Record Viber calls on another phone with the Viber call recording

Viber call recorder is a tool that is a powerful and highly accurate high-tech solution that records live instant messenger calls on the target phone secretly. Users can use the call recording solution for Viber on the target device to record Viber audio-video calls incoming and outgoing with a great piece of efficiency. Further, you can save the Viber call recording file to a web portal and later download it to listen to the live Viber VoIP conversations.

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Viber Call Recording

How is OgyMogy Viber VoIP call recording the best one?

OgyMogy has the best Viber call recorder software. It can monitor, track, and record activities on Viber instant messenger. You can also record and listen to one-sided Viber Voice calls, audio and video on the target phone without root. Moreover, you can get Viber messages, chats, media, and call logs with the schedule. OgyMogy Viber call recording delivers clear and without persistent background noise like, you are listening to the target person Voice calls in person. It offers a separate web control panel where you can download Viber recorded calls, logs, shared media, and many more.

Viber Call Recording

OgyMogy Viber Call Recording solution designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Youngsters in general, generation z in particular obsessed with instant messaging apps, and Viber messenger is a popular social network. So, they love to use IM for messaging, chatting, voice calls, and sharing media with anyone online. OgyMogy Viber call recorder software lets parents monitor IM logs and record and listens to the Viber messenger voice calls on another phone. Parents can listen to one-sided Viber conversations on teens’ phones and save Viber voice call recording files to the dashboard. You can prevent and protect teens from engaging with strangers, like online bullies, stalkers, and sexual predators that could trap teens online.

Viber Call Recording parental

Viber Call Recording Business

For Business perspective:

Business phones provided to employees often get loaded with personal activities that decrease business productivity and put business data at risk. Employees often use social messaging apps like Viber on business phones for VoIP calls, messages, chats, and sharing media. You can record Viber calls on business phones with a Viber call recorder and listen to them via the OgyMogy Viber call recording dashboard. It empowers the business community to keep listening to Viber audio and video calls to protect business data and increase business productivity. Employers can make lazy and time-waster employees accountable at any point in time with a secret call recording app for Viber.

OgyMogy Viber call recorder enables users to do the following:

  • Track on Viber calls, media, and chat logs with Viber call recording app
  • Record Viber audio conversations on android secretly
  • Listen to the voice and video calls on Viber instant messenger
  • Viber VoIP call monitoring on the target cellphone without rooting
  • Listen to your teens Voice conversations on Viber messaging app
  • Catch your employees breaching business data via Viber VoIP calls

Listen & Record live Voice conversations audio & video on Viber with Viber call recording tool

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