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Ogymogy provides the ability to legitimate practice of tracking children's digital devices and to keep an eye on workforce regular activities within working hours. It further enables you to distinguish inappropriate and appropriate activities on target laptop and desktop computers running with MAC and Windows OS. You can use it for various reasons particularly to make checks back and forth on kid’s online activities and to know whether employees are productive or unproductive in working hours. However, you can control, prevent dangerous and illegal activities for parental and business perspective respectively. So, monitor surrounds, track hidden whereabouts, watch real-time screen activities and secure your business data and documents with computer spy solutions for windows and Mac.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

It enables you to perform real –time spying on all the activities happen on target windows or MAC laptop and desktop device remotely. Read More....
Website Blocking

Website Blocking

Get access to the target device and choose the URLs of the websites that are inappropriate and use the filters to block the particular websites by putting URLs into it. Read More....

Online & Offline Tracking

User can perform both online and offline surveillance of target laptops desktop computers at the same time using computer spying app. Read More....
Invisible Tracking Mode

Invisible Tracking Mode

You can snoop into target PCs of windows and MAC and get to know the activities without the target user knowing. Read More....
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How parents can perform digital parenting with computer tracking software?

Are you worried about your kid’s excessive time spending on laptop devices and secret activities? Moreover, you are looking forward to doing surveillance on laptop and desktop devices, and then simply install PC spying software on the target device. It enables you to supervise every single activity happen on target laptop devices using a computer surveillance app for windows and MAC. You can use PC monitoring app for Mac to set parental control on the target device using the best OgyMogy tracking features mentioned below:

  • Get instant reports of laptop usage on real –time
  • You can block and filters all inappropriate websites
  • Monitor social media activities to protect kids from bullying online & dating
  • Use alarms on certain activities that you want to stop on kids computers
  • Read and get the passwords of social apps, emails and read chats via using keylogger
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How employers can perform employee monitoring with computer spy app?

Do you want to increase the productivity of your business? You want to protect intellectual property and prevent time –wasting activities of employees in working hours? Install best computer spy software for windows and as well as on MAC and keep spying every single move of your employees in working hours on laptop and desktops. You can use multi-functional features of the monitoring software for PC given below:

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How computer surveillance software best for individuals?

Individuals can use it for variety of reasons and most of it empowers you to create data backup against all the data stored documents, secret information into OgyMogy control panel. Moreover, you can instantly trace the real-time location of your theft laptop device and further user can remove all the data stored on target device and later on retrieve it back using online dashboard.

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