Bullying and Cyber Bullying: How Struggling Parents Protect Teens?

Bullying and Cyber Bullying How Struggling Parents Protect Teens

Over the last few years we used to hear about the nightmares stories male and female teens and tweens pushed into the lockers and also have beaten in hallways. Today online smear campaigns that wear down victim teen’s self-esteem.  We also have experienced these sorts of things in our lives and today we get to know our kids and teens are going through it. But modern time bullying has been converted into the cyberbullying. Being parents we were not surrounded by technology and contemporary mobile phones and computer machines connected with the internet.

However, we did face nightmares but in real –a life that our parents easily handle. However, today time has been changed and technology has been evolved no time ever before and today it is very difficult for parents to prevent teens from bullying online and real-life bullying as well.

According to Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center

  • Only 20% of students tell someone that is being bullied
  • Almost 40% of the young students said that have reported the issue with an adult at school
  • Bullying can cause health issues likewise depression, anxiety, and depression among teens later in life

Pew Research Center Cyber Bullying Stats

  • 32% of the teenagers that uses internet they often targeted with potentially menacing online activities via text, photos, and spread rumors online
  • 15% of victims say someone has shared their private communication on social media
  • 13% of teens say that someone has spread a rumor about them online
  • 13% of victims say someone has sent them threatening email
  • 6% of teens say someone has posted an embarrassing picture
  • 67% do believe that bullying and harassment is more offline than online

Reason Behind Cyberbullying and Real-life Bullying: Reaction of Victim

Almost 81% of Real-life and online predators like bullies and bullies online do believe that it is quite funny to humiliate someone. Moreover, they don’t consider at all it is a big deal to hurt someone mentally with the words or using force. Furthermore, they are actually mentally frustrated and sick people that don’t consider the ultimate consequences of their stupid actions. This is the true factor that peer pressure or peers encouraging play a huge role. Bullies online or real-life bullies especially encouraged by friends to bully their other schools’ fellows or choose someone randomly online to tease or humiliate someone. They also do believe that everyone some are bullies some do it openly and some do that secretly and do believe that they will not get caught.

Other Mediums and Reasons: Why Teens Bullied Online?

Young kids and teens that use of using social media apps on their cell phones are always at stake and that use of sharing their privacy with anyone online. Moreover, texters being 16% and teens that used to of posting their multimedia in terms of photos, videos, especially “Facetime”, “Nude”, on instant messaging apps like Instagram and Snapchat where teens also get exploit to the X-Rated content apart from the cyberbullying.

However, when it comes to bullying in real-world or Face to Face bullying usually happens beyond the school gates, locker and hallway, and last but not the least playgrounds in terms of “punched”, “smack”, and stare and call names. That means Face to Face bullying has a real impact on our youth.

Are Bullying or Cyber Bullying linked with teen’s Suicide

Numerous News outlets have come up with plenty of cases where stories have made headlines that bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide are interconnected with each other. However, 42% of the conversations between the victims and bullies online and real-life bullies flagged as high-risk. Young victims less than 17 or young are at stack up to 60%. The young teenagers that used to of texting and trap in bullying are doubled at high risk. There are varieties of teen suicide, but in addition to bullying or cyberbullying happen with already broken heart teenager can lead to suicide.

Struggling Parents and Their Young Victims Against Bullying and Cyber Bullying

  • Parents that have come to know their kids and teens are continuously by the bullies in real-life or in the cyber world. There are following things that every parent should keep in mind in order to protect teens from the dangers of predators like bullies and online bullying.
  • Teach your kids that they should refuse to pass along cyberbullying messages
  • Say no to cyberbullying to your friends
  • Block someone that is trying to make an annoying conversation with you
  • Teach your kids that don’t hide the fact that someone has bullied them online or in real-life
  • Speak with other students or with your teacher

Set OgyMogy Parental Control on Children Digital Activities & Listen to Surrounds

The modern technology is not allowing parents to remain helpless or still struggling to prevent bullies and cyberbulling from children’s lives. Parents can use a cell phone spy app for android on kids’ and teens’ digital devices and can’t monitor each and every single activity happens on the target device. The mobile phone monitoring app empowers parents to stay updated about kids and teens all online and real-life activities. There is no rocket science about it and you just need to subscribe it online. Install it on the target device and get access to the control panel. Then you are free to keep your child cell phone or surround under surveillance. It contributes it in a way to get your hands on the social media apps logs in terms of text messages, conversations, shared media like photos and videos with OgyMogy social media messenger spy software.

Moreover, enable parents to perform live screen recording with the OgyMogy screen recording tool. So, you will be able to record screens into the shorter forms of videos and you will get to know every activity of the cell phone screen of your children. Anyhow, apart from this you can prevent real-life bullying with OgyMogy surround monitoring. You can remotely control the target device MIC, front and back camera to listen and record audio and video surrounds, and further you can track GPS location to rescue your child with pinpoint accuracy.


Bullying and cyberbullying are a curse. Let’s eradicate it from our children’s lives with the use of OgyMogy and stay updated about kids and teens doing all day long. OgyMogy is the Voice of young children and always raises voice through its platform “Say no to bullying & cyberbullying”.

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