Why Do Schools Need To Block Websites For Kid’s Safety?

schools need to block websites

Kid’s school life has become very tough, and school administration should acknowledge online safety alongside education.

Internet is a wild west that exploits children via explicit content and radicalization.

Safeguard students, administration from biased political thoughts and data stored in computer labs of the schools.

Schools not only need to block websites but also strengthen the network.

There are plenty of schools out there that take care of online safety and filter the internet and websites to protect school kids from digital nightmares.

The bombardment of inappropriate new websites forces everyone to filter content.

Cyberspace brings harmful effects on kids at school. Apart from school computer labs, kids also have access to their phones, tablets, and laptop devices.

OgyMogy is reportedly beneficial for school administration and as well as for parents to filter websites and the internet at home.

OgyMogy has powerful features that can block websites by words on multiple devices like phones or PCs connected to the internet of things.

It gives you a simple way to block websites and ensure kids’ online safety at school internet networks and your home.

Moreover, it can restrict many other online activities of kids while they are at school without their parent’s supervision.

You can block websites by URLs as much as you can for students that come up with personal devices at school, and you can separate internet networks for students and faculty.

The School of Information Student Journal has researched the usage of filtering technology in school and school libraries. Says, according to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) demand that schools worldwide should have filtering technology.

Internet access to schools has become a reality over the last two decades, and 100% of students have internet access.

Nowadays, kids have exposure to new technology, like social media, websites, and more collaborative content building websites, and many more things that can harm children at school or home to the fullest.

  • The Governments around the world do provide favors for schools and purchase them communicational and many products
  • The Federal funding service requires schools in response to obey (CIPA) and make sure k-12 schools filter internet and other security-related activities to safeguard kids.

Why Should Schools Block Websites & Parents At Home Too?

School administration and parents have to take part in the digital well-being of kids no time ever before.

You can keep your students and kids safe, but you should understand the importance of internet safety at elementary and secondary schools and homes.

The educational institutes should respect the State Laws for most and guide parents to safeguard kids online.

Top 10 Reasons To Block Websites & Filter Internet At School

Here the following reasons that have schools and parents no choice but to filter the internet and websites.

  • Parents and teachers are unable to perform helicopter parenting and helicopter teaching in their domains. They cannot stop kids visit porn and sexually suggestive images on their phones, PCs, and computer laptop devices. Therefore, schools and parents have to protect kids with tech-shield constantly.
  • This issue is debatable, and schools need to strict when it comes to limit students while doing educational research. You have to prevent kids from potential risks of harmful and dangerous content that could pop up on their devices, that’s for sure. Internet history tracking technology for phones and computers can block websites by words and social media restrictions. They could end up with unwanted carnal content and nude, which can exploit them easily in classrooms.
  • Parents and educational institutes should work together to make kids good digital citizens, and they should teach students about how to maintain internet safety.
  • Kids should know which website is appropriate and which could make them vulnerable to inappropriate content and websites.
  • Parents at home and teachers at school should create awareness among kids that could play a healthy role to make kids independent about their online safety.
  • Internet filtering and website blocking have become an issue since books have been replaced with the digital world. Schools administration and concerned should act fast to keep check and balance of kid’s online activities.
  • Young kids are social media addicts, and they could share their privacy with anyone online using digital devices.
  • Online predators are more likely to interact with the kids online, and children usually become unsupervised at school and use social messaging apps and websites.
  • Young teens are more likely to date people online, and they do chat while at school using online dating websites.
  • Teen privacy in the digital age has become necessary, and schools can stop them visit those websites that make them interact with sexual predators.

According To A Survey Stats Of Common Sense Media

Here are the following stats that school administration should know about the kid’s access to cellphones and the internet. Take a look at the following survey statistics.

  • 68% of students say they have periodic access to devices during class
  • More than half of children in the U.S that is 53% -own cellphones and computer devices at the age of 11
  • More than 90% of the teens have cellphones and tablet devices and internet access
  • Almost 80% of elementary school children use smartphones
  • Almost 23% of school-going kids and teens visit porn at school classrooms and washrooms
  • 1 out 5 school going kids become the victim of cyberbullying and bullying at school because of teens privacy sharing on social media sites

How Web Filtering Technologies Protect Students?

Online safety has become imminent for elementary and secondary schools worldwide. Young kids spend most of the time at school, and now they have digital devices, like cellphones and PCs, with them.

Dozens of online dangers are waiting for kids on social media and inappropriate websites that need to be prevented for sure.

Young students visit mature content on digital devices at school internet networks. We should not allow our kids to interact with strangers and online predators at any cost. It is possible when you employ web filtering or internet tracking technology.

Another issue to consider is, can we guarantee that the students will make good ethical choices on social media?

Some adolescents today are engaging in inappropriate and illegal behaviors on social media. Some of these acts include: sexting, hacking into networks, stealing passwords, creating fake accounts, and much more.

Young kids are addicted to explicit content and social networking apps and websites. You can use the internet and website blocking technology to safeguard teens and children.

Activities like sexting, porn, online dating, slut-shaming, and body-shaming are rising. Therefore, use cell phone and computer monitoring apps that enable users to block websites by words and filter the internet for the digital well-being of the children.

Nowadays, the internet and websites without supervision can lead kids to radicalization, criminal activities, and exposure to drug abuse.

Schools and parents must monitor and track the internet and websites. In my opinion, there is no better option for you to have OgyMogy at your disposal.

How Ogymogy Is The Best Choice For Schools & Parents To Block Websites?

Internet access and websites need to limit at school and home. Home is the first educational institute that brought up kids.

The parental control apps, like OgyMogy, enable parents to enforce restrictions on websites and the internet and with their powerful features.

Here are the following features of OgyMogy that can filter websites and the internet. Moreover, it has features that make you aware of kid’s online activities on a PC screen.

Internet History Tracker

It is a kind of tool that empowers you to monitor and track visited websites and track bookmarked webpage with the schedule.

Block Websites

OgyMogy monitoring app for PCs enables users to block all the inappropriate websites on target windows and MAC laptop and desktop devices. Users can block websites by URLs and restrict kid’s access to filters.

Screen Recording

Parents can watch the live activities of kids on cellphone and computer device screens.

It enables users to record phones and PCs’ screens and delivers the data to the OgyMogy dashboard. Users can watch the recorded videos of cellphones and PC screens and get to know what kids are doing on digital phones and PCs connected to cyberspace.

Social Media Logs & Block Internet

Users can read the social messaging apps and website logs, like chat, messages, and shared media prevent kids from cyberbullying.

Moreover, parents can block messages, incoming calls, and internet access on the target device.


OgyMogy is the best tool for parents and school administrators to block websites by URLs and filter the internet on kids’ digital devices.

It has dozens of powerful and advanced features that monitor and block inappropriate websites.

It records screens to capture screenshots, keystrokes, internet history, and social media logs. It gives parents peace of mind to the fullest.