger at any point in time.

Helicopter parenting is just a myth, and everyone has a different opinion about it.

Here are the following legitimate reasons for parents who have made them perform helicopter parenting and hover over to kids 24/7.

  • Online predators
  • Date rape
  • Dating
  • Sex-offenders in neighborhoods
  • Privacy breaching

Cyber predators are on the rise, and we know that 3 out 1 children experience bullying and cyberbullying these days.

It could impact your child’s mind and urge suicidal thoughts after think themselves helpless.

Social messaging apps and instant messengers are raising questions for the safety of kids.

Online predators can trap your child if they are obsessed with cellphones and social media.

Date rape incidents are rising because kids have got so much freedom to interact with strangers online.

Online dating apps, and social media have put teens into dangerous places.

Anyone can contact your teens or preteens online and ask them for a date. Date rape and online dating have increased over recent years because of internet and cell phone access.

Sex offenders, stalkers, and bullies are everywhere these days. Convicted and non-convicted sexual predators could be anywhere in your surroundings and follow your child to trap them for sexual abuse.

So, a location tracker comes in handy for parents, and why not parents become helicopter parents for the safety of the children.

Teens and young children are constantly breaching privacy using mobile devices and social media.

They share photos, videos, school names, social media ID’s and locations all the time. The usages of location tracker apps have become necessary, and parents can keep an eye on kids 24/7.

What To Consider Before Choosing The Best Location Tracker For Helicopter Parents?

Helicopter parenting is somehow favorable for the safety of the children. You don’t need to become over involved parents, but you can stay updated about the kid’s locality.

Here are a few things you keep in mind before you opt for a cell phone location tracker.

11 things to consider in a phone location tracker:

  1. Track live location of your kid’s phone
  2. Get location history of your child with schedule
  3. Provide daily and weekly location history
  4. Allow you to set Geo-Fence on kid’s to mark safe & dangerous zones
  5. It should have other cell phone tracking features
  6. Easy to install & feature-rich location tracking app
  7. Remains hidden and undetectable on the target device
  8. Support all OS versions of Android from 5.0 to 11.0
  9. Tracker app should have non-rooted features
  10. Get alerts when your child leaving or entering to the fence
  11. Provide the location of your child on Google Maps

These are the attributes tracking software should have and enable you to trace your kid’s location instantly.

The application needs to pack with cell phone monitoring features, like screenshots, screen recording, call recording, keylogging, IM’s spy, and browsing history tracker.

Best location tracking software consists of these kinds of features that serve helicopter parents in various ways.

Best Location Tracker Parents Need To Know

Do you want to track your child’s location and monitor a cell phone?

You can track and your child using the OgyMogy location tracker app. It is the best mobile tracker application that empowers you to get live GPS location, location history, and route Map of your kids.

It is pack with several other features to spy on cell phone devices.

Top-rated features of OgyMOgy other than location tracking

  • Call recording
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Screenshots
  • Internet history
  • Social media spy
  • Screen recording
  • SMS logs
  • Appointments
  • MIC Bug

These are the features that the OgyMogy location tracker app provides you other than tracking GPS tracking.

The application has one of the best spying features that help helicopter parents keep an eye on kids 24/7.

How Ogymogy Cell Phone Location Tracker Works?

Are you doing helicopter parenting manually?

It is tough to be with your kids all the time, and it may irritate your child. Helicopter parents can use a location tracker powered by OgyMogy. It enables you to keep an eye on kid’s location and every activity they perform on mobile devices having internet access.

Location Tracker Installation Process

You need to visit the official webpage of location tracking software and get a subscription.

Further, you need to get physical access to the target phone to configure the mobile location tracker. It will take few minutes to complete the setup on the target device.

Parents can access the online dashboard and activate the features they need to track the GPS location of their child.

You can also monitor your cell phone to safeguard your kids from online predators, social media obsession, online dating, and track hidden whereabouts.


Seemingly, Helicopter parenting is an overwhelming act of tracking your kids, but it is effective in the digital world full of vulnerabilities. The parent’s responsibility is to protect children from digital and from real-life dangers using the best location tracker that also provides parental controls.