Best VoIP Call Recorder App For Android

Best VoIP Call Recorder App For Android

Do you want to get your hands on the best VoIP call recorder app for android? Why does it have so much to do with our routine life?

VoIP calls have gained popularity over the years compared to cellular calls. The ease of internet access on smartphones and PCs has made people use virtual numbers and social messaging apps to make incoming and outgoing VoIP calls.

Even you can make Voice calls and send-receive messages from a remote area using the internet access on your mobile.

However, people also want to get their hands on the VoIP call recording software to record and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls on another phone.

Previously, call recording solutions were in demand, but today VoIP call recorder tools have got the boom.

Let’s discuss what makes VoIP calls handy, the reasons behind recording Voice calls, and the best solution to tap Voice-over-IP on phones and social networks.

What is VoIP Call Recording & How Is Voice Service Different To Cellular Call?

It is a safe way of recording audio-video files on a phone’s virtual or social networking conversation in the cloud.

Users can record inbound and outbound calls on android phones and get back to download the files from the VoIP call recorder app’s dashboard and play as many times.

It can record VoIP calls in real-time, and you will have a recorded file by the time you end the recording session.

Difference Between VoIP Calls & Traditional Calls:

VoIP service sends data in a digital packet file and sends them to the internet. Once you have an internet connection, you can make as many calls, and it will transmit data continuously on any cell phone device.

So, people love to use social networks, virtual numbers apps, and VoIP apps.  Cellular phone calls let users communicate with each other and send SMS and MMS.

Cellular networks enable sounds to travel in an analog signal. Cell phones allow users to make calls using coverage cells.

Best VoIP Call Recording Software For Android

Why Do You Need Best VoIP Call Recording App?

VoIP call recorder has many benefits, and today it has become necessary for many individuals, groups, and communities. Here are the following reasons that have made Voice call recording inevitable.

Parental Monitoring Is Dependent On Recording VoIP Calls

Why do parents want to record calls over the internet?  The answer is not that simple because android phones have become popular, and kids have access to phones and the internet.

The rise and the rise of freedom for kids have made them make calls over social media networks, choosing virtual numbers over cellular ones.

So, they love to download and use instant messengers and social messaging apps on their phones to make free voice calls using internet services.

Young kids cannot afford to pay phone bills, but social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and skype let them make calls incoming and outgoing all day long.

Young underage children have got so much freedom since the introduction of instant messengers VoIP calls.

Risks And Vulnerabilities Associated With VoIP Call Services For Kids:

Here are the reasons that make VoIP services vulnerable to young kids no time ever before.


Every second child has experienced online bullying in real-life and on the web these days. Since the Voice calls have come into being, vulnerabilities are rising. Young kids make calls with strangers and often become the victim of abusing language, name-calling, body shaming, and slut shaming. So, parents have to record VoIP calls on android phones to protect children from cyber-bullying.

Interaction with sexual predators

Online predators are more likely to trap young teens by viewing their social media profiles and sending them random text messages to interact with them. Young kids are likely to respond to them and start talking with them on Facebook calls and could exchange WhatsApp numbers for audio-video VoIP calls. Sexual predators easily trap teens and convince them to meet in person. It is dangerous for teens, and parents have to bring an android VoIP call recorder at their disposal to prevent teens be prey to online predators.

Sexting & sextortion

One of the biggest threats to teens from Voice services is sexting and the second one is sextortion. Teens are more likely to involve in sexting through text messages, compromising photos, and videos. They share sexts with friends and significant others without their parents knowing. Teens are stripping in front of phone cameras while chatting with someone online on video VoIP calls. So, parents can protect and prevent teens from VOIP calls on android phones using VoIP call recording apps for android.

Record VoIP Calls On Businesses For Productivity & Safety

Suppose you being an employer talk to someone and want to take notes in real-time to catch the key points of the conversation.

But, you failed to get out of 100% of the conversation. It is where the best call recording software comes in handy and enables you to record and listen to talk with the client.

Voice call recording benefit you to reliably record bother sides’ voice chats on phone or social messaging apps, like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Vine, Viber, and IMO.

VoIP call recorder app for android is handy for managing issues with the clients. It is best for training workshops and quality management.

Employers can prevent poor customer care service and point out the employees who have dealt poorly with valuable clients on VoIP calls. Employers can record entire virtual meetings using a Voice call recorder.

So, for business productivity and safety, record calls on android phones and instant messaging apps, VoIP call recorders come in handy.

When Should Employers Opt For VoIP Call Recording Tool?

 Under the circumstances, recording Voice calls becomes necessary for business professionals.

Note-taking is not up that speed.

Manual efforts in taking notes of incoming and outgoing calls are not effective. Call could be unique and unable to copy on the notes.

When you think that you cannot catch notes of the calls and the key points of the conversations could fall through, you need to invest in VoIP call recording software.

Cellular calls come with issues.

When you think that you cannot record both incoming and outgoing calls on social networks, you can opt for the services that offer the Voice call recorder app on your target android phones.

It will empower you to record and listen to the Facebook calls, WhatsApp calls Skype, and call recordings on several other social media networks without root.

Call quality control becomes the need of the hour.

Are you facing issues in calls with your customers? Do you want to improve the customer experience and measure the quality of the calls to listen to the complaints?

You can opt for a Voice call recorder to record and listen to the quality of the incoming and outgoing calls at your customer care service.

Recorded VoIP calls on virtual numbers and social messaging channels enable employers to teach trainees what to do and what not to do during Voice calls.

Lacking proactive measures against issues

Recorded VoIP calls empower business professionals to deal with the disputes between you and your client.

 You can have Voice call recorded evidence unless you have installed the best call recorder on your business phones and tablet devices. So, you can deal with the lawsuits and put your worries to rest.

Is There An App That Record VoIP Calls On Android Without Root?

Yes, there is an app that you can install on your target cell phone with no-root and activate its VoIP call recorder features to record and listen to the voice and video conversations. It can record incoming and outgoing voice calls and save the data into a separate online portal. You can use the online dashboard, and download the recorded VoIP data and listen to the calls as many as you’d like. OgyMogy is one of the few parental control and employee monitoring solutions that offer VoIP call recording services.

Top Of Line Features of OgyMogy VoIP Call Recorder Software

Here are the following tools best Voice call recording solution has introduced that works on android phones without root.


Without a doubt, OgyMogy is the best VoIP call recorder app for android that has made its way to the next level. Struggling parents and worried employers can use Voice call recording solutions on their android phones to safeguard kids and enhance business productivity and reputation.