OgyMogy Windows Tracking Software

Remotely supervise the digital behavior of your children and employees by tracking their desktop and laptop computers running Windows OS. Sneak into Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer, LG or any Windows PC with the OgyMogy Windows monitoring software.

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Windows Tracking Software
Windows Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Remotely witness the real-time computer activities of the object with the help of screenshots or screen recording.
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Windows Website Blocking

Website Blocking

Manage internet access by blocking objectionable and unproductive websites. Block websites by URLs, category or keywords. Website Blocking
Windows Online & Offline Tracking

Online & Offline Tracking

Keep track of almost every single online and offline activity performed on the targeted personal computer.
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Windows Invisible Tracking Mode

Invisible Tracking Mode

Sneak into the targeted computer device without letting the target know. Monitor device with complete secrecy.
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Windows Tracking Software

Supervise Teens’ Digital Lives with Windows Tracking Software

Protect your loved ones from the potential dangers of digital devices including online harassments and child molestation. Keep a secret eye with Windows Monitoring tool on online and offline computer activities of your children without leaving any clue of Monitoring. By using the best Windows Monitoring software, you can:

  • Get user-friendly reports elaborating computer usage
  • Block access to age-inappropriate websites set alarms on specific computer activities with Tracking Software for Windows
  • Get secretly access passwords and credentials by recording keystrokes
Parental Tracking Software

Watch out Employees’ Online & Offline Activities with Windows monitoring software

Closely watch out activities performed on company-owned computer devices. With the Windows Monitoring, monitor and boost the productivity and motivation of employees by preventing them from unproductive acts and wrongdoings. By using the best windows monitoring software, you can:

  • Monitor the internet browsing history and bookmarks
  • Block access to unproductive and unwanted websites
  • Track emails through the Windows Tracker tool and record credentials of email accounts
  • Capture whatever appears on the computer screen in real-time.
Employees Monitoring Software
Watch out Employees Activities

Worth of OgyMogy Windows Tracking software

For Individuals OgyMogy windows monitoring software lets you track and operate a computer without having access. Its Tracker Software for Windows offers online storage for data and allows finding stolen or lost computer.

Computer Monitoring App
Windows Monitoring Solution
Data Backup


Get reports regarding activities that occurred on target device

Get real-time reports regarding activities performed on the target widows laptop & desktop devicesView Reports



Secure media files by uploading them to online storage.

Remotely save data of the target windows PC in terms of photos to the online dashboard.View Photos

Track Device

Track Device

Find out the GPS location of the device.

Remotely track the current GPS location of lost or theft windows PCs virtually on the MAP. Track Device

Screen Recording

Screen Recording

Record whatever appears on the computer screen.

Record short videos of the screen to know the activities happening on windows in real-time.View Screen Recording