An App That Records Android Phone Screen

screen recording spy app

Do you want to know about an app that records the android phone screen?

Well! You can find out plenty of applications on the web that empowers you to record your phone screen and let you know what is happening on your target device.

Most applications that record screens don’t work secretly, and target users become aware that an application somehow is working on his/her phone screen and recording videos.

If you want to record the android phone sneakily, then don’t go for unhidden applications.

You need to get your hands on the undetectable and hidden application that can spy on the target device and record back-to-back short videos known as screen recording apps.

What Is A Screen Recorder For Android?

It is an application that works on cellphone and tablet devices and records live back-to-back videos of a cell phone known as screen recorder software.

Several applications record mobile activities to fulfill different motives. The one we are talking about is for tracking and monitoring cell phone devices.

Let’s get to know about those that want to record someone’s phone screen without them knowing.

Why Would Anyone Record Someone's Android Phone Screen?

Everyone can record and monitor a cell phone at any point in time, but it is hard to record anyone’s mobile screen.

A question arises, why would anyone do that?

You may want to know someone’s cellphone activities.

Therefore, two certain groups are always interested in recording mobile secretly.

Let’s get to know who wants to record the android.

Parents Want To Record Android Cellphone Screen

Yes, parents are the ones that want to know what kids and teens are doing on their phones connected to cyberspace.

So, screen recording lets them know what teens are doing on their phone screen secretly.

It means it helps out parents to set parental control on kid’s phones secretly.

Now the question arises of what makes parents monitor, track, and record cell phone screens secretly.

Why do parents want to record kid’s android screens?

There are top 5 reasons that force parents to record a kid’s cell phone screen running with android OS. Let’s explains the reasons briefly below.


  • More than 36.5 percent of young kids say that they have been bullied online, and 17% say that it happens at least once in their lifetime.
  • Almost 60% of young teens become the victim of cyberbullying.
  • 70% of young teens say that some have spread a rumor about them online, which is very embarrassing

Nowadays, more than 90% of kids have internet, and they are more likely to interact with strangers.

Social media platforms are the biggest reasons for kid’s cyberbullying because they interact with strangers on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more.

The after-effects of online bullying in kids are dangerous that every parent needs to know. Android screen recording app enables parents to protect teens from cyberbullying to the fullest.

After-effects of online bullying on teens:

  • Cyberbullying develops 41% of social anxiety in kids
  • More than 37% of kids developed depression
  • 26% of children remove social media profiles and have suicidal thoughts


  • 1 in 7 teens send sexually explicit messages, photos, and videos to someone online
  • 1 in 4 teens are receiving explicit images, text, and many things alike on the phone screen
  • 1 in 10 forwarding teen’s sext without their consent to their

Parents need to prevent teens from sharing needs with strangers online. So, parents have to spy on teen’s cellphone and social media activities. Screen recording of a cell phone is the best tool that keeps parents updated all the time. It allows parents to know what teens are doing on their android devices. Parents need to get their hands on the android spy app no root to protect teens from sexting cyberbullying to the fullest.

Adult Content

Youngsters are more likely to access adult content on cell phone devices, and they are using phones as pocket porn. According to the stats, more than 70% of young boys are obsessed with porn videos, and they spend hours and hours on cellphone screens to watch sexually explicit videos. Moreover, 33% of female teens access sex sites and videos secretly from parents. Parents have to record and monitor cell phone screens to prevent young children from nudes.

Online Dating

Typical online dating applications, like Tinder and Bumble, are famous in teens. Social media apps are serving teens as dating apps. Teens are using Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others for online dating. It means social media and online dating apps are dangerous for teen’s online safety.

  • More than 23% of teens are involved in online dating apps
  • 60% of the teens are using social media apps for dating someone online
  • 12% of teens become the victim of online date rape after meeting someone on the first date
  • Teens are more likely to get trapped by online predators, like stalkers and sexual predators.

Social Media Obsession

Every child is a social media addict, and no one wants to of his/her cellphone device at any cost. Is your child scared of not responding to messages, calls, and newsfeeds? Social media addiction is on the rise, and youngsters use messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, and photo sharing applications. Young teens are more likely to send and receive text messages, chat conversations, and VoIP calls recording.

Parents need to have a spy app for android that records the screen of a cellphone. It keeps parents stay updated about teens’ social media activities.

Business Professionals Want To Track Employees

Business organizations are desperate to know what employees are doing on business-owned phone screens.

They want to monitor and track every single activity that happened on the target device.

Do you know why bosses want to record mobile screens provided to employees during working hours?

Well! There are plenty of legitimate reasons that force business professionals to record every activity that happens on cell phone devices provided to employees.

Top 4 reasons for employers to have an app that record phone screen

Following things push employers to record the live screen of a cellphone provided to employees during working hours.

Email Monitoring

Email tracking has become necessary in business organizations. It enables employers to know how employees are treating business clients via email marketing. It also records responses to the queries. Employers can records live cell phone screen login with email accounts to know every activity in sent and received emails. Employers can use cell phone spy software on the target device and activate its feature screen recorder on the target device to get the job done.

To Catch Goldbricker Employees

34% of employees at business organizations waste time on business-owned devices, like cellphones and computer devices. You can use a phone screen recorder to record live back-to-back short videos of business-owned devices to prevent time-wasting activities during working hours.

To Protect Business Data

  • Rouge employees can breach business data from cellphones and tablet devices
  • Employees can steal business data secretly from business cellphones
  • You can catch dishonest employees during working hours using screen recorder software for android.
  • It enables users to record live videos of the phone screen and deliver you in real-time


Employers can watch what employees do on business-owned phones and tablets and measure employees’ productivity within 8 working hours. Users can record back-to-back videos on the mobile screen and then send the videos to the web portal. Users can watch the videos and know how much time an employee takes to perform a task.

How To Get An Android Screen Recorder For Digital Parenting & Employee Monitoring?

Do you want to record cellphone screens in real-time for business safety and to set parental control on a kid’s phone?

You can visit the OgyMogy. It is an app that records the phone screen secretly.

Steps to get your hands on OgyMogy screen recorder for android

Step1: Get an OgyMogy android spy app subscription

Step2: Get physical access on the target cellphone

Step3: Get access to the web control panel

Activate the android screen recording app and get started!………….. 


OgyMogy spy app for android is one of the best apps that record phone screens secretly without them knowing. Parents can set parental control on kid’s phones for their digital well-being. Further, employers protect the business.