Is it Possible To Spy Viber Messages Without Target Phone

Spy Viber Messages Without Target Phone

Yes, it is possible to spy  Viber messages without a target phone, unless you have installed the best spy app on your target cell phone device active with the social messaging app. However, it is impossible to spy on Viber chat messages without access to the target phone. Viber Messenger is the best free tool of communication for every user.

It has gained popularity worldwide, and today everyone has access to the instant messaging app via Google play store without paying a single penny. Viber is a free messaging app that enables users to send and receive text messages, text conversations, multimedia, voice, and video calls.

Instant messengers are popular among teens, and they love to download them on their phones. Young teens are social media addicts and spend hours and hours in the social digital world. It increases kids screen-time, text-messaging addiction, news feeds, media sharing, voice and video calls with strangers.

So, parents have got scary feelings, and they want to safeguard teens online when teens use messaging apps like Viber for online dating, hookups, and meeting in person with strangers. Therefore, parents are more likely to monitor Viber chats on kids’ cell phone devices no time ever before.

First and foremost: You cannot monitor and track Viber messaging app no matter how many spying apps claim to have the solution to spy on the instant messaging app without getting access to the target phone.

The social networking app has tight security, and its chat is end-to-end encrypted. It means no one can access the chats multimedia, videos, voice, and video calls but the user himself. However, you can use the best Viber spy app to get the job done.

Free Ways To Monitor & Read Viber Messenger Chat

People market hectic, useless and time taking free ways to monitor Viber instant messenger. They will convince you online to tell you about the fake or fixed methods to read instant messaging app chat and text messages without access to the device.

  • They promote monitoring Viber chat, multimedia, and text messages from a phone without access.
  • They convince you to backup Viber chat conversations in Google Drive and iTunes to grab the files in the end.
  • The funniest thing they will convince you to use the same account on multiple devices.

Note: The first two techniques are time-wasting because Viber has encrypted chat, and you cannot access it. Moreover, Viber is limited to a single device at a time, and you cannot log in Viber account multiple times on different phones. Viber is attached to the contact number like WhatsApp.

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy finding scam ways to spy on Viber messages. We will guide you with a legitimate and genuine method to monitor and read social networking apps chat to the fullest. There is no need to wander on spying Viber chat without a cell phone device.

OgyMogy –Best Way To Spy Viber Messages Chat Conversations

OgyMogy  spy software is one of the best tools and genuine ways to monitor text messages and chats conversations on instant messaging apps, including Viber messenger. No matter what scammers and black hate hackers tell you about spying on Viber messaging app, without a phone is impossible. With OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app, you can configure it on the target phone, having one-time physical access on the cellphone without root. After a successful setup, you can read and monitor Viber messages.

Steps to install Phone spying software:

  • Visit the official webpage of cell phone monitoring software
  • Get a subscription & receive credentials via email
  • Get Physical access to the targeted device
  • Use Features to read Viber chat

Top OgyMogy Features to Monitor Instant Messenger

Apart from social messaging apps spy, the best phone monitoring software has many features to monitor and track any cell phone device without them knowing. However, physical access is necessary to do surveillance on a mobile device.

The web is full of scams, hacks, and with fraudulent surveillance apps that offer you services to monitor social messaging apps without target cell phone. You cannot spy on any social media app unless you have physical access on the target device. Therefore, you need to have physical access on the phone active with Viber messaging app, and then install legitimate and well-reputed spy software for android to read messenger chat on phone in secret.

Don’t Go For the Viber Hacks:

You should not trust anyone and any app, online tool, and please don’t hire a hacker to spy on someone’s Viber account. They are all scams, frauds, and mislead you towards illegal and intrusive activities.

You can search many search terms like “Viber hacks” and Viber spy to read messages without the phone” and many more. People these days are out to scam you and cost you with your time and money.

Don’t waste your time on fake YouTube videos that teach free spying and hacking techniques to monitor Viber chat. Everyone these days has become an expert for the sake of few likes and subscribers on YouTube.

  • Hacking techniques do not work anymore
  • Cost you with time and money without any result
  • They will spam your email with malware & viruses

Yes! It is legal to read text messages and chats conversations on a social messaging app like Viber unless you own the target device. Moreover, parents can monitor their underage teens to safeguard them from online dangers. Apart from kids monitoring, you need consent from the target person to read the text and chat on the instant messaging app.


Do you want to spy on Viber messenger without a target phone? You need to avoid free methods and fake solutions. Use OgyMogy monitoring software to monitor social messaging apps chats, and messages without root.