Block websites by words on someone’s PC using a window tracking app

Now you can make effortless blocking websites on someone’s computer device no matter what is agenda you have behind that. You may have found plenty of tools to do that job, but OgyMogy happens to one of the best among all over the years. You can install a PC monitoring app on the target PC and get access to the dashboard and use block website by word tool and put the names of the websites like Facebook, YouTube and others alike. Windows device users cannot access any website that you have been blocked earlier.

Block Website By Words

OgyMogy Website blocking by words designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Children have computer devices running with multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and plenty of others alike. So, it seems difficult to manage or control kids' and teens' browsing activities that are inappropriate. Now parents can prevent adult websites, social media websites, and digital playgrounds where teens got interaction with the online predators. Parents can visit the control panel of windows monitoring software and use block websites by words tool and add the name of all the websites that you think are inappropriate for children. On the other side, when kids trying to browse certain websites that will not browse it anymore. This will enable parents to lower teen’s screen time, interact with strangers, online predators and access to the adult content online. So, parents can protect teens from all types of digital nightmares that can bring issues in your children’s life.

Block Website By Words Parental

Block Website By Words Business

For Business perspective:

Business owners are facing serious issues that can ruin their business at all. The regular distractions and inhibiting activities of employees using business owned PCs are the main causes. They don’t care what executives are suffering from and they regularly visiting unworthy websites for self-entertaining activities and get paid at the end of the month. The lack of productivity can damage any business whatsoever. However, employers can save and enhance the business to the fullest using windows spying software on a business owned laptop and desktops computer devices. They can easily use the OgyMogy dashboard and type the names of the websites into filters to block time-wasting websites to the fullest. Resultantly, employees cannot waste time anymore because of all of their favorite websites you have already blocked. At the end of the day, you can make any employees accountable and little accountability ultimately bring good progress in your business.

Website blocking by words for windows enables you to:

  • Block social media websites by worlds on target PC
  • Block YouTube website on target windows computer
  • Block digital playgrounds on company’s owned laptops
  • Block inappropriate websites on teen’s desktops
  • It raises productivity of your business to the fullest
  • Prevent employees to get involved in goldbricking activities on business owned devices