Rising Issue Of Sexting in Teens: It is All About Sex or A Text?

Sexting in teens is been on the rise and today young tweens and teens connected to the cell phones having internet access are commonly one in four teens have received a “sext” or a text message alongside sexually explicit content. The stats, studies, and findings have come from more than three dozens researches and studies over the years. No matter what, young kids and teens are indulging in sexting activities online to swank, to seduce, to prove their loyalty, and to some extent to humiliate someone to use sext as bullying online.

On the other hand, the biggest news outlets worldwide are reporting on the “sexting” subject and apparently alarming about it to the parents. The parents are still having got confusion that needs to be clear that either sexting is about sex or it is just a text. Before, you are not able to clear the about “sexting” take a deep breath rather than to freak out about the findings.

According to Research:

Researchers say in teens, sexting is clear signs of rising risky behavior in terms of having more than one sexual partner, drug abuse such as the use of alcohol before sex, and unwanted pregnancy, and many others alike. However, sending nude multimedia of oneself to others via text is basically a normal sexual development of teens, a longitudinal study conducted by an ethnically diverse group of an adolescent from southeast Texas.

Research Stats New York Times stated that:

  • Almost 15% of teens sending sext and 27% have received one and on the other hand older teens are more likely to get involved in the activity
  • Since the last 10 years, the rate of sexting activities increases and cell phones and the internet is the real source
  • Other digital devices such as tablets, pads and laptop and desktop computer machines are also involved
  • Almost 12% of teens have admitted that they have sent the sext without taking consent of the person they have received it from
  • Almost 8% of teens had one of their sexting stuff and then send without giving their consent

Why Teens Send/Receive Sext?

It is a very tricky question, but the response is quite a state forward “young kids and teens usually do text at such a young age because they really want to learn about their own bodies likewise how to take risks and to learn about intimacy and romantic attractions. So, teens use it to engage someone in sexting in order to explore someone’s attraction, JAMA Pediatrics stated that. Moreover, sexting causes happens due to the number of other elements likewise to humiliate someone online by sharing someone nudes and to sexually groom young tweens being a stalker and bully online respectively. Therefore, sexting may not be for sex only, and either it is not just a text.

Why Sexting is Too Risky For Teens?

The activity of sexting among teens causes emotional distress among teens especially teens are under pressure to send nudes and even among those who receive sext of the opposite gender. It may also cause harm in-case sext stuff is disturbed or have the element of shame, humiliation, and embarrassment. Moreover, sexting can also cause legal repercussions, but few of the cases have been prosecuted against the sex offenders who used to of sending nude photos, messages to boyfriend or girlfriend.

It can really destroy a person’s life. When it comes to sexting among underage tweens they are more vulnerable to have more sexts forwarding without getting consent. Young tweens actually less aware of the fact of online privacy, so there are more likely to get involved in sexting using smartphones connected to cyberspace. They can share nude photos, videos and can be blackmailed by someone online at the end of the day. So, sexting among teens and tweens may bring negative consequences.

What Should Parents Do About Teen’ Sexting Activities?

Parenting Tips for sexting: JAMA Journal Pediatrics

The very first thing that every parent needs to do is to play sensibly while talking to your teens about sexting. Always keep in mind that when it comes to older teen’s sexting is quite a normal activity because teens will do it back and forth to the exploration of their sexual identity that may lead to the notion that youth sexting. However, tweens parents need to protect them because someone may try to groom them for sexual activities.

Let’s take a look at the following tips to deal with tweens and teens about sexting.

  • Discuss with your tween and teens about sexting
  • Make sure to discuss with tweens very early they own the digital devices
  • Talk with your teens about sexting risks, in terms of sharing nude photos, videos, messages and legal repercussions as well
  • Keep reminding your teens to own worth
  • Give examples of the incidents where people have to face embrace due to sexting
  • Make a check on teens digital activities using parental control apps

Install Cell Phone Parental Monitoring App

Use cell phone parental control software on your tweens and teens’ cell phones and gadgets and then stay updated about their activities. It will empower you to monitor text messages likewise SMS, MMS and others are alike. Moreover, users can perform live screen recording to monitor screen in real-time. So, the user can make short videos of the screen that the user can access via the control panel of the mobile phone tracking app. It will enable you to monitor social media apps in terms of shared multimedia, text messages, and conversations.

Moreover, you can get to know Chrome activities, emails sent/received, YouTube, and passwords. However, the user can remotely capture screenshots of all the activities including teens’ shared needs and you can monitor the element of sextortion. You can monitor the logs of all the trendy instant messaging apps to know whether teens are sharing sexually explicit content and to whom they are sending with a complete time stamp. The end-user can remotely control the teen’s cell phone activities that require the internet. You can remotely block adult content, block incoming calls, and even block internet access to sabotage the nude material within no time. The sexting activities on a cell phone need to have an internet connection.


Therefore, parents don’t need to freak out about teens and tweens sexting activities. Simply spy on teens’ cell phone activities to deal with “sexting” with the use of cell phone parental control app.