OgyMogy MAC Spy App

Get your hands on the most advanced MAC monitoring software and keep tabs on computer usage of your children and workforce. Remotely monitor and operate the desktop and laptop computers running different versions of the MAC operating system. Closely watch out the online and offline activities of your concerned ones and keep them from unproductive acts, malice and wrongdoings. Get the computer screens recorded; keep an eye on surroundings; find whereabouts and create online data backup with the high-tech Undetectable MAC spy software.

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MAC Spy Software

Closely Watch Out Kids Digital Behavior by Tracking Their MAC Devices

Are you concerned about the computer usage of your kids? Keep track of every single activity performed on machines with the most advanced mac tracking software. Ensure kids’ online protection by supervising their internet use and blocking access to objectionable and age-inappropriate websites. Safeguard them from potential dangers by keeping tabs on their surroundings.

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Kids Monitoring

Mac Monitoring Solution Offers a Wide Range of Unbeatable Features

Remote Control Camera

Remote Control Camera

Keep an eye on your kid’s surroundings by turning on the camera of the MAC machine. Take photos or make videos to capture happenings.

Listen to Surrounding Sounds

Surround Listening

Take control of the microphone of the MAC and listen to the surrounding sounds and voices for as long as you want.

Record Screen

Record Screen

Capture the computer activities of your kids by getting their computer screens recorded in form of short videos.

Track Location

Track Location

Get to know the location of your loved ones by tracking the GPS location of their MAC devices. Find out current and earlier positions.

View Browsing History

View Browsing History

Monitor the internet use of children by getting approach to the internet browsing history of their desktop and laptop computers.

Website Blocking

Web Blocking

Make the internet secure for children by blocking age-inappropriate websites. Block websites containing adult-oriented stuff.

Secretly Monitor Employees

Secretly Monitor Employees’ Online and Offline Activities with Modern MAC Spy Software

Identify the productive and unproductive employees by evaluating their online and offline activities. Get their computer screens recorded to find out what they are doing on machines. Monitor and boost the efficiency of working staff by preventing them from unproductive acts and misuse of the internet.

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Website Filtering

Website Filtering

Boost their productivity by restricting their approach to unproductive web sites. Block websites by category or keywords.

Password Keystroke

Password Keystroke

Track all types of passwords key strokes on target Mac device with Mac Tracking app

Track Geo Location

Track Geo Location

Geo Location tracking enable you to track actual location of laptop & desktop computer



Record keystrokes applied to MAC including keylogs of instant messenger chats, passwords and emails.

Real-Time Activities

Real-Time Activities

Find out what your Kids are doing at the moment by capturing their computer screens.

Capture MacBook Screenshots

Capture MacBook Screenshots

Users can watch Mac screen and captured screenshots with Mac monitoring software

OgyMogy MAC Monitoring Solution for Individuals

Track your MAC machines and control them via web based control panel. Approach and manage your sensitive data by uploading to the online storage. Find lost or stolen devices with GPS location tracking.

Monitor Individuals
Solution for Individuals
Online Data Backup

Email Keystrokes

Record Email keystrokes on MAC using keylogger App. You can read emails sent or received.

Capture applied keystroke of sent/ received email on the laptop and desktop device with a timestamp.View Email Keystrokes

GPS Location Tracking

GPS Location Tracking

Get to know the actual GPS location of MAC. Also, approach the location history.

You can track the GPS location of your lost or theft MAC laptop & desktop device virtually on the MAP.View GPS Location Tracking

Save Passwords

Save Passwords

Record keystrokes of passwords and credentials of online and social media accounts.

Keep recording and save passwords keystrokes applied on social messaging apps & others on MAC computer.View Save Passwords

Remote Control Device

Remote Control Device

Operate camera and microphone of the MAC device via web based control panel.

Remotely operate the target MAC laptop camera and MIC to capture photos & listening surrounds.View Remote Control Device

Can I use my Mac as a Tracking camera?

Yes, you can use a mac as a Tracking camera, but you have to make the device camera to Tracking. You can do it by installing the monitoring app on the target laptop or computer. Once you have configured the installation process, you can take control of the target device. Further, you can use a camera and use it to capture images.

You can use the mac Monitoring software feature, camera bug and distantly operate the device as a camera Tracker. It captures images by using the front camera to know-who is using the computer device.

Can Spy App be installed on a Mac?

Usually, mac devices have strict security, but you can breach all the barriers using the OgyMogy app. You can install the Monitoring software on the target computing device and activate its dashboard. Further, visit its most powerful and advanced features to monitor and track every activity. You can remotely control the MIC and front camera of the target device. Users can capture images. You can use the monitoring app for mac to capture screenshots, capture keystrokes, and block web sites. It further records the live screen in terms of short videos. It means you can install Tracker on a device for sure.

How do I monitor another mac?

If you want to monitor multiple machines, you have to subscribe to multiple OgyMogy Tracking App licenses. Download and Install it on another mac device to monitor and track the activities on the computer device. However, MAC Monitoring software enables you to monitor computer machines by using its online dashboard. You can use it for employee monitoring and set parental control on kid’s devices without facing hazels.

Can a MAC be monitored remotely?

You cannot monitor device remotely until you have installed OgyMogy MAC Spy App on the target computing device. Install Monitoring software on the target device, and then you can monitor laptop and desktop computer. You can record screens, keystrokes, and block web sites. It can also record mac surroundings and bug the front camera of the device.

Can I access my MAC remotely?

User can access the mac laptop device, but they have to install the mac spy software on the target device. It means they have to get physical approach to the mac and then install monitoring software. Other than installing MAC Tracking software, user cannot approach mac remotely. Having a tracking app on the target device, user can approach the mac machine distantly and to the fullest.