OgyMogy Viber Spy App-Spy on Viber Calls, Chats & Multimedia

OgyMogy can track Viber activities and provide online protection layers

  • View Viber chats with emoticons and stickers
  • Track Viber audio & video calls
  • View contact with the profile
  • See photos, videos, and documents file shared on Viber
  • Get screen recordings of Viber activities
  • Access all captured data from OgyMogy's secure web control panel
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Viber Monitoring App

What You Can Do with OgyMogy Viber Monitoring Software

Who Needs a Viber Tracker?

The need for the Viber spy tool is to protect your children and business and even to secure your own IM data.

Viber Monitoring Software For Parents

For Parents

As a parent, you’re concerned about your kids chatting and excessive sharing through Viber. So, you must know who they are chatting with and what they share. Therefore, you should use an OgyMogy that becomes a safe tool to protect kids against Viber threats.

Viber Spy Software For Employers

For Employers

Are your Employees wasting time chatting on Viber? Are you suspicious that they are talking with outside parties and might share official data through this platform? So, there is only one way to keep an eye to see their activities by installing OgyMogy to see employees' Viber accounts.

Viber Tracker For Individual

For Individual

Are you a Viber user, and you accidentally sign out of your account and don’t remember the password? However, there is an app that allows you to get back your Viber data. Just Install OgyMogy and get Viber data from the online dashboard.

Discover The Truth by Tracking Their Viber Account

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What can you do with OgyMogy monitoring software?

 Cracking down OgyMogy qualitative features:

Our Satisfied Customers with OgyMogy

OgyMogy has a lot of satisfied clients who have personally used our application. See with your own eyes what our customers view about our product.

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OgyMogy is an excellent monitoring app that is easy to use & activate. Quick and perfect for updating my child's real-time screen activities and making able to block inappropriate apps. I want to continue with OgyMogy tracking software.


Dan N

After wasting money on useless tracking apps to know my child's whereabouts. Luckily, I found OgyMogy, an excellent app for finding my child's real-time location at an affordable price. So if you are worried about your kids, you should try this.


Harvey W

Absolutely Perfect app! That invisibly works in background mode. I can remotely read my employees' emails and secretly see their activities with a screen recorder.


Manal K

OgyMogy for mobile and computer monitoring was my great choice. It helps with a reliable tool to track my kids and employees without showing the app visibility. It is a highly recommended monitoring app."

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Pick a Price Plan

Pick a
Price Plan


We've offered different price plans that you've to choose from for your targeted device.

Download and Installation

Download and


After selecting the price plan, you can easily set up the app on your targeted device via get physical access.

Get Start Monitoring

Get Start


Just log in to the OgyMogy web control panel to remotely view the activity of the targeted one.

You’re Close to Seeing What Is Happening on Kids' and Employees' Viber

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it is depended on the app when you use the OgyMogy spying app. Installing the app takes a few minutes and doesn’t make it compulsory to root the Android phone. Therefore, you can use an excellent monitoring application without rooting.

Not all spy apps work stealthily. But if you install OgyMogy, it runs invisible mood, which means no one can identify any tracking software on the targeted device. Instead, you can use the Viber monitoring app without showing the icon on the targeted home screen.

OgyMogy is the best spy app for Viber that lets you know about Viber conversations, including hidden and secret chats. Plus, this application allows you to monitor and record call conversations and get screen recordings from an online dashboard.

There are many free spy Viber spy applications available. But that’s not authentic and doesn’t work correctly to accomplish your tracking desire. Therefore, make a good decision and choose the Viber tracker. After subscription to secretly and remotely monitor your loved one’s activities without them knowing.

After installing OgyMogy, you don’t need to touch the phone to see their Viber activities. Instead, you must log in to the web control panel to see what they do secretly.

Indeed, you can read Viber messages and get chat detail remotely. But you need Viber monitoring software like OgyMogy. You’ll see Viber activities from the online dashboard. So, it makes it easy to read the hidden and suspicious conversation that your kids and employees didn’t want to show.

The legality depends on the situation and countries law. But when you intend to protect your kids from cyber bullies, online predators, and other online dangers and want to check your employees' activities. So, that is not prohibited, and you can legally use Viber monitoring software.

Undoubtedly, you can record Viber screen recording from a targeted device. But there is a need for a spy app for Viber like OgyMogy that allows you to view Viber activities and make possible screen recordings remotely.

Yes, with the best Viber monitoring app like OgyMogy. You must log in to your online dashboard and monitor their call detail. Even you can record every Viber call and listen to it later—our Viber tracking software record call conversations without knowing the targeted person.