How To Track A Stolen Laptop?

how to track a laptop

People are desperate to know these days that how to track a stolen laptop?

Seemingly the question is simple, but it is tricky. The query has plenty of aspects because you may want to monitor a stolen laptop device.

Further, we can assume that people may want to monitor and track someone’s laptop for intrusive and illicit surveillance.

Well! We have the right answer and the best solution to monitor any laptop device.

We all know that after cellphones, the laptop is the second important tech- device.

Computing devices have got important over the last decade.

People can forget their meals, but don’t forget their laptop device at any place.

People buy a laptop of different colors, shapes, and specifications for business and entertainment.

Now the question arises why would anyone wants to know that how to track a laptop machine.

Understandably, Microsoft and Apple have come up with advanced laptop devices, and they have placed plenty of features that help you monitor a machine.

Before going into the debate on how to monitor computing device, you need to know about the following:

Who Wants To Track Laptop Devices & Why?

Let’s get to know how to track a laptop. But first, we should know about the people that want to monitor a computing device. There are two groups of people that have legitimate reasons to track a laptop.

Parents Want To Monitor Kid’s Laptops

Parents have got reservations about why kids spend hours and hours on a laptop computer screen.

Over the year, parents have realized that kids are involved inappropriate activities that can put them in danger.

Young kids have developed tech –addiction, and they spend excessive screen-time on windows and mac laptop devices.

More than 75% of kids ages 3 -18 have internet access, and more than 80% have laptops and desktop computer devices.

Therefore, kids are more likely to spend time on computing devices after digital phones.

There are threats that young kids and teens could face and get involved for sure.

Let’s get to know about the reasons that force parents to spy on kid’s laptop devices.

Top 5 Reasons That Force Parents To Track Kid’s Laptop Devices:

Following are the reasons that make parents spy on a laptop to protect kids in a digital space. 

Cyber Bullying

1, out of 5 young kids are more likely to experience online bullying on the web.

Therefore, parents have to take care of kids when they spend time on social media websites, like Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Cyberbullies are always searching for young souls on social media, chat rooms, and digital playgrounds.

Cyber predators are more likely to target kids online, and parents should know how to track computer devices secretly and remotely without them knowing.

Access To Adult Content

Young kids more likely to visit the computing devices installed browsers, like chrome, firefox and others.

They can visit adult websites and watch porn videos by visiting multiple adult sites secretly from parents.

33% of the female teens somehow get access to porn, and they become addicted to nude videos and sexually explicit activities by using computing devices running with mac and windows OS.

Obsession With Social Media & Privacy Sharing

Social networks and websites are popular among kids these days.

More than 53% of the teens are using Facebook on digital devices, like cellphones and laptop computers connected to the internet.

Teens are more likely to interact with strangers and spend hours on social media sites.

Young kids share location, home address, contact, and likes and dislikes on social media profiles.

Child kidnapping and abduction are on the rise, and sex –offenders can trap your child by using the information.

Online Dating

Almost 22% of teens ages 15 -19 meet online with strangers for hookups using digital devices connected to cyberspace.

Sexual hookups and one-nightstand is frequent activity these days among teens.

They visit online dating websites like Tinder and Instagram to interact with strangers for hookups.

Parents need to keep an eye on kid’s digital devices. They should track laptop devices secretly without them knowing.

Movies & Video Games Addiction

Netflix and augmented reality video games are continuously making obsessed.

The movies are full of sexual activities and games based on violence. Parents should take care of kid’s excessive screen time by tracking kid’s laptops and desktop devices secretly.

Parents should know how to track a laptop of kids connected to cyberspace, and there is no better option than computer tracking software.

Why Do Employers Want To Track Business-Owned Laptops?

Business communities are desperate to know the time-to-time reports of employees on business computer devices during working hours.

Employers these days have different insecurities about employees’ activities during working hours on business-owned laptop machines.

Every business firm tries to equip employees with computer devices like laptops and desktops to generate more revenue.

Better revenue is only possible when employees can perform digital operations in a period.

Employees want to know how to track and monitor every activity of employees on the laptop.

Let’s get to know why force employers to spy on laptop devices provided to employees.

Top 5 Reasons To Monitor Employees Business –Owned Laptops:

Before coming to reasons, stats are screaming that every employer should monitor business laptops and desktop computers provided to employees.

  • Hackers attack small businesses devices after every 39 seconds
  • 43% of small business becomes the victim of cyber attacks
  • Average data breaching cost more than $300 million to small business
  • Covid-19 has risen 300% of data breaching attacks
  • 33% of employees waste more than 3 hours a day during working hours on business computers

Lack Of Productivity

Employers are willing to measure the productivity of the employees during working hours.

So, they want to see every move of the employees on business-owned laptops and desktop devices.

Employees can increase the productivity of a business by knowing how to track a computer remotely and secretly.

Time Wasting

The goldbricking activities of employees can decrease productivity and imbalance the working environment.

Time wasting is massive in a business firm, and on average lazy employees waste 15 hours a week and 60 hours a month.

So, tracking business computer devices can alarm employers about time-wasters during working hours.

Workplace Harassment

Yes, it is true! Workplace harassment does exist at the workplace where male and female employees used to face it one way or the other.

Monitoring of computer devices can help out employers to read conversations and media.

Further, monitor other things shared on business communication networks.

Employers can hack the target laptop front camera to know about what employees are doing?

Data Breaches

Rouge employees can breach business-owned data and then sell it out to third parties.

Laptop tracking can save the business from huge losses. An employer should know how to do surveillance on business-owned computer devices running with mac and windows operating systems.

Scams And Malware

Businesses could face online scams, and employers should organize workshops to guide the workforce about malware and scams.

Employees used to visit websites and links via emails that could mind malware, and the business firm may become a victim of scams.

Track computer laptops and desktop devices to cope up with the malware and scams using computer monitoring software.

Freeways To Track Windows & Mac Stolen Laptops

The very first thing you avoid is confrontation. If you are suspicious someone that he/she has stolen your device, don’t panic and find another solution.

The windows and mac laptop devices have got features that help can trace your machine for sure.

Let’s get to know how you can find out your windows and mac stolen or lost devices.

How To Track Stolen/ Lost Laptop?

The latest Windows OS laptop devices have come up with the feature Find My Device.

It empowers you to activate the feature to trace any lost or stolen computing devices running with Windows OS.

Step1: Visit The Security Settings Of Your Device

Go to the start menu and settings and tap on the settings options available. Further, visit the update and security settings.

Step2: Tap On Find My Device

Now look at the sidebar menu and go to the Find My device option, and choose it.

Further, look into the window header that says Find my Device. Moreover, make sure to see on and off. If the feature is in off mode, then you need to turn it on.

Step3: Login To Your Microsoft Account

Now you need to move towards the Microsoft account page, and you have to sign in with your credentials.

Further, you need to go and choose the section labeled devices. Once you are on the page, you need to mention the kind of device you wish to track at the moment.

Now on your device page, you need to select the Find My Device.

It will navigate you on a page that provides a virtual map alongside the current location.

Now go to the left half of the screen, you need to click on your device on the map, and it will show a message popup about the complete location information of your device.

You will have two options, like find and lock. If you make a tap on the “find,” then you will get the live location.

How To Track A Mac Stolen/ Lost Laptop?

Contrary to the Microsoft laptops, mac OS laptop has features of Find My Mac. It empowers you to track the pinpoint location of your device.

Step1: You Need To Visit The Icloud Settings

Get access to your mac and power your device. Further, visit the menu and get into system preferences. Go to the iCloud icon. Here, you have to enter the login with your Apple account.

Step2: Tap On The Find My Mac Feature

You need to see the iCloud feature to find out the option to Find My Mac. You need to use this feature, but make sure you have selected the checkbox.

Step3: Visit the

Once the feature got activated, you can see your stolen/lost Mac laptop’s live location by signing in to using your account.

After you signed in, you have to trust the device you are working on and find my Mac to start the process.

Step4: Find Mac on Map

Now you can get a menu that will find all the devices attached to your account. You can choose the desired lost device, and iCloud show you a map alongside the live location.

It will play a sound about your device. Further, it will show a message and complete location information of your lost mac laptop.

You can find your mac laptop, or you can remotely lock your device.

What Are Other Options To Track A Laptop?

Freeways enable you to monitor and track the location of your windows and mac laptop device. What about the parents, employers, and individuals?

Install OgyMogy Tracking Software For The Computer?

It is a legitimate laptop tracker that empowers you to know every activity on the target device.

It is compatible mac and windows all OS versions. You can install it on your target computer device and get to know what your kids and employers are up to at the moment.

Further, an individual can track lost or stolen windows and mac laptop devices with pinpoint accuracy.

Suppose you want to do surveillance on a windows laptop. You need to use the following features to know what your kids and employees are doing with the schedule.

Use OgyMogy Windows Tracking Software Features

  • On-demand screenshots
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Email monitoring
  • GPS location tracker
  • Surround recording
  • Live computer camera
  • Reports
  • Screen recorder
  • Block websites

Do you want to monitor a Mac laptop? You need to use the mac tracking features below. It enables parents to spy on kids and employees mac computer devices. An individual can track the real-time location of lost /theft laptops.

Use OgyMogy Mac Monitoring App Features

  • MIC bug
  • Camera bug
  • Screen recording
  • Keystrokes
  • Screenshots
  • Website blocking
  • Sync settings

How OgyMogy Tracking App For Windows & Mac Works?

You need to perform the following steps to install a computer tracking app for windows and mac.

Let’s get to how to do it.

  • Subscribe to the OgyMogy monitoring app
  • Get a license of your choice for windows or mac
  • Get physical access on a target device
  • Activate the secure web control panel
  • Start mac & windows tracking


We hope you have come across the best method of tracking a laptop running with windows and mac operating systems. OgyMogy is the best solution to track kids and employees and further trace lost or stolen devices to the fullest.

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