What Does Parental Control Do?

Last Updated on April 22, 2024

what does parental control do

Every parent is doing something for the digital well-being of kids manually. But they should know what does parental control do? Parental controls are features or application that enables you to monitor and restrict what your kids are doing online.

There are varieties of parental applications available on the web. It can block, filter, and restrict the digital devices of your kids. Further, it enables you to view browsing history and communication.

However, it has different features; few can log keystrokes, capture screenshots, chats logs on social messaging apps, and provide your child’s real-time location.

Now the question arises; do parents need a parental app? What options parents have? Do parental monitoring works? You have to know why you need parental control solution.

According To Science Direct Statistics About The Importance Of Parental Control

You have to know about the level of control you place on your teens and kid following their age group.

You need to know about the issues and addictions your kids are dealing with at the moment.

Suppose you think that using parental monitoring software would be extreme, and you want to know few things about them online. Look at the survey stats of kids 13 -17 given below.

Parents are using parental controls to know about the following things:

  • Almost 39% of parents have used parental tracking apps to spy on kid’s online activities
  • More than 16% of parents have used the solution to restrict & block cellphone activities
  • More than 17% have used monitoring software to track the real-time location of kids
  • Almost 60% of parents used to monitor the particular websites teens are visiting
  • 61% of parents check the social media platforms of teens
  • 48% of the parents reviewed teen’s cellphone calls, messages & chat conversations

Now you can understand what does parental control do? What parents want to look into the digital phones of kids? What are the circumstances under which force parents to employ a parental monitoring solution?   

Are Parents Reserve The Right To Use Parental Control?

Yes, for the sake of the safety of kids. You need to know teens that you are allowing them to use your email, social media accounts, and browsing activities on cell phones.

So, they reserve the right to keep a check on digital phones connected to cyberspace. It does mean that you being a parent, don’t trust your kids.

Tell them you want to ensure online safety. Guide your kids. What do parental controls do? And how it can help out parents to get rid of parental concerns.

Guide your kids to that creepy and dangerous person out there on the web that can exploit and harm them one way or the other.

The presence of parental control software is helpful for their safety when parents are not physically around.

Tips To Set Parental Monitoring On Kid's Android Phone Manually?

Modern cellphone devices come up with built-in parental controls that you can use to filter content and safeguard your children online.

Android devices are no exception, and parents can perform parental monitoring using native digital well-being features.

Let’s get to what does parental control do in android?

Step1: Create A Pin

  • First and foremost, you need to visit your kid’s Android phone parental control options, and you need to activate the screen lock.
  • You need to use the home screen and choose the settings icon.
  • Visit the settings menu, and you need to tap on the security and screen lock below the subheading.
  • Below the screen security, you need to choose the screen lock, and you will have to enter a pin, pattern, and digit password.

Step2: Create A Separate Account For A Child

Usually, android phones need a user account, and parents would remain prime users and then create an account for kids that require credentials.

  • Go to the home screen and choose the settings icon
  • Go to the settings menu and get your hands on the option “Add Users.”
  • You will have a restricted account for your kids, and you will have to do screen lock enabled
  • You will see a restricted profile at the top of the screen, and you need to tap on the settings icon on the right side of the profile you have created for your kids. You can give a name to the restricted profile.

Step3: Kid’s Settings

The profile you have created for kids shows apps and functions on the cellphone, like settings, location, browsers, and games. Now you can choose which apps that you want to allow your kids to use them.

Step4: Disable Apps

Suppose you have an only child that will use a cell phone device. You can use the option to restrict or disable apps on android. You can go through the settings and click on the apps below the device menu. Now you can remove applications, and you can tap on the uninstall option.

Congrats ……..You have set parental tracking on your kid’s Android device. Now you are understood what does parental control do in android?

Top Reasons To Use Cell Phone Parental Controls On Kid' Devices

Several reasons force parents to perform parental monitoring on teen’s mobile devices connected to cyberspace.

Let’s have a look at the following reasons.

Adult Content

Carnal content is everywhere on the web, and kids are more likely to get exposed to nude videos, photos and parents want to block porn on kid’s cell phones.

Young boys are more obsessed with adult content compare to female teens. They are using digital phones as X-rated theaters secretly from parents.

Cyber Predators

Online predators are targeting kids and teens on the web at no time ever before.

Predators, like cyber bullies, sex offenders, and stalkers, can trap young children online.

Sex –offenders and stalkers are more likely to wish to meet in person with teens.

Parents have to something for the digital well-being of kids before it’s too late.

Cellphone & Social Media Addiction

More than 85% of kids have cellphone devices, and almost 75% of teens have internet access.

Young kids that have access to cell phones spend most of the time in the digital world without their parent’s supervision.

Kids are more likely to become social media addicts and become the victim of cyberbullying. They get involved in many other inappropriate activities.

Inappropriate Activities

Young teens are online daters and get involved in sexual hookups with strangers after interacting with the people on online dating apps.

Moreover, teens become drug addicts and make plans with friends online to arrange parties.

Young teens and tweens share nudes and privacy in the digital world using cellphone devices connected to cyberspace.

Health Problems

Kids these days have got health issues because parents are not aware of what does parental control do?

They should use parental solutions on kid’s cellphone to restrict excessive screen –time and inappropriate activities on a cellphone.

They are more likely to cause depression, stress, anxiety, and sleeping issues.

What You Consider Before Employing Parental Control On A Kid's Cellphone?

Are you struggling to perform parental tracking on kid’s mobile devices? You cannot protect kids; you have to consider few things before employing cellphone parental spy software.

There are the following things you need to know before considering a parental solution for kids online.

  • User–friendly interface of parental software
  • Easy to install on the target device
  • Feature-rich monitoring software without root
  • Affordable price and compatible with the target device
  • Secretly monitor and track kid’s cellphones
  • Secure web control panel to active parental control tools

Which One Is The Best Parental Control Solution?

Without a shadow of a doubt, OgyMogy is the best mobile parental software for kids.

The application is easy to install on the target device. It does not require rooting before tracking any cellphone device.

The application has plenty of parental tools that you can use on your kid’s phone and stay updated all the time.

Let’s get to know its powerful features to perform parental monitoring on the target device to the fullest.

OgyMogy Best Features To Set Parental Control On Kid’s Phone

The powerful and advanced features of OgyMogy will let you know; what does parental control do? Let’s discuss its features to safeguard your kids to the fullest.

Screen Recording

Parents can watch the live activities of kid’s on cellphone screens by using a screen recorder. It enables you to record videos of the phone screen secretly.

You can save the recorded videos to the OgyMogy dashboard. Users can record short videos in a sequence.

Parents can access the web portal and watch live recorded videos.  It enables parents to know what kids are doing on a cellphone.


Parents can get cell phone screen screenshots by scheduling multiple screenshots at once on the target cellphone.

It enables parents to know what kids are doing on a mobile screen.

IM’s Chat Spy

Parents can monitor and track social media messengers’ activities remotely on the phone.

Users can read messages, chat, and get voice and video call logs using social media messenger spy software.

VOIP Call Recording

Parents can listen to the social messaging apps voice calls without rooting their teen’s phone.

You can record and listen to the VoIP calls of Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Vine, and many more.

GPS Location Tracking

Parents can track the live GPS location of kids using the location tracker app. Moreover, track the location history and route map of your kids.


Parents can spy and capture keystrokes applied on passwords, messages, and messenger keystrokes.

Browsing History

Parents can view visited websites and bookmarked webpages with time stamps and further monitor installed and built-in browsers.


OgyMogy is the best parental solution, and you can use it to know what does parental control do? It enables parents to safeguard kids and teens from social media addiction, excessive screen-time and prevent interaction with online predators. You can employ the best parental control solution for the digital well-being of kids.